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The Best Shower Wheelchairs For 2021

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The Best Shower Wheelchairs For 2021


Looking for the best shower wheelchair in 2021 and beyond? You've come to the right place!


Shower chairs and shower commodes may serve the same functions as they always did, but their quality is vastly greater than in previous generations. If you have vivid memories of your grandparents struggling with theirs back in the day, you'll be blown away by the best shower wheelchairs on the market in 2021.


The simple joys of comfortable bathroom usage can transform your daily life, which is why affordable shower wheelchairs are among the best home investments any patient that requires a little help around the bathroom could ask for.

The Best Shower Wheelchairs For 2020


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What Is A Shower Wheelchair?


A shower wheelchair, which can also be referred to as a shower commode, bathroom chair, or wet room chair amongst other things, is a piece of apparatus that is designed to help users during their daily home showering and bathing experiences. This is primarily achieved by providing stability and support when entering and exit the shower, as well as a seated position when actively bathing. They additionally enable easier navigation around the bathroom while several units are also built to encourage easier transfers to the toilet. Their key components include;


  • A sturdy frame for optimal stability and support.
  • Wheels for easier movement around the room.
  • A comfortable chair and back for better bathroom experiences.


The best shower wheelchairs offer the versatility needed to use all bathroom facilities, restoring normality to a daily habit that was previously not possible.


Who Are Shower Wheelchairs For?


A shower commode or wheelchair is an assistive tool that is primarily thought of as an aid for the elderly. However, it can also support much younger users that have disabilities or reduced mobility. In truth, the list of conditions that patients requiring a safe shower wheelchair suffer from includes, but is not limited to;


  • Patients that use wheelchairs in other daily tasks.
  • Arthritis and problems with various joints.
  • Postural issues and muscle fatigue.
  • Reduced flexibility that makes it hard to reach body parts.
  • Poor balance and proneness to vertigo or tinnitus.
  • Visually impaired users.


Essentially, if using the bathroom has become difficult and enjoyable due to physical limitations, checking out the best shower commodes is advised. It could be the difference between independence and needing a carer.


The Benefits Of Modern Shower Wheelchairs

The Best Shower Wheelchairs For 2020


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Shower wheelchairs are incredible devices, not least because their benefits can be felt on a daily basis. Users can subsequently gain experience a wide range of transformations, including but not limited to the following;


  • Increased safety when using the bathroom or wet room facilities for showering, washing, or even using the toilet. This includes preventing slips and falls.
  • Improved comfort levels when using the bathroom products for your daily bathing routines due to increased stability and reduced strain on your joints and muscles.
  • Financial savings gained by avoiding extensive structural changes to the bathroom space while also preventing the threat of impacting your family's bathroom experiences.
  • Increased independence and privacy during these daily activities, allowing you to avoid the need for carers to visit or family members to help you with the tasks.
  • Heightened control over timings as you'll regain the independence to use the bathroom for yourself without relying on others.
  • Increased hygiene as you can clean the seat before and after each use while you can additionally avoid the need to share the unit.


Modern shower wheelchairs are an ideal investment that will improve your quality of life through increased safety and comfort during daily showering habits. Better still, portable shower wheelchairs can be taken on vacation or to a relative's house for increased independence away from home too. If nothing else, it delivers peace of mind.


Wall-Mounted Versus Freestanding Shower Seats


When considering commodes for the bathroom, there are a number of aspects to consider. One of the first questions you must ask, however, is whether to use a wall-mounted or freestanding shower chair. While each option provides the same fundamental function of supporting users in their daily bathroom requirements, there are some very clear differences between a fixed and portable unit. Understanding the pros and cons is the only way to discover which is right for you.


Wall-Mounted Shower Chairs Pros & Cons




  • Wall-mounted bathroom chairs stay fixed in place, removing any threat of falling or sliding along the floor.
  • The wall-mounted solutions also take up less storage space as they can be folded up against the wall when not in use.
  • They can be fitted to a height that's tailored to your personal preferences, which can be particularly useful for tall users.




  • Wall-mounted bathroom chairs are limited in their function because they can't help you move around the bathroom.
  • The seats cannot incorporate the toilet features either, meaning the possibilities are subsequently restricted too.
  • It can be more difficult to clean and maintain good hygiene, particularly the hard to reach places around the back of the unit.


Freestanding Shower Commodes Pros & Cons




  • Freestanding shower commodes are available in multiple sizes and designs while they can also incorporate toilet facilities.
  • Freestanding shower chairs will support you when moving around the bathroom and can be used in showers or on the toilet.
  • They additionally offer the option of taking them to secondary bathrooms in other parts of the home, or even to another property.




  • You will need to find a designated storage space, although some will fold up into a more compact design.
  • There are more parts to consider, such as the wheels, which could pose risks if they become faulty and may require repairs.
  • They are the more expensive unit due to their increased function, versatility, parts, and features compared to stationary options.







Initial Cost



Bathroom navigation



Set height and position



Incorporate toilet system



Can be used elsewhere



Easily cleaned



Less potential maintenance



Easier storage



Increased comfort



Best overall safety







Buying Guide: What To Look For In Shower Wheelchairs


Accepting that a wall-mounted or rolling shower commode will benefit your life is one thing, but choosing the right product for your requirements is another altogether. While value for money is naturally one of the top items on your agenda, it's not the only key consideration. Patients can use the following checklist to navigate the minefield.






One of the first key issues to consider is the physical size of the chair. For a wheeled product, it must be compact enough to move freely around the available floor space. Furthermore, you should consider the storage needs. For most users, this means creating a space in the bathroom or washroom itself. However, it needs to be wide enough to support your body.


Seat Material


Whether it's a wall-mounted seat or shower chair with wheels and padded seat, the seat material should be suited to your preference. Some medical conditions may force you to seek thicker padding while others may provide a non-slip plastic material. Given that you could be sat on the chair for several minutes a time, settling for less than optimal comfort is not an option.


Toilet Features


Wall-mounted bathroom chairs are built solely for you to sit at while showering. However, wheeled bathroom commodes can also incorporate toilet facilities. When taking this route, the seat will be shaped to offer support but leave a gap. This means you can either wheel the chair over the toilet basin, or use a specialized pot that connects to underneath the seat.




Comfort is immensely important for any user, but it must not compromise your safety. For wall-mounting, you need to know that the fixture is secure while the folding mechanism functions correctly. For wheeled shower seats, the right choice of wheels for your bathroom flooring type should be a priority while they must also incorporate a locking mechanism.




Some advanced shower chair models can tilt back, which can subsequently aid bathing and showering habits by adding flexibility. It's additionally a feature that may support family members or carers when helping patients get cleaned. While it's not a solution that's needed by all, its importance for those that need it cannot be ignored.




The height of the shower seat will undoubtedly influence the overall user experience and comfort levels. Adjustable chairs are naturally the best solution as it'll allow you to find the most suitable setup for you. Aside from a lack of comfort, getting it wrong can place unnecessary stress on muscles and joints, which will only make matters worse.


Buy Or Rent


While finding the right model should always be the priority, prospective shower seat users should also consider whether it's better to rent or buy. There are pros and cons to each, which is why there is no single right or wrong answer. The table below should help:







Initial cost



Long-term cost



Support with repairs






Features and lifestyle upgrades






Freedom to customize



Nobody else has used



Change model if bored



Customer care when buying






The Best Bathroom Commodes 2021


With this research completed, you are now ready to think about individual models to identify the shower chair that is definitively the best shower chair for your requirements. With hundreds of options to choose from, the process can feel a little daunting. Thankfully, we've done the hard work for you. Check out our shortlist below.


#1. Nuprodx Multichair Shower 4024

Price: $2495   Buy Now




Nuprodx is one of the best-known manufacturers in the industry and is highly regarded for creating quality shower chairs. The 4024 multi chair shower model is the most impressive in its arsenal. The chair is designed to fit over any ADA compliant toilet while its adjustable height allows for comfort around the home and when using it elsewhere. So, for frequent travelers and patients that spend time with friends or relatives can look to this safe and sturdy product.


Available with 17” and 20” seat configurations, the 4024 can be tailored to suit users of varying sizes while it can support individuals weighing up to 300lbs. The frame is made from aluminum, brass, and stainless steel while the specialized Naugahyde cushions are designed to take that comfort to the next level. The rear wheels and casters are made from very durable materials, meaning no maintenance. Likewise, the frame is rust-resistant.


When used in a washroom, users can wheel themselves right into the shower for optimal accessibility and independence. The textured cushions are one of our favorite features as they are particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin. Meanwhile, individuals wanting to self-propel can gain leverage courtesy of the big wheels. This makes it one of the most practical solutions for those that seek independence.



#2. Healthsmart DMI Rolling Shower Transport Chair

Price: $175.99   Buy Now

Healthsmart DMI Rolling Shower Transport Chair


The DMI rolling shower transport chair isn't only a smart choice for your health and comfort. It's also one of the most budget-friendly options (excluding poor quality goods) on the market. Aside from the cut-out feature of the seat and the wheels, the chair looks somewhat like a comfortable and padded cafe or bistro chair. So, you can be sure that it will serve you well even when being used for long showers or time spent over the toilet. Crucially, it rolls over any standard toilet.


White padding is a combination of PVC and vinyl, offering hardwearing performance as well as easy cleaning capabilities. When supported by the metal frame, the chair looks pretty natural in a wide range of bathroom settings as it will match sinks, baths, and toilets. Despite weighing just 18lbs, the affordable wheeled bathroom chair can handle weights of up to 250lbs. It is surprisingly sturdy too, offering good stability as you navigate the room.


The armrests are another key feature that encourages stability during usage, removing any threat of sliding off the unit. When combined with the compact size of 22” x 22” x 34”, it is a great choice for individual patients as well as carers or relatives that need to help a disabled user. Unlike many of the budget-friendly options, the DMI by Healthsmart is blessed with very reliable lock wheels. It's a safety feature that we love.



#3. Healthline Medical Aluminum Tilt Shower Commode Chair

Price: $974   Buy Now

Healthline Medical: Aluminum Tilt Shower Commode Chair With 24" Wheels


Boasting 24” wheels, a tilting seat, and supportive neck rest, the Healthline Medical aluminum commode chair is one that can be used either in conjunction with a standard toilet or as a self-contained commode. It has the quality of a commercial unit while simultaneously delivering the comfort and practicality needed for home usage – as long as the bathroom is wide enough for the device to be considered a practical addition.


The aluminum frame offers fantastic stability while the swing-away footrests and molded arm rims complement the wide padded seat and back for optimal comfort. The seat cut-out section allows for the bathroom seat to be wheeled over a toilet while the accompanying bucket offers an alternative solution when getting to a toilet isn't viable. The seat cushion is removable too, offering great versatility for using all bathroom furniture.


A blue color, adjustable height, and easy to clean material that also includes calf straps makes it a particularly good option for commercial usage, such as in residential care homes too. Not least because modifications can be made quickly without the need for tools, which adds to the convenience of the model. Finally, Healthline Medical is a name that inspires trust for both home users and businesses alike, which is why the tilt commode is such a popular choice.



#4. The MJM Transfer & Shower Chair

Price: $582.50   Buy Now

The MJM Transfer & Shower Chair



MJM's range of bathroom commodes and transfer chairs focus on safety and independence. The multi-purpose 131-18-24W-AB-DKBL-DM model is perhaps the greatest example. The side wheels make it a self-propelled chair while the use of a rear anti-tip bar allows users to walk it from one station to the next without fear of falling. So, whichever way you wish to use the device, it will deliver optimal convenience and privacy.


The chair itself uses an elongated soft seat that has the cut-out ready for toilet use while the material itself can be used in the shower too. The metal frame will not rust even after being used in the shower while the mesh back support is another practical choice that brings comfort and does not become damaged by the water. The resilient foam and healthcare grade materials are sure to keep all home users happy and protected.


It is a seat that can hold 350lbs of weight while the seat height is 21”, meaning it can roll over any standard toilet. The external width of 29” must be taken into account if using with a shower room, but the 18” internal width delivers great comfort. The brake is positioned well so that individuals can gain full control of the appliance. Still, it can be used by carers or relatives that need to support a loved one as the dimensions lead to good accessibility.



#5. Kenley Folding Shower Wall Seat


The teak wood and stainless steel combo of the wall-mounted Kenley folding shower seat makes it a great option for modern shower units and bathroom décor. It can support load capacities of up to 300lbs and offers a sturdy and safe bathing experience.


When not in use, the folding shower seat take up minimal space in the shower cubicle, which is important for families. Meanwhile, the moisture-resistant wood and rust-resistant steel ensure that the contraption is built to last without the need for regular maintenance.


Kenley is a trusted name in the industry, and its simple folding teak shower seat is one of the best wood wall-mounted solutions available. However, if sitting on the wood for long periods is uncomfortable for you, there are plenty of alternative options.



#6. Healthline Medical Reclining Commode With Legrest & Footrest (Pink)

Price: $369.99   Buy Now

Healthline Medical Reclining Commode With Legrest & Footrest (Pink)



Straight off the bat, the pink seat and back is a winner for female users that either suffer from conditions like early dementia or simply want a high-quality bathroom chair that's bursting with personality. In truth, there's a lot more to love about this reclining commode. For starters, the package can be tailored courtesy of various optional add-ons, such as the drop arm, head stabilizer, privacy skirt, and pail.


Even in its standard setup, the capacity limit of 300lb and ability to set both the backrest and the legrest to five positions can deliver great versatility. With a 23.5” seat height and 21” gap between the armrests, which can extend to 24” with the addition of the soft seat, the commode is practical for patients of varying sizes and weights. The caster wheels are durable and run smoothly while simultaneously offering responsive braking.


It is quite a deep unit too, which makes it easy for carers to wheel loved ones. Crucially, individuals that can stand but aren't too stable on their feet can use the large unit for stability until the seat has been positioned correctly over the toilet or in the shower cubicle. When added to the simplicity of using the reclining attributes, it is a one-unit-does-all solution at an exceptional price. It is one of the top commodes for females – the pink color is just a small reason why.



#7. ShowerBuddy Self-Propelled Roll-In Shower Commode

Price: $845.75  Buy Now

ShowerBuddy Self-Propelled Roll-In Shower Commode



Self-propelled roll-in shower commodes are ideal for individuals who crave their full independence when using the bathroom for showering or to use the toilet. The stable unit can be wheeled by the user, or pushed until it is in the bathroom and ready to be used for a seated showering experience. Meanwhile, the removable armrests and footrests put you in complete control when finding a suitable configuration.


The Showerbuddy SB6W model can be further customized through optional cushions (left, right, or full found) and solid backrests. The armrests and footrests can also be locked in place for added stability, which is a feature that naturally extends to the 4” wheels courtesy of the brake. The frame itself is made from stainless steel, fitting the sturdy nature as well as the long-term reliability. As a whole, the apparatus is well suited to modern and traditional bathroom designs.


Interchangeable chest and lap belts, along with the calf strap, add further options to make the ShowerBuddy truly feel like a shower seat that is made for you. While primarily designed with the shower in mind, the seat can adjust to a height of 23.4” to provide a comfortable setup for toilet usage too. Its ability to support a weight capacity of 300lbs is pretty impressive, particularly for a unit at this price range, but larger users can turn to ShowerBuddy's XL shower commode instead.



#8.Seatara Wheelable Traveling Commode

Price: $876   Buy Now

Seatara: Wheelable Travelling Commode And Shower Chair - ZMR300100


When looking for a practical commode for your travels, or just want a unit that can be packed away without taking up much space, the ZMR300100 by Seatara is arguably the very best option at your disposal. It folds up and can be zipped up by a cover before wheeling it around the home, airport, or front garden to the car And once the product is needed once more, you can quickly withdraw it from the luggage-style casing for easy accessibility.


Seatara has clearly focused on practicality and convenience throughout the design phase of its collapsible commode. Meanwhile, its side wheels make it a self-propel solution that you can navigate when sat on it. It will fit over any regular ADA-approved toilet thanks to its height of 19.3”, which is ideal for using public restrooms. Moreover, the seat coverings are water-resistant to support the rust-resistant frame.


The portable apparatus is also highly popular due to the fact it can be maneuvered with ease, even in tight spaces. This feature is particularly useful when living in a small home, as well as hotel rooms and public restrooms. The ZMR300100 by Seatara is perfect for those that have OK physical health but just need a little help with changing from a standing position to a seated one. It can be considered the perfect travel companion too.



#9. Nova Bathroom Wall Mounted Shower Seat With Legs

 Price: $96   Buy Now

Nova: Wall Mounted Shower Seat - 9404

The white color scheme of the frame and the seat itself ensure that the Nova shower seat is perfectly matched to most bath and shower units. Crucially, though, the addition of the folding legs ensures that users have even greater support than when using most wall-mounted solutions.


While a 250lb capacity limit is a little lower than many of the top products on the market, this cost-effective folding shower seat will suit many elderly users, particularly those that are capable of entering and exiting the shower unaided.


A lack of armrests is a potential issue for some users while the installation can be quite challenging too. Overall, though, the folding wall-mounted shower suit serves its purpose very well while the seat material is comfortable and prevents slips.



#10. Healthline Medical Shower Commode Chair 600lb Capacity

Price: $389.99   Buy Now

Healthline Medical Shower Commode Chair 600lb Capacity


When you require a safe shower commode that will provide the right level of support for a bigger user, Healthline Medical's SC6014XBP600 model stands out as the model. It can handle weights of up to 600lbs, and moves over the floor in a very smooth manner even when you approach the upper limit. With an oversized pail and 26” internal space between the arms, even larger patients will have little trouble using this.


The square frame sits above six 5” extra sturdy caster wheels while all materials are easy to clean and will not corrode. The commode chair also incorporates a brake to prevent a range of potential safety concerns. Crucially, the 24” vacuum formed seat offers extra support and can be used over a standard ADA toilet or with an accessory bucket. While the seat is primarily focused on support, it offers comfort for longer showers too.


Most users at the upper end of the scale will require a carer's support, and may need a walk-in washroom. Nonetheless, the unit's extra wheel and ergonomic design that is only slightly larger than the seat itself, makes it easier for relatives and carers to play an active role or gain access to help with cleaning. Supporting a bigger user overcome their mobility issues regarding bathing without causing unnecessary strain to your own body becomes easy.



Shower Wheelchair FAQs


Should I Use A Shower Seat That Can Be Used Over The Toilet?


It's a personal preference, but it's often a wise move to choose a commode that can do both. If you already require assistance for using the shower, it's very likely that you will eventually struggle to use the toilet unaided. A unit that lets you do both is a great investment for the future, and is more likely to boast anti-tip mechanisms.


Does The Brand Matter?


While there's no one right manufacturer, it's important to choose one that is known for quality and reliability. After all, the best shower commode is a device that will provide daily assistance for years to come. In addition to the right product, you must partner with the right supplier. Or else, you may not gain the quality product you think you've bought.


What Other Bathroom Products Can Be Used?


In addition to the use of a shower wheelchair, users may want to adapt their bathroom with shower grab bars, accessible bathtubs, or mats for the bathroom floor. Any investment that aids accessibility and safety by providing better navigation around the bathroom and reduced trip hazards must be considered a wise investment.




Whether wheeled or wall-mounted, bathroom commodes and shower chairs have the ability to transform your daily life by restoring independence and normality to your bathing, showering, and toilet habits. Whether needed for all visits to the bathroom or solely for the morning shower doesn't matter, the addition to your home will make a significant impact on your quality of life.


For the sake of safety, convenience, privacy, and long-term financial wellbeing, Scooters N Chairs can help you find the perfect product for your bathroom needs. Call us at 1-800-674-8395 or send an email to [email protected] to discuss the different models and place an order today. A better bathing experience awaits.


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