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Afikim Scooters

Afikim is known across the nation for their heavy-duty power scooters. The manufacturer has been a household brand name for decades, building designs that are typically not found in other leading brands. 

The company, which is originally based in Israel, has been producing electric mobility scooters since 1978. After gaining widespread popularity there for building highly durable and reliable designs, they started inaugurating facilities all over the world, including the US. 

Afikim is among the few manufacturers that also builds specially designed scooters for the elderly that come equipped with orthopedic seats and other everyday essentials such as sun shades. 

Afikim meets the European EN-12184 and ISO 9001-2000 certification – it is Korean FDA approved and also has US safety standards approved by the FDA.

Afikim Mobility Scooters belong in a class of their own

Also known as Afiscooters, Afikim mobility scooters boast a vast range of high performance, heavy duty 3-wheel scooters and 4-wheel scooters that combine the most innovative technology with stylish and robust designs, as well as very simple-to-use controls. 

The manufacturer has spent the last three plus decades designing mobility vehicles which put reliability, safety and ease of use above everything else. The sturdy construction, adjustable suspension and orthopedic seating options for additional comfort all come as a bonus. With advanced research and development as well as a myriad of features offered on each model, Afikim has successfully ensured that all their users enjoy the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible. 

Afiscooters are designed and developed in some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in the world, providing many years of after-sales warranty and service to ensure that their customers stay happy in the long run. Simply put, they are built to last and offer some of the best performing electric 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters on the market. 

Each Afiscooter sports a built-in safety system which brings the scooter to a halt automatically and safely, should the user ever lose control. Whether you want to use your Afikim mobility scooter to get the groceries, visit your neighbor who lives a few minutes away or hit the highway – you can be rest assured that you’ll have the safest, sturdiest, most durable and highest performing power scooter at your disposal. 

A Sneak Peak at some of Afikim’s Best Sellers 

A very popular Afikim power scooter that has been a best seller over the years is the $4,131 Afikim SE 3-wheel scooter – a sleek 3-wheeler that boasts the design of a stylish and rugged motorcycle but offers the form and function of a maneuverable scooter that has the capacity to withstand 500 lbs. With the upgradable 33” wide seat, you can remain comfortable throughout the 25 mile driving range with two selectable top speeds – 7.5 mph and 9.3 mph. If you prefer to have someone accompany you, then the optional dual seat option allows a friend to tag along. 

The Afiscooter C 4-wheel Breeze Scooter priced at $2,990 is another one of Afikim’s top selling models, with its sleek and sporty frame available in three slick metallic colors: brilliant silver, blood red and sky blue.

A full LED lighting system as well as front basket, and a comfortable captain’s chair all come standard. If that weren’t enough to ride in style and comfort, then the 25 mile battery range and 9.3 mph top speed is another reason to take the plunge and enjoy many, many years of mobility and personal independence.


Perhaps one of our best sellers here at Scooters 'N Chairs has been the $4,489 Afiscooter S 4-wheel Breeze scooter – a powerhouse of a machine that will carry you 28 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 9 mph, while easily withstanding up to 450 lbs. Folks particularly love using this one for getting around town effortlessly and enjoying the great outdoors. 

In fact, we can’t stop raving about how fantastic this particular model is, and neither can our customers, for that matter. This is an Afikim power scooter with some of the best all-around features and highly durable parts, with the added ability to do multiple customizations according to the rider’s preference. The S 4-wheel bagged the International Red Dot Design Award in 2014 – an impressive feat given that there were over 15,500 submissions spanning across 70 countries. 

Buy with Confidence – Get Yourself an Afiscooter

Afikim is a brand that’s synonymous with reliability, improving the lives and restoring the livelihood of folks across the nation and around the world. They have produced world-class power scooters for 35+ years, building designs that cater to every user’s needs. 

The company’s dedicated team is always focused on improving the technology that fuels their power scooters – finding innovative ways to offer the best possible riding experience, while continuing to focus on comfort, safety and reliability as a key priority. 

Here are more reasons so as to why an Afikim electric scooter is one of the best investments you can make:

Long manufacturing history – Afikim has been working on power scooter designs for over 35 years and has dominated the market with their heavy-duty models.

Technical dominance – Producing some of the world’s best mobility scooters using quality materials, they are among the world’s leading scooter manufacturers, driven by technical and technological excellence. 

Strong and persistent growth – Afikim has one of the most talented and knowledgeable teams of mobility experts, further complimented by forging an alliance with EV Rider in North America.

Quality assurance – Each product coming off the assembly line is rigorously tested for quality and reliability. 

Best-in-class engineering – With access to the best manufacturing technology, Afiscooters are designed with laser-like precision and built to last a lifetime.

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Got any questions before picking up your Afiscooter? We’d love to answer any questions you may have about Afikim or what we do at Scooters ’N Chairs. 

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