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Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are battery-powered, so their batteries need to be charged regularly. Charging your scooter or wheelchair battery requires a charger, and you need to have an efficient one to charge your battery quickly. Your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair may come with a charger, but you might need to replace it eventually. It's also useful to have a spare battery charger or even more than one so that you can keep them in different places. Having one at home, one in your car, and perhaps one at a friend or relative's house that you visit often can be useful.

When you're looking for the right battery charger, you need to get one that's compatible with your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. You have the option of battery chargers made by the same brand as your scooter or chair, but there are also other compatible chargers that you might want to consider. Looking at other brands could mean that you can save money and still get a good quality battery charger.

With the right battery charger, you can make sure that your scooter or wheelchair is charged at all times. You'll be ready to go at any moment and can enjoy the freedom that your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair brings you.

Top Battery Charger Brands

Some of the battery charger brands that you can discover are those that also manufacture mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. If you have a Pride mobility scooter, for example, you might look for a battery charger made by Pride that works with your scooter. You might also find other brands that are compatible with your scooter or chair, even if they're not made by the same manufacturer.

Some of the top battery charger brands available for your scooter or electric wheelchair include:

  • Pride
  • Drive Medical
  • Zip'r Mobility
  • Amigo
  • Compass Health
  • EV Rider
  • EWheels
  • Primo
  • Rio Mobility

Battery Charger Components

What exactly is a battery charger, and what are its components? When you're looking at battery powered chairs and scooters, you need to know how the charger works. A charger for a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair looks a lot like many other battery chargers, such as laptop chargers. A standard charger has a plug that goes into an electrical socket, a power pack, and a lead that plugs into your wheelchair or scooter.

You might see a few different designs for battery chargers. Some chargers are larger than others, and there are even charging dock style chargers, which you place the battery into instead of plugging it in. A standard charger has a three-pin connection. It also usually comes in two parts, so that you can replace either part separately if one is broken.

Choosing the Right Battery Charger

You need to consider a few different things when you're looking for a replacement or spare battery charger for battery powered wheelchairs or battery operated scooters for seniors and disabled people.

You can make things simple for yourself and select a battery charger that matches your scooter or chair make and model. This makes it a little easier to find the right charger, although sometimes it could be a slightly more expensive option. However, if you're looking for a different charger, there are some things that you will have to look for.

Firstly, you need to get the right voltage and amperage. You will find that the majority of scooters and wheelchairs, and therefore the majority of battery chargers, are 24V. It's important not to apply too many volts to the battery, so matching up the voltage is the first thing that you need to do. The amps can vary, and you need to ensure that the charger supplies at least as many amps as your battery requires. It doesn't matter if it can supply more amps, but if there is not enough current, the battery will charge slowly and inefficiently or might not charge at all.

The main types of batteries that you will find in scooters and wheelchairs are lead-acid (wet cell) batteries, AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries, and gel cell batteries. More recently, you can also get a lithium battery mobility scooter. Battery chargers can charge all sorts of batteries, but you might find that some are designed specifically for lithium batteries or other types.

Image from Pixabay - CC0 License

On-board battery chargers

You can also find on-board battery chargers. These are integrated as part of the scooter or wheelchair, which means that you can never misplace it or forget it. However, on-board chargers are also more likely to only be compatible with certain makes and models. If you want an on-board charger, be sure to check that it works with your chair or scooter first.

Car chargers

Another option is car chargers, which allow you to charge your battery straight from your car. This is very convenient if you want to give it a quick burst of power while driving, so it's ready for when you arrive at your destination.

Battery chargers for travel

Many people want a battery charger for their mobility scooter or electric wheelchair to help them with travel. If you have a lightweight or folding product, it can be excellent for traveling with and even flying with. However, you don't want to have to carry a heavy and bulky battery charger with you when you travel. You want to have a lightweight charger to match your lightweight chair or scooter. Fortunately, you have options if you're looking for a charger that travels well. There are small and compact options available, some of which weigh less than a pound and can fit neatly into any bag.

Battery Charger Prices: How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

Paying the right price for a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair battery charger is essential. If you pay too little, you could find that the charger isn't of great quality. But you also don't want to pay too much for a battery charger when it might not be necessary.

You'll find a range of prices for battery chargers, with the cheapest starting out at around $20. These tend to include chargers for specific scooter and wheelchair brands, such as Amigo and Shoprider. At the other end of the scale, you can find battery chargers that cost around $300. So what's the difference between cheaper battery chargers and more expensive options? The more expensive options might have more features or be more reliable. On-board chargers might also be slightly more costly, especially as they are specific to their model and need to be built-in.

Should you buy a used battery charger?

If you want to save money, you might decide to look at used mobility scooter or wheelchair batteries. Buying used products can often save you money, so perhaps it seems like a smart idea. However, whenever you buy anything with electrical components that has had a previous owner, you could be taking a big risk. That risk is increased further if you buy online and don't get to see the product before you buy it.

While buying a used product might be tempting, it could end up being a waste of money. If you get it and plug it into your battery, you could soon discover that it's not up to scratch. It could charge inefficiently or not at all. It might not even be compatible with your scooter or chair, even if the seller said it was. The best thing to do is to buy a product from a reputable dealer so that you can be sure you're getting a quality charger.

Using Your Mobility Scooter or Electric Wheelchair Charger

Knowing how and when to use your battery charger and how to use it safely is something to be aware of. Like other types of battery charging products, it's usually pretty easy to use a battery charger for your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Simply plug it in correctly and turn it off if necessary, and it will charge your batteries in no time.

Of course, the most important thing is to know how to use your charger safely. Before connecting the charger, make sure that you turn off your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Next, connect the charger to the charging socket on your scooter or chair and then connect it to the power socket. When you're not using it, it's best to unplug it for safety reasons. LEDs on your charger and scooter/chair should indicate that your batteries are charging. There will likely be a green light when it reaches a full charge. Some battery chargers will automatically turn off when they have finished charging. Disconnect your charger when it's finished, rather than leaving it plugged in all the time.

How Often Should You Use Your Charger?

Just how often should you use your mobility scooter or power chair battery charger? A lot of people fear that charging a battery too often will mean that the battery doesn't last as long. However, the frequency with which you should charge your batteries depends on what type of battery it is.

When you first get your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, you should charge it fully. After that, you should pay attention to the type of battery.

Type of Battery

When to Charge

Gel batteries

●     When new

●     For the first 20 charges: when the battery gauge shows low charge

●     When you leave them for more than a week

●     After the first 20 charges: at the end of the day

●     Every couple of months, let the batteries discharge then recharge

Sealed lead acid batteries

●     When new

●     At the end of the day or at least once a week

●     Every couple of months, let the batteries discharge then recharge

AGM batteries

●     Keep your battery above 50% charge

●     Charge at the end of the day

●     Recharge on low charge

Lithium batteries

●     Use a lithium battery charger (not essential, but can extend battery life)

●     Discharge to 50% before charging

●     Fully discharge once a month

●     No need to fully charge


Potential Battery and Charger Problems

Anything with electrical components can experience problems, including electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Batteries are often a source of pain for people, especially when it seems like your batteries aren't charging properly or aren't holding a charge. If you're having battery issues, there could be a few problems

Battery not charging or not holding charge

When you start to experience battery problems with your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, the issue is often that the battery won't charge or it's not holding its charge for long. These problems could both happen due to age. Batteries only last so long, so, with constant charging and discharging, they will eventually not work anymore. However, they should last for a long time before they're no longer as efficient or stop working completely.

Most scooters will let you know if the battery needs to be replaced. If the battery isn't charging, you should also check the connections on the battery to make sure that they're secure. If the connections are secure, you should use a multimeter to check the voltage of the battery. When charging the battery doesn't improve the reading, there could be a problem with the battery or with the charger. Batteries can be replaced easily, but you will probably want to make sure the problem doesn't lie with the charger first.

Charger not fitting

On some occasions, you might have a problem with fitting the charger cable into your scooter or wheelchair. The first thing you should do is check if you have the right charger. You will find that most have a three-pin connection, so it is unlikely that you will have a charger that isn't suitable. Another issue could be that the charger or the battery charging port is damaged. If this is the case, avoid trying to force the charger in, or you could cause further damage. If the charger is the problem, buying a new one is simple. However, if the problem is with the charging port, you will need to have it repaired.

Battery charger flashing red

This is a common complaint that people have about their battery chargers. Exactly what it means can depend on the charger, but most of the time, it's not exactly a good thing. A flashing red light often means that the battery charger isn't doing its job. There is a break in the connection somewhere, and the charger isn't receiving a signal from the batteries. When this happens, make sure you perform all of the checks to see if there is a problem with the charger or if there could be a battery connector or battery issue.

How Do You Test a Mobility Scooter Battery Charger?

If your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair isn't charging, it could be a problem with the charger. But how do you test the charger to confirm what the problem might be? After all, you probably only have one scooter or chair, so it's not as simple as plugging the charger into another one. There are a few checks that you can do if you want to see if there is a problem with your battery charger.

To start with, connect your charger to the mains power and check if all of the lights that are supposed to be turned on are on. Plug it into your wheelchair or scooter overnight, noting the charge the level before you do. In the morning, check if the charge level has risen. If your battery isn't fully charged and you know that the battery is fine, the next step is to carry out a test on the charger. You can use a voltmeter to do this or a specialized battery and charger analyzer tool.

Electric Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Battery Charging Times

The time it takes for a battery charger to charge the battery for your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter is influenced by a few different factors. Firstly, it's important to get the right voltage and amps for your charger, ensuring it's compatible with your battery. If it's not, it could mean that it charges very slowly or doesn't charge at all, and it could damage the battery. Even when you have a compatible charger, there could be differences in charging times. Some chargers will be slower simply because of the way that they are made. Look for a charger that offers fast charging times. Some batteries will charge faster too. Lithium-ion batteries charge quickly.

You can expect a car charger to charge your battery more slowly than a conventional charger. While a car battery charger is convenient, you probably don't want to use it as your main charger.

Why Have a Spare Charger for Your Mobility Scooter or Electric Wheelchair?

You might be looking for a new battery charger because you need a replacement for one that no longer works. However, you can also benefit from having an extra charger alongside your main charger. There are some excellent reasons to do this, even if it costs you a little extra.

One reason to have a spare charger is in case your primary charger stops working. Firstly, you'll be able to use your extra charge to check if the problem is with the charger or the battery. If the issue lies with the charger, you will immediately have a backup that you can use. There will be no need to search for, order, and then wait for a new one. You won't have to go without your scooter or chair because you're unable to charge it or hope that you can get a new charger before the battery runs out.

Another reason to have a spare charger, or perhaps more than one, is so that you can have them in different locations. You could have a spare charger in your car so that you can use it whenever necessary. You might have a spare at your partner's house or at a family member's house so that it's conveniently there for when you need it. A spare battery charger might not be essential, but it's definitely a useful thing to have.

The Best Battery Chargers for Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs

Many chargers can be used for both mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, although some are designed for specific makes and models. Scooters'N'Chairs has a wide range of battery chargers for battery powered chairs and mobility scooters. Here are some of the best options for your scooter or wheelchair so that you can keep it charged at home and elsewhere too.

UPG UB 24V Mobility Charger

Price: $148.95  Buy Now

This wheelchair battery charger from UPG is a great choice to keep at home. Its middle-range price makes it affordable. It's a quality charger that can be used for a variety of power chairs and mobility scooters, including a number of different brands. It has a standard connection, and a handy carry handle to make it easier to move around too.

UB 24V Mobility Chargers 24BC8000T

EZ Lite Cruiser Speedy Charger

Price: $89.95 Buy Now

Sometimes you need a charger for a specific vehicle. This charger is designed for the EZ Lite Cruiser and can charge the battery in half the time. It connects to the on-board joystick or directly to the battery if the battery is disconnected. It can charge your battery in two to three hours as a lithium battery charger with a 29.2V, 5 amps output. It also has an affordable price and can be used with an international travel adapter for people who like to travel with their lightweight power wheelchair.


EZ Lite Cruiser: Speedy Charger

EZ Lite Cruiser Car Charger

Price: $89.95 Buy Now

Imagine the convenience of being able to charge your scooter battery from your car. With this car charger, you don't even need to imagine it. You simply need to plug this charger into your car's cigarette lighter port so that you can charge your battery. It works whether you're charging your battery either on-board or off-board. If you often travel by car and take your EZ Lite Cruiser with you, this charger is definitely useful to have with you. You can charge your battery while you're driving, and it will be ready when you arrive at your destination. It will recharge your battery in ten to 15 hours, so it's a little slower, but great for a quick burst of juice when you need it. Plus, it costs no more than a standard charger.


EZ Lite Cruiser Car Charger

New Solutions 2 Amp 24 Amp Economy Battery Charger

Price: $60 Buy Now

When you're looking for an affordable battery charger that will work with a variety of power chairs and mobility scooters, this option from New Solutions is a great choice. It's compatible with any scooter or chair with a three-prong plug. It can be used for 24V sealed lead-acid batteries with a maximum capacity of 55Ah. The low price makes it an excellent choice if you're looking for a good value product that works like it should. It's also compact, so easy to pack away as a spare charger that you can take anywhere.


New Solutions: 2 Amp 24V Economy Battery Charger - BA202

Interstate Batteries 24V 5A Charger

Price: $177 Buy Now

For another compact, universal charger, this product from Interstate Batteries can serve your needs. It provides a fast charge to all lead-acid type batteries, including AGM and gel, with a standard three-prong connection. The 24V 5A design is suitable for a large range of chairs and scooters.


Interstate Batteries: 24V 5A Chargers - CHG0215

MK Battery 24V 4AMP Scooter Battery Charger

Price: $150 Buy Now

This scooter battery charger is handy if you want clear indications of the charging status of your battery operated three wheeled scooter or any other battery. It has LED indicators that tell you when the battery is charging and when it is ready to use. It's compatible with most travel and mid-sized scooters, and the charger will automatically switch off once the battery is charged. It has the standard plug, and it's available for a reasonable price too. It only weighs 5lbs, making it a good choice for traveling with.


MK Battery: 24V 4AMP Scooter Battery Charger - LS24/5-08

Enhance Mobility: XLR Power Adapter Charger For Transformer & Mobie Plus Scooters

Price: $95 Buy Now

This is a fantastic choice for a spare charger, whether you keep it at home, in your car, or carry it in your bag. It works for Enhance Mobility's Transformer and Mobie Plus scooters so you can keep your fold and go scooter battery charged wherever you decide to travel. It only weighs 0.65lbs, so you'll barely feel it when you carry it around.


Enhance Mobility: XLR Power Adapter Charger for Transformer & Mobie Plus Scooters - M-XC01-13

Enhance Mobility Docking Station Charger for Transformer and Mobie Plus

Price: $155 Buy Now

As an alternative to the product above (or in addition to it), you might like this docking station style charger. It's another charger for the Transformer and Mobie Plus from Enhanced Mobility and gives you a convenient place to charge your battery. The standalone charging station is for charging the lithium battery outside of the scooter. If you want to have a charging spot so that you always know where you left the battery, this charger could work out for you. It's a safe and easy way to keep your scooter batteries charged.

Enhance Mobility: Docking Station Charger for Transformer & Mobie Plus Scooters - M-DS01-13 - M-DS01-13

Primo 24V 5Amp HP8204B Battery Charger For Merits Mobility Scooters & Power Chairs


Owners of Merits mobility scooters and power wheelchairs will get great value from this battery charger. These high power battery chargers are used as the original equipment battery chargers for many makes and are a reliable option. They have an automatic shut-off when the battery is charged, which helps to protect the battery and ensures the charging process is safe too. LED lights tell you when the power is on (red), when it's charging (yellow) and when there is a full charge (green). There's plenty of cable length too, making charging easy and convenient. These chargers are also available for Drive Medical products and a range of other brands.


Amigo 24 Volt 6.0 Amp CS1204L On-Board Battery Charger

If you have an amigo product, you can benefit from this on-board battery charger. It enables you to charge the batteries that are built into the scooter or electric wheelchair. It's compatible with many of Amigo's products, including the SmartShopper, ValueShopper, and newer versions of the Amigo eXcite. It's identical to the charger that comes with the Amigo eXcite AMI0064453 or later. The charger protects against short circuits, volt surges, and other problems to ensure safety and a long battery life. LEDs indicate an improper connection, charge timeout, and high temperature.

Price: $101.95 Buy Now

24 Volt 4.0 Amp A24040PIH On-Board Battery Charger For Jazzy, Jet, & Quantum Power Chairs

Another on-board battery charger option comes in the form of this charger for power chairs. It works with models including Jazzy, Jet, and Quantum Power, and can be used with VRLA, SLA, AGM, and gel batteries. It can also be used with the Pride Dynamo and Pride Flash, as well as the EV Rider CityRider. It has charge and power LED indicators, which let you know the charging status and even if there is an error with charging. It's a great choice for on-board charging, and it's an affordable charger too.

Price: $160.49 Buy Now

Buy Mobility Scooter and Electric Wheelchair Battery Chargers

When you need a replacement or spare charger for your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, take a look at the broad range of products that Scooters 'N Chairs has one offer. We have many different chargers that provide options for a variety of scooter and chair makes and models. If you need help with finding the right battery charger, simply get in touch with us, and someone from our friendly team will provide assistance. We can help you to find a battery charger that matches your budget and is compatible with your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. Give us a call or message us using our live chat to speak to someone today.

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