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Can You Rent a Mobility Scooter? How Much Does it Cost?

renting a mobility scooter on vacation

If you are experiencing difficulties with moving around, a mobility scooter may just be the solution you were looking for! It will improve your mobility and add freedom to your life. If you are familiar with the independence associated with owning a mobility scooter, you know how much of a struggle it would be if you did not have access to your device. But, often things outside of our control happen and you could be left without a scooter! What then? 

This post will outline everything you need to know regarding renting a mobility scooter. We will guide you on how to find a mobility scooter rental near you and how much it costs to rent a mobility scooter.

Can you Rent a Mobility Scooter? 

renting a mobility scooter at a theme park like disneyland

Yes, you can rent a mobility scooter. A mobility scooter rental can be arranged online or in areas prone to high tourism traffic, such as amusement parks and landmarks. 

Renting a scooter may be a viable option for several reasons. The primary reason will most likely be health concerns, whether long-term or short. Additionally, when traveling or away from home for some time, a rental may be better than packing up your own. If your device is used indoors only, renting would be a great way to preserve its integrity.

Renting a Scooter Due to Long-term Health Conditions 

Signs that a mobility scooter may fit your needs would be that you cannot stand for long periods. Also, difficulty walking from one space to another indicates that a mobility scooter would be beneficial. In long-term health conditions,purchasing a mobility scooterwould be the most logical and economical option. When traveling, renting a scooter would accommodate your needs while not having to worry about transporting your primary scooter.

Rentals for Short-Term Health Conditions

Short-term immobility associated with surgery or something else of its likeness would also call for the need to rent a mobility scooter. Renting would be ideal as the condition is temporary, and purchasing would overly suffice your needs. A short-term rental could consist of a few days, a couple of weeks, or even a month.

Rent a Mobility Scooter at Tourist Locations

Amusement parks such as Disneyland and Six Flags are known for the vast amount of walking required to enjoy the area. These companies make sure they cater to customers with disabilities or mobility issues and often have an extensive range of rental mobility scooters. Renting a scooter while on vacation is an ideal way to help preserve your primary equipment. 

Your Primary Mobility Scooter is Being Repaired

Maintain your mobility and independence even when your device needs repair. Renting a scooter is the perfect solution to a temporary issue like having your equipment repaired. 

rent a mobility scooter tips

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Mobility Scooter?

If renting a scooter is a valid option for you, it is essential to do your research before choosing a scooter. First, consider the amount of time you will need to use the rental mobility scooter. Starting here will help you understand what you will be expected to pay for the rental. 

Typically, the price of scooters can start as low as $30 per day. Keep in mind that different factors, including location, use, and duration, could cause the price to vary. Reported weekly mobility scooter rentals average around $125 a week. Monthly rates have been reported to average around $300 a month. It is important to reach out to the specific retailer to confirm their rates.

Ensure you only rent a mobility scooter for as long as you need it. You don’t want to be paying hundreds of dollars a month, just to have the mobility scooter sit inside. You also want to avoid renting a mobility scooter for an extended period that results in the rental amount exceeding the purchase amount. If you expect to rent a mobility scooter long-term, it would be wise to consider purchasing a mobility scooter instead. 

Another concept to keep in mind when renting a scooter is comfort. You may have customized your primary device to fit your needs best. Maybe you had your seat and steering wheel customized. Understandably, you can't do the same to a rental, but a few questions about the overall comfort can help you know what you will need, such as a cupholder, soft cushion, or rain canopy.

How to Find Mobility Scooter Rental Near Me? 

renting a mobility scooter is a cost friendly option for travelers

Regardless of your reason for needing to rent a mobility scooter, knowing where to find one is crucial. Planning for the need is a sure way to ensure availability and decrease the margin of error. If you are planning a trip out of state, consider checking the availability of a rental mobility scooter for the duration of the journey. Take into account each stop. If you are traveling via plane, you will need to rent aFolding Mobility Scooterso that you can have the scooter with you at your destination. 

On a more local and immediate basis, renting a mobility scooter may involve reaching out to a local retailer. If your primary equipment was purchased through your health insurance, contacting them could yield helpful information. Your insurance may cover rentals and have one delivered to your home. If they do not cover the rental, they could point you in the direction of a retailer or similar for your needs.

If all else fails, a handy Google search of mobility scooter rental near me could give a list of local and online retailers who can supply your needs.

Rent to Own Mobility Scooters

If you are reading this portion of the post, it is safe to believe that you have decided that renting a mobility scooter is a plausible solution to your needs. A challenge has meant you need to rent a mobility scooter. But, do you require a short-term resolution or a long-term solution?

When deciding to rent a scooter, the primary thing to remember is to be mindful of your rental budget and mobility needs. Ignoring your budget could lead to paying more to rent than it cost to purchase.

A fantastic option to ensure this does not happen is renting to own a mobility scooter. Let's say you need to rent a mobility scooter while recovering from surgery. But a lingering effect from the surgery means you have to spend longer with the scooter than anticipated. Or, maybe you just love the freedom it provides! The initial short-term mobility scooter rental has turned into a long-term need. 

Now, you can continue to rent, you can outright purchase on the spot, or you can rent to own a mobility scooter. The rent-to-own mobility scooters option allows for a bit more flexibility than the other two options. It will enable you to rent the equipment based on a weekly or monthly agreement. Each payment serves as a renewal of the contract. If you have reached the end of your need for it, you can opt-out of renewing and return the equipment. If you decide that you would no longer like to rent and prefer to purchase outright, there is that option as well. The rental fees that have been paid will not have been done so in vain, as they will be applied towards the purchase value. Of course, the specifics of the agreement will come down to the retailer. Be sure to clarify the details.

If you have questions about rent-to-own options,contact Scooters' N Chairs. They can answer those questions and any you may have about financing.

Renting a scooter can be a temporary solution to improving your mobility, or it could be a long-term fix. Either way, it is comforting to know that when the issue arises, there are solutions. Renting a mobility scooter does not have to be challenging, or expensive, and there is a long list of different rental options based on your needs! Contact a Scooters' N Chairs expert today to explore your options. They can provide you with complete details in taking care of your mobility scooter needs and answering any questions you may have.