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Electric Wheelchairs

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EV Rider: Maxx C P3DXC Power Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchairs

Battery Powered Wheel Chair Online Stores

Shopping for electric wheelchairs for sale online can be difficult but the savings make it worth the effort because online dealers like us have the lowest prices. This is because online stores that sell power wheelchairs do not have the overhead cost of running a store which gets to be very expensive. We have been dealing with power wheelchairs for a very long time and can help you find the perfect model that suits your needs. 

Our products are tax-free, we have the lowest prices online and provide free shipping on all power wheelchair purchases. We have experts standing by ready to help answer any questions that you have via phone, chat or email. If you have limited mobility or increased pain from walking, power chairs are a practical investment, we carry all of the most popular models and brands that are trusted and reliable. We don't work with any manufacturers that provide poor customer service or make it difficult to find replacement parts. This means that your product will be taken care of for the long run when you shop with us. Just check out our reviews online to see what customers are saying about our customer service. Our reputation speaks for itself and we look forward to doing business with you.

Local Stores vs Online Stores?

There are pros and cons to everything, including buying online vs buying at a local electric wheelchair store. Many prospective customers who find us often explain that they have a concern which is not being able to physically test out the product before purchasing it. While this is certainly a valid concern, we often find that customers simply don't have local stores nearby to visit. The lack of mobility product stores in certain areas makes it difficult for customers to find a local store that actually has a large selection to choose from. With us, we have over 100 different models to choose from and typically a full list of specifications, images, and videos for each product. 

Power Chairs

Since many local power wheelchair stores have expensive rent payments, they are notorious for charging high prices on models that we offer at MAP pricing. MAP pricing is the minimum advertised price allowed by the manufacturer. This means that if you're an authorized dealer like us, you are NOT ALLOWED to advertise the product at a price that is lower than the MAP pricing policy allows. When you see our pricing, you can rest assured knowing that it is the lowest price on the web for a new product with a factory warranty that starts on the date it is purchased. 

Which Electric Wheel Chair Is Right For Me?

There are several models for sale in our catalog online - each one has its own unique features. In order to find the wheelchair that is the best choice for you or your loved one, you'll need to know what the specifications are and a little bit about the person who will be using the product. We recommend starting off by selecting a certain category from the list below: 

  • Folding - Folding power chairs are great for traveling and offer a feature that makes your chair very easy to transport because it folds up into a compact shape that allows you store your chair in tight places (like the trunk of a car). 
  • Travel / Light Weight - These are also great for traveling but they do not fold. Many of the lightweight electric wheelchairs that you find on our site disassemble into parts that are manageable in weight. Check the specifications or add a filter for "disassembles". 
  • Heavy Duty - The name says it all, these are typically able to handle higher weight capacities and offer suspension. Heavy Duty electric wheelchairs are typically not ideal for traveling. 
  • Standard - If you plan on using a power chair inside mainly and not for any other type of application, then standard models may be a good fit for you.

We strongly recommend that you call or chat with one of our expert sales representatives to ensure that you get a product that works in your home or areas that you'll be using it in.

If you'd rather shop online without a representative, be sure to thoroughly read through the product description and specification details. It will help to measure your doorways and space between any tight corners or bathrooms to ensure your power electric wheel-chair will fit and that it has the turning radius needed to take those tight turns. We have a ton of information on each product page showing the details that matter the most and our filters work with the most popular specs such as:

  • Weight Capacity - how much weight the product can handle.
  • Category - Ex: Folding, Heavy Duty, Travel, Full Size.
  • Travel Distance - The distance the unit can travel when fully charged.
  • Price Range - Conveniently select price range filters.
  • Overall Weight - The total weight of the product.
  • Speed - The top speed of the product.
  • Brand - The manufacturer brand name behind the product.


Below you can find an illustration that shows how important the turning radius is, especially when taking tight turns. You should always take the time to measure the tight spaces in your home to ensure that the product you're interested in will fit into those tight spaces and that it can handle the tightness of the turns in your home too. 

electric wheelchair turning radius

Always remember that we have trained staff in-house ready to take your call or answer your chat messages so that we can help you find the product that will best fit your needs. Remember that when it comes to offering affordable battery operated wheelchairs online, we're the one place that has the lowest price guaranteed. Due to the fact that we're a 100% online business, our savings when it comes to stocking inventory and overhead expenses on a storefront allow us to pass huge savings on to our customers. Aside from our low prices, the owners of the company take great pride in maintaining a 5-star online rating which means you can rely on us long after you purchase your product for help with repairs. With our great selection, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a dependable product that will last you for years to come.

What Are Some of The Best Electric Wheelchair Models Out There?

There are many well known electronic wheelchair brands out there like Pride Mobility which makes the Jazzy electric wheelchair series. The Jazzy series has been around for over a decade and has been updated many times, there are several different models under the Jazzy series which you can see on our catalog. Check out some of the most popular models in the image below.

jazzy electric wheelchair most recommended

Most of the Jazzy's offer the user both comfort and functionality at a competitive price point. The captain’s seat on the Jazzy is covered in a soft fabric, has a high back and reclines. This allows you to comfortably sit all day long. This model isn’t simply focused on comfort; several practical features, such as a long-lasting battery, make it one of the top models available.

The Largest Selection of Battery Operated Wheel Chairs Available

Not every chair you see will be the right one for you. As a factory authorized dealer, we have access to a large selection of power-chairs. We carry quality brand named products like Afikim, Drive Medical, eWheels, Golden Technologies, & Pride Mobility. and more (see below). This makes it easier to find the power wheelchairs for sale that truly fit your lifestyle. While each manufacturer is different, we only promote manufacturers that are known for provided excellent customer service. Some of the bigger manufacturers like Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, and Drive Medical offer in-home service contracts for free with each purchase. This means that if your product fails you and it's not your fault, the manufacturer will send a technician to your home to fix the issue for free within the first year of purchase. This adds a great deal of value and reassurance to our customers which is why we recommend the manufacturers that offer in-home service contracts. 


If you're not sure which brand to choose from, call or chat with one of our representatives and they will help you make the best choice. Our sales representatives are not pushy at all and are only here to help you obtain a battery-powered wheelchair that you will be happy with. Our phone number and live chat button are located at the top of every page on our website.

Electric Wheelchair Brands

Power Wheelchair FAQ's

We have a ton of information regarding each manufacturer and questions that are posted by past customers in our online forum for electric wheelchairs. 

How Much Do Electric Wheelchairs Cost?

A handicapped person powered wheelchair will vary in price depending on the features you select. There are several different affordable power chairs available. Factors such as size and shape can play a small role in the final cost of the power wheelchairs for sale. This pricing allows you to choose a chair that fits your budget and needs. We carry discount electric wheelchairs starting at $1,495 which includes a factory warranty and free accessories. Most electronic wheelchairs that we carry have custom options or upgrades available which you can find on the product page for each unit. Adding accessories or upgrades will increase the price in most cases. If you use the "price range" filter option at the top of this page or any page that shows products, you can filter out the options that fall within your price range. Below is a reference image showing the "price range" filter option found at the top of this page.

If you're looking for an affordable electric wheelchair we have a page with the cheapest power chairs we have to offer, like the LiteRider Envy Power Wheelchair, have everything you need to get around. This lightweight power wheelchair has a comfortable seat, flip-back armrests, and several compatible accessories to choose from. With a travel range of 15.5 miles, it is an excellent choice for trips to the supermarket or vacations.

Buy Discount Power Wheel Chairs Online

Whether you want to find the cheapest power-chair available or want to know more details about specific features, we are happy to help. We believe in offering customized, friendly service. Browse our online inventory of affordable power wheelchairs today to see just how much Scooters 'N Chairs can help you achieve the freedom and mobility you desire and deserve. Each product has a reviews tab where you can read real reviews about that product from past customers who purchased from our website directly. You may also visit our product review page which takes all of the reviews from all products and combines it into one page. 

We also have a dedicated page on our site for customer reviews in video format. There are many videos that we have and continue to add as we grow. We hope to one day serve you as a customer. Thank you for visiting our website! 

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