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There are a lot of different mobility aids on the market today, and one product that you may be interested in purchasing is a walker.

As the name indicates, a mobility walker will support you while walking, helping you to get from A to B and maintain your independence. However, there are a lot of walkers on the market today, and so it can be difficult to narrow down your search and determine what walker is going to be right for you.

The Best Walkers of 2020

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In this guide, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about walkers, including who they are suitable for, the different types of walkers available, and the best walkers on the market today, and much more.

What is a walker?

So let’s start by explaining what a walker is. A walker, also referred to as a walking frame, is a tool for people who need additional support to maintain stability or balance while walking.

The Best Walkers of 2020

A walker has all four legs, which will all stay in contact with the ground when the user is moving. To move forward, the walker needs to be lifted. Some walkers will have wheels, others don’t.

Who needs a walker?

So, who would need a walking device, such as a walker? Well, there tends to be three basic reasons why an individual would require a walking device. These are as follows:

Poor Balance

Examples include the following:

  • Slow reflexes to changes in body sway or position
  • Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Neurological conditions, for instance, diabetic neuropathy, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or stroke

Decreased endurance or fatigue 

Examples include the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Frailness associated with aging
  • Systemic conditions
  • Deconditioned physical fitness due to an extended illness
  • Shortness of breath and respiratory conditions

You cannot reliably stand on both or one of your legs 

Examples include the following:

  • Hip precautions after surgery
  • Pain linked topoor circulationand arthritis
  • Wounds that are slow to heal on the lower legs or feet
  • Fractures that are non-healing or healing 

What are the benefits of a walker?

There are many benefits associated with using a walker. This includes the following:

  • Extra support- A lot of people usewalkersfor precaution. They are considered the next step up from using a walking cane. You will typically only use it when you need a little bit of extra support. In this sense, a mobility walker is an excellent support tool for situations when you know you will need it.
  • The ability to rest whenever you need to- We all feel tired at some point, and this can be frustrating and worrying for someone who isn’t 100 percent on their feet. With a walker, you can take a rest if you have low energy or you have extended yourself a little bit too much.
  • Take longer walks- As walkers lower weight bearing, you are going to be able to walk for longer periods of time and over longer distances. They will help you to stay mobile and active.
  • Enjoy safer walkers- By being able to rely on your walker, this will immediately add to the safety of your walks. No matter whether you are walking at a store, around the block, or through your house, you can have the peace of mind of feeling more stable and knowing that you have taken the correct precautions in terms of safety. 
  • Less stress on the body- Overall, the ability to bear some of your weight and the added support will place less stress on your body overall. This means you can keep your energy levels up and have more stamina. You will also be able to go about your day without overworking your muscles. 
  • What is the difference between walkers and rollators?

    A lot of people get confused between walkers and rollators, struggling to understand which product is right for them from the two.

    While some walkers, namely knee walkers, may have two wheels on the legs, a rollator will have four wheels, whereas a walker will not. This is the main difference between the two.

    A lot of people refer torollatorsas rolling walkers with seats, so this gives you an indication of the difference between the two. You can refer to the image below to see what a rollator looks like:

    The Best Walkers of 2020

    The table below highlights the key features of both products to help you get a better understanding:



    They partially support body weight, and fully support balance

    They should not be used to help with your balance or to support your body weight 

    There are numerous accessories available to assist the user with movement 

    They do not need to be lifted for the user to move around

    They do not have a place for you to site down

    They tend to have a seat built into the frame

    They feature wheels at the end of every leg

    Do you need a walker or a rollator?

    Now that you understand the differences between walkers and rollators, it is vital to determine which one is going to be right for you.

    A walker is generally a lot better at holding your weight ifyou have balance problems, although they are not as easy to move forward because they do need to be lifted up. The reason for this is because the legs of the walker touch all of the floor directly, creating more stability, which is vital for individuals that struggle with their balance. 

    The partial support for your weight that is offered by a walker can happen while you are standing still and walking around too.

    On the flip side, stability is not really offered via a rollator, so it is not suitable if you find it difficult to stand up or you cannot keep your balance. If this applies, a walker is a must.

    A rollator is more suitable for someone who can keep their balance, yet needs to have a place to carry necessities or needs to sit down on a frequent basis.

    If your grip or arms are weak, a rollator is a good option. As you must be able to lift up the walker and move it forward before you can step forward yourself, arm strength and grip are needed when using a walker. 

    Hopefully, this will help you to determine which of these mobility aids is going to be right for your requirements. However, if you do need a helping hand, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

    Hybrid rollator walkers 

    There have been hybrid rollator walkers created for those who feel like they need the benefits of both products. 

    These are the walkers that have two legs at the back, which touch the ground, like a walker, and then two legs at the front that have wheels attached, like a rollator. This means the walker only needs to be lifted partially to move forward.

    The Best Walkers of 2020

    Walking is much easier on the arms with these products because the two heels at the front will carry the weight of the user. Weight and balance can also be supported partially with a hybrid rolling walker.

    Nevertheless, you do need to be careful, as the two wheels at the front can roll forward at a quick pace if too much strain and weight is placed on them.

    Features of a hybrid rolling walker

  • They can partially support body weight and balance
  • They require less grip and arm strength to use
  • They have two wheels at the front and two legs at the back
  • What are the different types of walkers available today?

    Not only do you have to decide between a walker and rollator, but if you have decided that a rollator is going to be right for you, there are actually different types for you to select from as well. We are going to go over some of the main ones in detail below.

    Standard walkers

    A standard walker is pretty much what you would expect. It contains the four legs that are stable on the ground while you move. You then need to lift the walker and place it down again. 

    These walkers are designed for any individuals that have trouble with stability and balance, whether disabled or elderly. 

    Knee walkers

    What is a knee walker? Sometimes referred to as knee scooters, this type of walker comes with a sturdy pad that supports the user’s knee.

    These walkers have been designed as an innovative pain-free alternative to walking sticks, crutches, and standard walking sticks.

    To use this type of walker, your injured leg will be mounted onto the big knee pad, and you will then use your injured leg to stride and push yourself around.

    As a consequence, this type of walker is designed for those who have problems with one leg, yet their other leg has the strength and stability to be able to move them around with ease.

    Pediatric walkers

    A pediatric walkeris one that has been designed for use by children and/or teens.

    When children require assistance with walking or standing due to a condition or disability, it is vital that they use supportive devices like walkers so that they can move around. 

    These devices are also suitable for children who need to strengthen the muscles in the legs, as well as those that require assistance with step length, cadence, stride, and alignment.

    Youngsters living with developmental disorders, such as spina bifida and cerebral palsy, rely on these walking aids on a daily basis. They also provide daily aid to those suffering from musculoskeletal impairments, such as myelodysplasia and osteogenesis imperfecta. 

    Bariatric walkers

    There are also bariatric walkers available. These walkers are waist-high, wide, and extra-sturdy to accommodate larger individuals who may need added support to maintain their balance or stability while walking.

    Like standard walkers, there are different types ofbariatric walkersavailable, including those with two wheels, as well as accessories that can aid movement. However, the big difference here is that the frames have been designed and constructed for those carrying extra weight. 

    What should you consider when purchasing a walker?

    With so many different walkers to choose from today, it probably does not come as much of a surprise to learn that there are various factors to keep in mind while determining the best one for you.

    The Best Walkers of 2020

    Pixabay - Free for commercial use

  • How are you going to be using the walker?The first thing you need to do is evaluate how you are going to be using the walker. This includes where, when, and how often the walker will be used. If you are someone who tends to travel over outdoor areas or uneven surfaces often, a walker that has two wheels well be recommended. If you do not have a lot of upper body strength, you may wish to look into a rollator instead, as lifting a standard walker all of the time may be too tiring. If you require optimal support for walking and are limited in terms of the amount of weight you can put on your legs, wheels may not provide the stability you require and so looking for a traditional walker is advised.
  • Is maneuverability or stability more important to you?When it comes to walkers, one tends to come at the expense of the other. For example, a walker that provides more maneuverability is going to deliver less stability, and vice versa. Determining which quality is more important to you will help point you in the right direction.
  • Accessories available- As mentioned earlier, there are different accessories available to go with walkers today, and so this is something you will want to consider before you make your final purchase. What sort of accessories are compatible with the model of walker you are considering? A lot of people find that upgraded glides, grip covers, a bag, or a tray can help to enhance the functionality of their walker. If you are someone that struggles with grasping, you may want to look into purchasing a foam grip cover. A tray can also be highly beneficial if you want a place to carry your bag or any of your belongings. 
  • Understand your height and width requirements- Let’s discuss width first. If you have narrow hallways or doors in your home, you will need to ensure the walker you choose can fit through this with ease. In terms of height, virtually all of the walkers for sale today come with some form of height adjustability. However, you should make sure your height falls somewhere in the middle of the range on the walker you choose. You want to have a little bit of wiggle room in terms of height adjustment, as this will accommodate for wearing different shoes.
  • Consider your weight- When purchasing any sort of mobility aid, the maximum weight that the aid can accommodate will be listed in the product specifications, so you do need to keep this in mind. For those who are overweight, it is advisable to look atbariatricwalkers, as they will be able to provide you with the support you need. 
  • Look at how easy the walker will be to fold and store- This is a quality that may be more important to some people than others. However, if you are going to be taking your walker in the car a lot, you will want to make sure it can be folded and stored with ease. 
  • Think about your home- This is something we touched upon in regards to the width of the walker. You need to consider your home, as this will help to indicate the right walker for you. For example, will you be able to move the walker over your carpets? Also, consider whether the walker will be used mainly indoors or outdoors, parking, and any obstacles or pathways that you may encounter. 
  • Space- Last but not least, while a large walker may seem attractive, is it going to be too big? You need to ensure you have enough space to turn your walker. Don’t only think about your doorways here, but consider your bathroom, the area around your fridge, and the space beside your bed. 
  • The best walkers of 2022

    With so many different walkers on the market today, it can be a little bit overwhelming when it comes time to purchase. There is no need to worry, though, as we have sourced some of the best walkers of 2022 to give you a helping hand.

    Compass Health: ProBasics Bariatric Two-Button Release Folding Walker, Aluminum, No Wheels

    Price: $69.69   Buy Now

    We’re going to start off with a traditional walker, which is perfect for anyone seeking a no thrills walker, which does exactly what you would expect it to.

    The Best Walkers of 2020

    This walker is sold as two pieces, meaning it is very easy to put together, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. 

    It has been designed to provide a durable and strong design, with optimal strength for the user. You can be sure that this is the case because your purchase will be backed up by a limited lifetime warranty. 

    If you do want to add wheels to this walker, it is possible, as you can elect to have five-inch wheels added. It is also worth noting that this walker is available in both junior and adult sizes.

    There are a number of other features that make this walker a good choice for anyone who is looking for one. It comes with rear glide caps, which make it easy for the walker to slide over most surfaces if you do go for the wheel option.

    The hand grip is made from vinyl, which has been contoured to provide long-lasting wear and added comfort. Both sides operate independently to enable easy movement through narrow spaces, as well as greater stability while standing. 

    This walker also comes with adjustable height settings, and it is easy to store too. This is thanks to the push-button folding mechanism, which is simple to use, providing an audible click when the walker is locked. 



    Kaye Products: Kaye Anterior Support Walkers

    Price: $436.99   Buy Now

    If you are looking for a walker for child or teenage use, this one from Kaye Products is well worth considering, and we have a great 30 percent discount available at the moment.

    The Best Walkers of 2020

    You can choose from three different sizes when purchasing this walker: extra-small, small, and large. If you are unsure regarding which size is going to be right for your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help. 

    The table below gives you the measurements for each model:






    19 - 26 inches



    22 - 36 inches



    30 - 47 inches

    This walker has been designed for any child who is able to take steps and support weight on their legs, yet does not have the shoulder control, body control, or balance to use a more conventional walker. These walkers are particularly beneficial for users with severe ataxia, athetosis, or spasticity. 

    There are a number of extras that are available with this walker as well, including swivel limiters and adjustable resistance one-way ratchet wheels.

    Aside from the various customization options, there are some other reasons why this is a good choice for anyone seeking a pediatric walker. This includes the adjustable height and angle adjusts, as well as the ability to adjust the width between the side cushions and the handgrips.

    Extra security is also offered via the external ratchets on the rear wheels, which stop the walker from talking a roll backward. 

    You can also transport and store this walker with ease, as it has a simple fold mechanism. 



    North Coast Medical: Guardian Red Dot Heavy Duty Walker

    Price: $154.95   Buy Now

    If you are looking for a durable, heavy duty walker, this option from North Coast Medical is certainly worth considering.

    The Best Walkers of 2020

    You may notice the unique design of this walker, which has a steel @K@ cross brace. This is an exclusive Guardian brace, which has been patented by the brand. It is made of chrome-plated aluminum, which is lightweight yet robust.

    The walker also comes with a dual-folding mechanism, which has been patented. This makes it easy for you to fold the walker by depressing the tab with your arm, palm, or finger.  

    As is the case with a lot of the walkers on the market today, you do have the option of adding wheels to this walker should you use. When purchasing a Red Dot Walker, five-inch and three-inch wheels will both fit. You can buy Walker Wheels, which are sold in pairs.

    In terms of weight, the walker itself weighs 7/5 lbs, and it can support 400 lbs.

    The width in between the hand grips is 19 inches, with the height being adjustable. You can adjust it from 32.25 inches to 39.25 inches. 

    The walker has been designed for those that are between 5’5” and 6’4”. 



    North Coast Medical: Double Button Extra-Wide Adult Folding Bariatric Walker

    Price: $153.42   Buy Now

    The final walker that we recommend is a bariatric walker, which means that it has been designed for people who are obese or overweight.

    The Best Walkers of 2020

    If you are looking for a walker that is strong and durable in construction so that you will get the extra support you need, this is certainly a good choice. It has been designed to accommodate individuals up to 500 lbs, and it has a deeper and a wider frame.

    There are other features that make this walker a good choice, including the rear glide caps, which mean it can be used on all surfaces and the precision design, which means extra strength has been added while adding minimal weight. The vinyl contoured hand grip is another standout feature.

    In terms of specifications, the height can be adjusted from 32 inches to 39 inches. The overall width is 24 inches, and the width inside of the hand grip measures 20 inches.

    You also have the option of paying for this walker in manageable monthly payments if you would prefer. This is an option available with a lot of the mobility aids for sale on our website.




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    While you can buy walkers from many different online sources today, it is imperative to choose a company with care. When you purchase fromScooters N Chairs, you can have the complete peace of mind that all of our products are of the highest standard, providing you with the mobility assistance required for many years to come. 

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