Span-America Encore®

Span-America Encore®

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Precision.  Protection.  Performance.

Innovative Features Operating In Concert!

The Encore is our premium bed, providing measurably improved levels of care and comfort for the user and better ergonomics and protection from injury for the caregiver.  Many key features are included as standard and its accessory line-up includes width and length options that make it well-suited to nearly any mattress and most potential users in its market.

Glidealign Retractable Deck Technology

Here’s why vertical alignment is vital in long-term care:

Superior fall prevention: when the user is kept in vertical alignment all access-points in the user’s bed environment remain safely within reach.

Superior staff protection: fixed-deck beds cannot keep the user in alignment necessitating frequent turning or repositioning of the user, increasing the prospect of staff injury.

Superior protection from shearing: the user glides back to original position following HOB elevation.  This protects sensitive skin areas such as sacrum, heels and elbows from skin shearing induced by friction with the sheets.

Readywide Integrated “Two Click” Expansion:

At-the-ready, “two click” expansion: Click once to pull expander out to 39” wide.  Click again for 42” width.

Navigates narrow doorways: expanders provide fast, hassle-free solution for in-facility bed mobility

Caregiver advantages:  Wider surface for safer, easier transfers and ADLs.

Bariatric bed when needed:  accommodates users up to 600 lb(SWL) 

Intelligent Smart Stop Improves Low-Bed Safety and Ergonomics

Smart Stop prevents falls by prohibiting the user from trying to egress from a dangerously too-low level.  Lowering down into low height zone is only possible using the FEC.  Flashing indicators display as bed goes into low height zone.  Under-bed indicators can also be switched over to discreet nighttime floor level illumination.

3-Position Assist Device

Ergonomic 3-position assist device locks at right angle to the bed for sturdy ingress/egress support, protecting both user and caregiver. Both 3-position and half-length assist device made of molded, pleasing-to-touch materials.

Key Standard Features
  • Durable, easy-to-clean wide- arched slats
  • Lifetime welding guarantee on precision-welded construction 
  • Positively anchored baseboard bumper bar
  • Heavy duty 3” field-tested casters
  • Mobility at any height with head and foot-end floor locks
  • Components individually polyester powder-coated
  • Foot-end controller plus backlit 9 button control pendant
  • Fixed mattress retainers & vascular foot ratchet
  • Under-bed lights for discreet illumination