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Shopping around for a new wheelchair can be a daunting task. There are so many design and brand options to choose from that you may feel a bit lost. The good news is that the following information will help you learn more about the best reclining tilt-in-space wheelchair for 2021 so you walk away satisfied with your purchase.

A wheelchair with the power tilt (tilt-in-space) feature allows the whole chair to tilt up to 30 or 60 degrees, depending on the model, while maintaining your hip and knee angles at 90 degrees. In most cases, this is done with the touch of a button, allowing you to move your body independently. You may want to consider this type of wheelchair if you or a family member is dealing with neuromuscular or progressive diseases.

Patients who need a lot of assistance to get into and out of bed can pose a great deal of injury risk to both patients and caregivers. Tilt-in-space wheelchairs help to greatly reduce this risk since the caregiver can tilt the client fully. It minimizes the effort required for positioning the patient. Changing positions throughout the day impacts other body functions as well. Tilt and recline can also aid in the activity of eating.

The Best Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs For 2020

Med-Mizer: FlexTilt Tilt-In-Space Chair - FLEXTILT

Price: $2539   Buy Now

This is Med-Mizer’s first tilt-in-space recline chair, the FlexTilt. It offers many benefits and should be a top consideration when shopping for the best reclining tilt-in-space wheelchairs for 2021.

FlexTilt Chair:

  • Provide independence and mobility.
  • Create comfort with unlimited positioning options.
  • Reduce caregiver injuries and efficiency (reduction in transfers, reduced time in repositioning, etc).
  • Reduce cost with an affordable chair solution.
  • Ease of use/operation with unlimited positioning for enhanced comfort.


  • “Pressure Relief” strapping
  • Easy built-in handles/control for unlimited positioning
  • V-back design for added comfort and support
  • Pivoting arms facilitate easier transfers
  • Recline foot section handle
  • Built-in length extender for customized seating
  • Easier maneuverability with steering castors


  • Frame: Gauge steel 11ga – 16ga
  • Degree of Tilt: 25º
  • Degree of Recline:  30º
  • Seat Width:  16, 20, 24
  • Seat Depth:  16.5 – 18
  • Seat Height: 19.5 – 21.5
  • Weight Capacity: 350 LBS.
  • Made in the USA

The FlexTilt from Med-Mizer is designed to provide infinite positioning for those needing a chair for full day usage and also remain easily mobile with the assistance of an attendant or aid. Since it’s intended for a full day’s use, it provides pressure relief to ensure comfort and skin protection. It also makes life and care much easier for the caregiver by providing easier transfers and fewer needs for repositioning.  



The Best Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs For 2020

Convaid: Flyer - FL

Price: $2519.95   Buy Now

The Convaid Flyer is a lightweight, modular, and portable wheelchair developed with youth-orientated aesthetics and growth in mind. For example, a child can grow with a width-expandable chair. The Flyer has a uniquely designed tilt-in-space base that also accepts more complex adaptive seating. The Flyer comes standard with -5 degrees to +40 degrees of tilt and 30 degrees of back angle adjustment, offers optional recline, and a large selection of options and accessories to achieve ideal positioning and support.

The modular design allows for easy removal of the seating module from the mobility base for simple lifting and more compact transport. The Flyer seating module has the ability to grow in width from 12 to 16″, and the seat depth can grow 4, for a total seat depth range of 11 to 21. This provides therapists and caregivers with the convenience and ease of use they desire without sacrificing the user’s seating and positioning needs.


  • Lightweight | Encourages easy lifting with a seating system weight as little as 16.8 pounds
  • Modular and Portable | Simple removal of the seating module aids in easy transport and storage
  • Growth-adaptable | Seating module can grow 12 to 16 in width and 4 in-depth (total seat depth range is 11 to 21)
  • Transit | Meets or exceeds WC19 safety standards for safe transportation

The frame itself is both unique in design and extremely lightweight, appealing aesthetically to young and older clientele. A 12” base frame weighs approximately 14 lbs. and a seating system with front-rigging approximately 15.5 lbs.  Without front rigging (3.4 lbs.), the seating system is only 12.1 lbs allowing for easy portability, continuing in Convaid’s landmark motto “Now You’re Going Places.” Seat to floor height can be 15” or 17.25”, depending on choice of 11” or 16” rear wheels, allowing for easier transfers and interaction with peers, as well as an appealing older look. The Convaid Flyer is an extremely light central gravity axis tilt, providing both anterior and posterior tilt in a short but very stable frame.



The Best Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs For 2020

Med-Mizer: FreedomFlex Pedal Chair - FF16

Price: $1685   Buy Now

Choose this chair for superior resident comfort, mobility, and independence.

The FreedomFlex pedal chair provides skilled nursing facilities, and residents enhanced independence and mobility while providing superior comfort and satisfaction. Using the FreedomFlex at your facility will allow residents the ability to socialize and explore their surroundings in a safe and ergonomic way.   

After the successful launch of the FlexTilt tilt-in-space recline wheelchair, customers have requested the maker’s take the popular design and create a self-propelled version for their residents. The back design (patent pending) allows the end-user to be positioned in the center of the chair while adding superior resident comfort and support. As an added bonus, this design has allowed facilities to standardize on our chairs while allowing them to accommodate additional resident sizes.  

FreedomFlex Chair

  • Provide independence and mobility.
  • Create comfort with an exclusive VBack design feature.
  • Reduce cost with an affordable chair solution.


“Pressure Relief” strapping 

  • Easy built-in handles/control 
  • Vback design for added comfort and support
  • Pivoting height adjustable arms facilitate easier transfers and customization
  • Easier maneuverability with fixed steering casters
  • Made in the USA ensures inventory and parts in stock (no customs or long lead times)


  • Frame: Gauge steel 11ga – 16ga
  • Degree of Tilt: 18º
  • Seat Width:  16, 20, 24
  • Seat Depth:  16.5 – 18
  • Seat Height: 12.5 – 17.5
  • Weight Capacity: 350 LBS.
  • Made in the USA

You always want your loved one to feel comfortable and at ease. The chair they’re in matters whether they’re at home or in a facility. The FreedomFlex Pedal Chair by Med-Mizer has a unique design that keeps each individual pressure-free and allows them to self propel and adjust to each unique need.



The Best Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs For 2020

Graham Field: Everest & Jennings Advantage Recliner Wheelchair

Price: $367.50   Buy Now

The Advantage Recliner comes with a higher back and removable full support headrest. The headrest includes additional neck support that adjusts easily to fit every need. The durable hammertone frame is designed to support up to 300 lb and in the bariatric versions up to 450 lb users. It’s available in 16", 18" and 20" seat widths, with 17" seat depth and in 22" seat width with 19" seat depth.


  • Features manual full reclining back range from 90-170 degrees
  • Removable full support headrest
  • Detachable padded desk or full arms
  • Hammertone finish provides durability and style
  • Embossed black leatherette type vinyl upholstery for easy cleaning
  • Anti-tippers standard
  • Comes with a spreader metallic back bar which works as an anti-fold device
  • Industry compatible tool-free adjustable elevating front rigging
  • Standard chart pocket on back
  • Maximum weight capacity 300 lb - EVENLY DISTRIBUTED for 16,18 and 20” models
  • Maximum weight capacity 450 lb - EVENLY DISTRIBUTED for 22" models
  • 16", 18", 20" models meet Medicare code K0001/ E1226

   (Recliner Back) + E0966 (HeadRest Extension) + E0971

   (Anti-tipping device) + K0195( Elevating Leg Rests)

  • 22" models meet Medicare code K0007/E1226

   (Recliner Back + E0966 (HeadRest Extension) + E0971

   (Anti-tipping device) + K0195 (Elevating Leg Rests) + E2201

Benefits of the Wheelchair:

  • This Recliner features manual full reclining back range from 90-170 degrees
  • Hammertone finish provides durability and style
  • Embossed black leatherette type vinyl upholstery for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a spreader metallic back bar which works as an anti-fold device
  • Industry compatible tool-free adjustable elevating front rigging
  • Standard chart pocket on back

The Best Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs For 2020

Keen Healthcare: Keen Freelander 2.0 Reclining Wheelchair

Price: $466   Buy Now

The ever-popular Keen FreeLander Reclining Wheelchair now has even more features than before. The Keen FreeLander 2.0 Reclining Wheelchair is a new standard in quality lightweight reclining wheelchairs. The ever lightweight (only 54 lb) Keen FreeLander 2.0 comes equipped with new and improved wheelchair locks to extend life and stability, and for those who need more adjustment, the FRD2-R features a 23” high back with a dynamic recline range of 90° to 180°.

The FreeLander Reclining Wheelchair also comes standard with large composite footplates with heel loops to minimize risk for falls; these specialized footplates also help prevent foot and leg entrapment. As always, this lightweight wheelchair also includes removable anti-tippers, swing-away or elevating leg rests, adjustable height armrests, and non-tearing arm pads. With so much flexibility, this chair provides the ability to position the user correctly.

  • Headrest included.
  • Features 8” front wheels and 24” rear wheels.
  • Comes standard with your choice of detachable swing-away standard footrests or elevating leg-rests.
  • High-impact composite side panels and footplates help make this wheelchair extremely durable.
  • Only 13 width when folded.
  • The chair weighs 54lbs (without front rigging).
  • The chair has a 400lb weight capacity.

It’s designed to provide comfortable, versatile mobility support with a full dynamic range of recline and a variety of positioning features that ensure an ideal fit with improved comfort and optimal posture support. The Keen Freelander 2.0 Reclining Wheelchair is a lightweight and versatile wheelchair designed to provide added positional customization for users who need more adjustment. Each chair comes standard with improved wheelchair locks, specialized footplates with heel loops, anti-tippers, and your choice of either standard swing-away footrests or elevating leg rests.



The Best Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs For 2020

Drive Medical: Sentra Reclining Wheelchair, Detachable Desk Arms

Price: $744   Buy Now

The Sentra Reclining Wheelchair from Drive Medical is truly reclining, allowing infinite adjustments up to 180 degrees. This deluxe reclining wheelchair comes standard with an array of features highlighted by swing-away elevating leg rests, triple chrome coated carbon steel frame, and a cushioned head immobilizer. Available in various arm style and seat widths, the right chair exists for you.

Features and Benefits:

  • Front caster forks are adjustable in 3 positions
  • New state-of-the-art hydraulic reclining mechanism allows for infinite adjustments up to 180 degrees
  • Carbon Steel frame with triple coated chrome for an attractive, chip-proof, maintainable finish
  • Durable, heavy-gauge naugahyde upholstery
  • Padded armrests provide added patient comfort
  • Composite Mag-style wheels with chrome hand rims are lightweight and maintenance-free
  • Comes standard with swing-away elevating leg rests
  • Wheels set back on frame prevents tipping
  • Precision sealed wheel bearings in front and rear ensure long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Standard dual axle provides easy transition of seat to hemi-level
  • Aluminum footplates are attractive, crack-proof, and lightweight
  • Carry pocket standard
  • Chrome-plated hand rims
  • Rear anti-tippers standard
  • 8" front casters
  • Headrest extension with cushioned head immobilizer standard
  • Comes with push to lock wheel locks
  • Black upholstery, chrome frame

Product Specifications:

  • Anti Tip Wheels: Yes
  • Armrest Length: 10"
  • Armrest to Floor Height: 27.5"
  • Back of Chair Height: 33"
  • Brakes: Push-To-Lock Wheel Brakes
  • Casters: 8"
  • Closed Width: 12.5"
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Overall Length w/ Riggings: 51"
  • Product Weight Capacity: 300 lbs(14" Seat, 16" Seat, 18" Seat, 20" Seat) 450 lbs(22" Seat)
  • Rear Wheels: 24" x 1"
  • Seat Depth: 18"
  • Seat Width: 14", 16", 18", 20", 22"
  • Seat to Armrest Height: 8"
  • Seat to Floor Height: 17.5"-19.5"
  • Product Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Model # std22rbdda

The wheelchair has a carbon steel frame with triple-coated chrome for an attractive, chip-proof, maintainable finish. The Sentra Reclining Wheelchair from Drive Medical is truly reclining, allowing infinite adjustments up to 180 degrees. This deluxe reclining wheelchair comes standard with an array of features highlighted by swing-away elevating leg rests, triple chrome coated carbon steel frame, and a cushioned head immobilizer. This Sentra Reclining Wheelchair comes with detachable desk arms and a 22-inch wide seat.



The Best Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs For 2020

Mobb Healthcare: Reclining Wheelchair

Price: $452.81   Buy Now

The Mobb Healthcare Reclining Wheelchair has an integrated and adjustable padded headset. It’s also equipped with caregiver actuated levers to induce recline, has swing-away and removable elevating leg rests with padded calf support. The wheelchair contains pneumatic tires for a comfortable ride and full length padded armrests. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Product Description:

  • Reclining Wheelchair – Integrated and adjustable padded headset
  • Caregiver actuated levers to induce recline
  • Swing-away, and removable elevating leg rests, with padded calf support
  • Pneumatic tires for a comfortable ride
  • Full length padded armrests
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean
  • 18 x 18 seat rest
  • 24 & 8 wheels and casters
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs


MOBB Healthcare warrants the original consumer purchaser for as long as they own their MOBB product that it will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. This warranty is only applicable to products used in residential applications within the United States and Canada and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Mobb Reclining Wheelchair is a carbon steel framed that's suitable for someone looking for a durable reclining wheelchair. It also includes:

  • Padded armrests for extra comfort
  • Hydraulic reclining mechanism allows  for infinite adjustments up to 1800
  • Comes in three sizes -16", 18" and 20" 
  • Durable Nylon upholstery
  • Lightweight and maintenance-free composite Mag-style wheels
  • 8"front casters
  • Comes with push to lock wheel locks
  • Aluminum footplates
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs


The Best Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchairs For 2020

Compass Health: ProBasics Reclining Wheelchair

Price: $599.99   Buy Now

The ProBasics Reclining Manual Wheelchair provides full back and headrest support as patient reclines from 90 to 160 degrees. The weight capacity is 400 lb.

The 13-inch headrest and padded, full-length arms are removable. Black, padded nylon upholstery resists mildew and bacteria. The frame has a chip-resistant silver vein finish. Mag-style wheels are lightweight and set back on the frame to prevent patients from tipping when in the reclined position.

  • Slide tube steel frame with an attractive silver vein finish that is chip resistant and easy to maintain. Rear anti-tippers and Easy push-to-lock wheel locks come standard.
  • Padded Desk-length, detachable armrests provide added patient comfort.
  • Easy-to-clean, comfortable vinyl upholstery resists mildew and bacteria. Chart pocket on backrest provides additional convenience. Headrest extension comes standard with head immobilizer.
  • Tool-free elevating padded leg rests are equipped with a pneumatic piston for infinite positions and composite footplates.
  • Composite hand rims with Mag-style wheels are lightweight and maintenance-free. 8" x 1" solid rubber front casters. Wheels are set back on the frame to prevent tipping.

You can make any adjustments you need. Economical ProBasics Reclining Wheelchairs offer flexible positioning for improved circulation and pressure distribution. The back can easily be re-positioned during the day, or any time you need adjustment. The leg rests are padded and can be swung out of the way without the use of tools. The leg rests also lower and elevate as needed.

The chair also provides ultimate comfort. The entire chair is constructed of soft, padded nylon. From the reclining seat back to the angle-adjustable leg rests, the chair is designed to elevate and adjust comfortably to any need of the user.

The features of the chair are patient-focused. Rear anti-tippers, a headrest extension, removable desk-length arms, and padded elevating leg rests make this chair completely versatile in fitting the needs of any user of any size, ability, and shape. The ProBasics Full Reclining Wheelchair is available in varying seat sizes, 16” to 22” in width.

Lightweight Mag-style wheels with composite hand rims sit to the rear of the frame to provide support while reclining. 8" x 1" solid rubber front casters, rear anti-tippers, and push-to-lock wheels give you additional stability while on the go or reclining. This quality reclining wheelchair is an incredible value with a practical, durable, and comfortable design. The ProBasics Compass Full Recline Wheelchair is easy to maintain and provides you with superior comfort while reclining. This durable chair is offered at an incredible value and is a perfect option for anyone who needs to recline fully or elevate their legs.



Benefits of A Reclining Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair

A tilt-in-space wheelchair provides added comfort by allowing a caregiver to adjust the way the user can sit within the system. This type of adjustment relieves pressure from the lower back and redistributes it to different areas of the body. A reclining tilt-in-space wheelchair can also give the head, neck, and trunk a much-needed break, too, which is especially important for users that spend a prolonged period of time in their wheelchair.

Tilt-in-space can actually provide even more comfort than a reclining system only because it helps maintain posture and body alignment. Tilt-in-space systems prevent sheer entirely, too, so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation. It can also inhibit extensor muscle spasms.

Tilt-in-space wheelchairs (manual or powered) offer a variety of benefits to certain consumers, which cannot be obtained by a traditional seating system without the ability to force a weight shift by tilting. In addition to the physical upsides, there are also physiological benefits of a tilt-in-space wheelchair. People move, on average, 30 times in an hour when they are seated. However, those who have cerebral palsy, muscle diseases, and head and/or spinal cord injuries may not have the strength or ability to change their body position and provide relief to the pressure points. They must reposition themselves at least once every 15 minutes to prevent the development of ulcers. If a person sits for too long without changing his/her positions, even the best cushions would not be of any help. A pressure of 32 millimeters of mercury is sufficient to constrict a capillary. Tilt-in-space wheelchairs allow users or caregivers to change their position, enabling them to shift pressure away from one point and redistribute it over a larger surface area. Also, tilting enhances the patient’s feeling of security as the possibility of falling forward from the sitting position often makes him/her very apprehensive.

Additionally, tilt ensures stability, especially when going down a slope. Tilting helps prevent a patient from falling forward when he/she is in a sitting position. It is also beneficial in passively correcting scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine) and kyphosis (convex curvature of the spine).

Finally, Patients who experience the least discomfort when sitting are often more productive. Users who are able to spend more time in their wheelchair and out of their bed will have more opportunities for participating in day-to-day life. The same goes for others in the household, greatly improving their quality of life.

It can also be easier to transfer someone into and out of a reclining tilt-in space wheelchair. In addition, if the person using the chair uses a tray or something similar for work, eating, or therapy, a reclining chair will allow them to shift position without disturbing their setup.

Many reclining seating systems also allow the user to recline a full 90 degrees and lie flat, which can come in handy when a nap in a wheelchair is necessary.

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These are some of the most ideal and best-selling reclining tilt-n-space wheelchairs for 2021. You should now have the information you need to make a better and more informed decision about which option is most suitable for you. You’re going to be more comfortable and have an increased quality of life when you have the right chair for your medical and lifestyle needs. Why wait any longer? Now is the perfect opportunity to secure yourself a new tilt-n-space wheelchair for 2021 and improve the way you live.

There are so many ways that relining tilt-in-space wheelchairs can make you or loved ones more functional, and even help to prevent the development of more debilitating and costly conditions such as pressure sores. Give it a try and see for yourself what a difference one of these amazing and functional wheelchairs can improve your life or that of a family member’s. 

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