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How to Transport a Scooter or Wheelchair with an SUV?

Electric scooter SUV lift

Most mobility scooter users will tell you that using one has completely changed their life. Mobility devices can provide freedom and independence that were unthinkable just some years ago. These users will also likely tell you about the struggle of trying to transport the device inside a vehicle. 

Mobility scooters are heavy machines that were not designed to be lifted in and out of cars. They are often too heavy to lift and too large to fit inside a standard car, and once inside, they can move around the vehicle and make any driver feel unsafe. Transporting a mobility scooter can sometimes be so difficult, some users start restricting their daily activities for fear of being a burden to those around them. You might have already experienced this and have landed on this article looking for solutions. Mobility Scooter lifts for SUVs are the perfect solution to these problems. Read on to find more about scooter lifts for SUVs.

The same happens with some wheelchairs, particularly heavy-duty ones or ones with a rigid frame. Moreover, what makes your wheelchair so great for you might be exactly what makes it difficult to carry around: perhaps its rigid frame allows you to practice sports with it or perhaps you need the heavy motor of your power wheelchair to travel longer distances independently. But being unable to transport your mobility device can be extremely frustrating: you bought it to gain independence, not to feel restricted by it. 

So, what should you do? Should you resign yourself to not being able to take your wheelchair further than a couple of miles from home?

The answer, fortunately, is an absolute and resounding no. Not at all! With an SUV and the right mobility device carrier - like a scooter lift for SUV's, transporting your mobility scooter or wheelchair can become a much less harrowing task. Which will expand the distances you'll be able to cover and open up a new range of possibilities without burdening you or anyone else. 

Mobility scooter lifts for SUVs infographic

What is A Mobility Device Carrier? 

You know how it goes. You want to take yourscooter off-roadfor a day out in nature and are all ready to go, but there is one not so little problem. The park you want to visit is many miles beyond your battery range. There is just no way to go and come back without riding a car. Despite owning a rather large SUV, your scooter just won't fit. 

This is where scooter carriers for SUV’s come in. But, what are they exactly? Mobility device carriers have been designed to let you lift your wheelchair or mobility scooter and securely fasten it to the back side of your SUV. This will allow you to carry your mobility device for long distances, take it on trips and have one less thing to worry about. Depending on the model, they also have different systems that allow you to lift the wheelchair or scooter with minimal effort, so you won't have to worry about how to lift a 180-pound heavy-duty wheelchair again. 

SUV Wheelchair/Scooter lift

Keep reading to learn more about the available models for both scooters and wheelchairs. Keep in mind that several models will work for both wheelchairs and scooters, so look into the technical description of each carrier to find the one that works for you. If you don’t own an SUV, read until the end to find out about your available options. 

Mobility Scooter Carriers for SUV

One of the most popular models available, theWheelchairs Carrier Lift ‘N Gohas been designed to carry most mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. With its 28'' x 48'' lifting platform and 350 lbs weight capacity, it will safely transport even extremely heavy and large devices. It features a switch box with a simple push button that lowers the platform, making it extremely easy to operate for users with limited mobility or strength. Once installed in the car, it can be folded in a stowaway position when not in use. 
Scooter/Wheelchair Car Lift

Do you have an even bigger scooter? For users with extra-large devices, theWheelchairs Carrier XL4 Large Scooter Liftis the way to go. With its all-steel, e-coated and powder finish, it will resist bad weather and being outside, ensuring you a long-lasting scooter lift for SUV's. This carrier has a 350-pound weight capacity and with a usable platform area of 34'' x 48'' is an unbeatable choice for those riding the biggest scooters available. It has been designed to transport extra-large 4-wheeled scooters or any type of 4-wheeled mobility device with a wheelbase of 40-42” from center to center and 32” wide. 

Owners ofTransformer folding scootersor transportableMoobie scooters can use thePortable Automated Mobility Scooter Liftto lift their foldable mobility scoters in and out of cars. At only 29 pounds and with a compact and portable design, the scooter lift for SUV's can fit in the trunk of any vehicle and will do all the lifting for you. It requires zero assembly and is ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box. It will use the battery power of your scooter to lift and lower it out of the trunk, so you don’t need to worry about finding an additional power source. 

Wheelchair Carrier for SUV

Hoping to keep things simple? TheTippman Lift Delux 60’’ Model for Scooter & Chair Vehicle Liftrequires almost zero installation, so it will truly take the hassle out of transporting your mobility device. This carrier is perfect for any user that might feel intimidated by the installation process of other models, but still needs a safe and secure device to transport their wheelchair or scooter. The Tippmann Lift Deluxe Vehicle Lift will work with any drill you might have at home!

Wheelchair/scooter lift

One the other side of the spectrum, theMobility Innovators Smart Lifter Rangefeels like stepping into the future. This is the perfect model for those with a scooter or wheelchair small enough to fit their car, but that need help lifting it into the vehicle. Once installed, it will do all the work itself in 60 seconds and can be easily transferred to a different vehicle if you change your car. There are two different hoists available to suit a wide range of mobility devices, from wheelchairs to scooters. The Smart Lifter: LC Range can lift up to 220 pounds of weight and is best suited for mini scooters or wheelchairs. With a lifting range of 275 to 440 pounds, the Smart Lifter LP is perfect for users with heavier mobility devices. It has the world’s highest capacity vehicle hoist and will operate automatically at the touch of a button. 

If the price is a concern, then manual carriers will still allow you to transport your mobility devices while keeping a grip on your wallet. TheEZ Carrier Manual Carrier for Mobility Scooter & Power Chairsis the most affordable model. Designed for quality and durability, it only requires you to guide your scooter or electric wheelchair up the ramp to take it wherever you need to. When stowing away, simply pull the pin and fold up the carrier platform manually. At an only slightly higher price point, theVersaHaul Mobility Scooter & Power Chair Carrieris another excellent economic option. This robust carrier can hold a mobility device of up to 500 pounds and is easily loaded with a convenient fold-up ramp.  

Mobility Device Carrier that Doesn’t Require an SUV

The issue with most mobility device carriers is that they will require you to own an SUV or vehicle strong and large enough to hold a lifter scooter. If you’d like to avoid this,ScootaTrailer Extra Large Power Chair & Mobility Scooter Car Trailermight be just what you’ve been looking for. 

Unlike most wheelchair or mobility scooter carriers, the Scootatrailer does not require an SUV or a large car, but works with sub-compacts, compacts, medium & large vehicles, trucks & SUV’s. It can carry any scooter or electric wheelchair with a maximum weight of up to 600 lbs and it is safe to take at any highway speed. While more expensive than other scooter lifts for SUVS, it has several advantages that justify the price tag. The first is obviously that you won’t need to upgrade your car. But the trailer itself has outstanding quality. It has a usable platform of 66" length by 37.5" width with an overall length 93" and comes with  145 x 12" high speed, nitrogen fill, white spoke wheels. It has rear LED signal lights & license light and four "rope pull" tie-downs with ten locations. While it weighs a total of 290 pounds, it only places 35-75 lbs. directly onto the tow vehicle's trailer hitch, making it one of the lightest enclosed transporters in the industry. The Scootatrailer will work with any class one trailer hitch available, so there is no need to upgrade your car to a bigger one. Loading your device into the trailer is extremely easy: simply guide your unit while it powers itself into travel position, either backing in or forward-facing.