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Electric Wheelchair Accessories

Scooters 'N Chairs specializes in retailing Electric Wheelchair Accessories for sale online. Our main goal is that our customers source the right after-market mobility accessory for themselves or their loved ones. Our Customer Service experts are on hand through email, live chat, or phone to help you secure the right product. Please click here to read more about our Power Wheelchair accessories.


Pride Mobility: Jazzy Select Elite


Pride Mobility: Jazzy 1450 Power Chair

Electric Wheelchair Accessories

Electric Wheelchair Accessories

From batteries and battery chargers to canopies and covers, holders, baskets and everything in between – mobility scooter accessories offer a range of benefits to help you accessorize your scooter, while also improving overall safety and efficiency in a number of ways.

The top-of-the-line mobility scooter accessories at Scooters’N’Chairs are designed to last, not only improving your scooter riding experience as a result but also extending its life. 

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