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If your goals for the new year include increased mobility and independence for yourself or a loved one, now is the perfect time to shop for an electric wheelchair. The number of high-quality power wheelchairs on the market has skyrocketed over the past several years, driven by growing demand and the development of new technologies.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing a New Electric Wheelchair in 2020

There are many benefits to purchasing an electric wheelchair but topping the list includes:

a. Comfort

Like mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs give you the ability to get around - and they also provide enhanced ease of use and comfort. Many options offer you flexibility in adjusting for height, tilt, reclining, leg space and other settings, thus keeping you comfortable for long stretches. And if you have upper-body mobility issues, you’ll be able to relax your arms and decrease exertion by controlling your electric wheelchair with a joystick.

b. Ability to maneuver tight spaces

Perfect for indoor use, electric wheelchairs offer you a tight turning radius (as little as 20 inches), which makes it easier for you to steer with precision. If you live in a small apartment, enjoy going out to crowded restaurants or often traverse narrow hallways, among other cramped spaces, an electric wheelchair is a great choice for you.

c. Relatively easy to take on public transportation

Boarding a bus, train and other kinds of public transportation in an electric wheelchair is often more convenient than a mobility scooter. And electric wheelchairs provide 4-point tie-downs for safe, reliable transportation in a moving vehicle, which offsets their reduced portability in other areas.

d. Often covered by insurance

If your doctor deems the equipment necessary for your physical needs, chances are your electric wheelchairs will be covered by insurance. Medicaid covers most electric wheelchairs at 80% with a 20% copay. Manual wheelchairs are covered in full.

The bottom line is that you deserve the freedom that comes along with an electric wheelchair whose design and functionality feel tailor-made for your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

We have compiled a Pre-Buying Checklist below to read over to assist you before making your first purchase.

General Questions:

  • 1) What will the power chair be used for - everyday use, indoors, outdoors, paved or unpaved?

  • 2) Which power chair offers the best value for money?

  • 3) Is battery life sufficient for your range needs?

  • 4) Is the weight capacity sufficient for yourself and any extra items you would typically carry?

  • 5) Does the turning radius suit your home or wherever you’ll need to turn sharp corners?

  • 6) Is the seat wide and deep enough?

Specific Questions:

  • 1) Is the seat adjustable?

  • 2) Are different seat sizes available?

  • 3) Does the wheelchair fold?

  • 4) What is the range of the scooter/wheelchair?

  • 5) How much ground clearance does the scooter/chair have?

  • 6) What kind of tires does this scooter/chair come with?

Without further ado, here are our picks for the Best Power Wheelchairs for 2020:

1. Drive Medical: Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair

The Cirrus Plus by Drive Medical combines the many benefits of an electric wheelchair with the portability of a manual one. A battery range of 15 miles can keep you moving all day at a top speed of five (5) mph. When you’re not using the Cirrus Plus for your indoor or outdoor activities, simply remove the batteries and fold for easy storage or transportation.

A carbon-steel frame and silver finish give the Cirrus Plus a sleek, modern look. This model also provides comfortable seating with features that include a padded backrest, swing-away footrests and a two-inch foam cushion for extra support.

2. Drive Medical: Cobalt X23 Standard Power Chair

The Cobalt X23 is one of Drive Medical’s lighter-weight options and an example of a highly adaptable electric wheelchair. This model can meet many users’ day-to-day mobility needs with an operating range of eight (8) miles, a maximum speed of four (4) mph and a 29-inch turning radius.

Mounted reflectors and a positioning belt provide additional safety, while freewheel operation enables the Cobalt X23 to roll smoothly in disengaged mode. If desired, the adjustable footplate and armrests can be flipped out of the way. The Cobalt X13’s captain’s seat is designed for easy swiveling, and its padded backrest can be folded down.

3. Drive Medical: Titan AXS

Sizing up the Titan AXS’s 19-mile driving range, robust build, and 300-pound weight capacity, customers may expect this heavy duty model by Drive Medical to lack maneuverability. However, an impressive turning radius of 20 inches allows this power wheelchair to make sharp turns and navigate small spaces.

The Titan AXS’s adjustable settings for seat height, width, and depth ensure total comfort for long periods of time. Additional features include a programmable controller with Bluetooth technology, a positioning belt, and interchangeable red and blue panels that let you switch up your style whenever you please.

4. Drive Medical: Titan LTE Portable Powerchair

As its name suggests, this model by Drive Medical is all about the ability to pack up your electric wheelchair and go. Quick disassembly and a base weight of only 92 pounds make the Titan LTE Portable Powerchair an ideal product for those planning on frequent travel and storage.

The Titan LTE Portable Powerchair has a driving range of eight (8) miles and a maximum speed of 4.2 mph. Its rear-wheel drive and directional joystick provide efficient steering with a 27-inch turning radius.

5. Drive Medical: Trident Front Wheel Drive

Drive Medical’s Trident Front Wheel Drive gives you or your loved one the assurance of a safe, comfortable ride for years to come. A range of body types and abilities will find ample support with this model’s three seating options (captain’s seat, reclining seat, and high-back seat), adjustable armrests and balance-enhancing front-wheel drive system.

The Trident Front Wheel Drive is also designed to make long-term maintenance as convenient as possible. Its quick-release seat removal pins and shroud-free design provide access to all parts that may require servicing.

6. EV Rider: Allure HP6 Power Wheelchair

Zip all over town in this electric wheelchair by EV Rider, which boasts a driving range of 25 miles and a top speed of five (5) mph. In addition to staying powered for long trips, the Allure HP6 Power Wheelchair is compact, portable and quite maneuverable.

The Allure HP6’s seat height of 21 inches suits customers who prefer a lower center of gravity. This six-wheel model also features full suspension on the rear caster and anti-tipper assembly for optimal stability.

7. EV Rider: Vision P13 Power Wheelchair

EV Rider’s Vision P13 Power Wheelchair is a leading heavy-duty option for customers seeking extra elevation. Its high-powered seat lift raises the user up to 12 inches, which can aid in many different activitiesfrom chores to shopping and socializing face-to-face with friends and family.

Whatever height is best for the task at hand, this model can take you or your loved one 20 miles on a single battery charge at up to five (5) mph. The Vision P13 also offers custom rehab seating, double cross brace design, anti-tipper suspension, and removable side panels. As an added perk, it also operates more quietly than many power wheelchairs.

8. Golden Technologies: Alante Sport GP205F Power Chair

Golden Technologies blends strong construction and great style in the Alante Sport GP205F. A unique two-tone shroud design, silver rims, and a metallic red finish will keep you looking as good as you feel in this versatile electric wheelchair.

The Alante Sport GP205F has a driving range of 16.5 miles and a top speed of three (3) mph. It comes equipped with electronic speed control, a PG VR-2 50 Amp Remote Controller, an off-board charger and anti-tipper wheels that will not scuff floors during indoor use. Golden Technologies also offers excellent warranties on the frame and electronics.

9. Golden Technologies: Compass Heavy Duty Powerchair

The Compass Heavy Duty Powerchair by Golden Technologies ensures an easy driving experience on virtually any surface. Its center-wheel drive and foam-filled tires are capable of handling grass, dirt, gravel, and inclines while maintaining balance. This electric wheelchair supports up to 450 pounds, making it a comfortable fit for heavier individuals.

In addition to an operating range of 12 miles, the Compass Heavy Duty Powerchair has a tight turning radius of 20 inches. Customers enjoy the ability to fold down the padded captain’s seat and remove it when needed using Golden’s exclusive sliding seat mechanism.

10. Golden Technologies: Compass Sport Power Wheelchair

A lighter but still high-performing alternative to the Compass Heavy Duty Powerchair is the Compass Sport. This electric wheelchair is up for a wide variety of activities with an operating range of 11 miles, a top speed of 4.5 mph and a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The Compass Sport Power Wheelchair stands out for its flexible seating options. By selecting either a captain’s/pan seat or a high-back chair, and adjusting the table/desk-length armrests, you or your loved one can create the precise fit you’re looking for. The Compass Sport is also equipped with electromechanical brakes and electronic speed control.

11. Golden Technologies: LiteRider Envy GP162

One of the world’s lightest and most portable electric wheelchairs, the LiteRider Envy GP162 makes it a breeze to take your mobility device from place to place. This model by Golden Technologies comes apart in seconds to fit in the trunk of a car. And because no piece weighs more than 35 pounds, the LiteRider Envy is convenient for you, a caretaker or a loved one to lift and carry as needed.

With a driving range of 15.5 miles and a 26-inch turning radius, the LiteRider Envy is a reliable option for both indoor and outdoor use. This model allows you to express your personal style as well: customers can choose from a range of eye-catching colors including sunburst yellow, cherry red, solar flare orange, and of course, envy green.

12. Merits Health: Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair

The Atlantis Heavy Duty Power Chair by Merits Health is a prime choice for larger-sized individuals seeking to regain indoor and outdoor freedom. This model has a weight capacity of 600 pounds, as well as an extra-large captain’s seat that accommodates many different body types.

(VIDEO SHOWS THE P7102 unit which is the P710 + added upgrade features)

Inclines of up to ten (10) degrees are no match for this electric wheelchair’s heavy duty motors and 12-inch drive wheels. As a result, the Atlantis can drive safely up most ramps, driveways, and sidewalks. Factor in an exceptional driving range of 32 miles, and you’re ready to go wherever your adventures may take you.

13. Merits Health: Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair

Merits' Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair offers larger customers excellent maneuverability with a turning radius of only 20.7 inches. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds, as well as 12-inch drive wheels, dual in-line motors, and full front and rear suspension. An optional seat elevator gives the rider up to ten (10) inches of additional height, although selecting this feature will reduce the maximum weight supported.

14. Pride Mobility: Go Chair

There are many factors that make Pride Mobility’s Go Chair a top seller among active individuals. The manufacturer has revamped this popular model with a lighter-weight design, a reduced turning radius of 25.5 inches, larger 18-amp batteries and a host of adjustable features.

This power wheelchair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, drives 8.7 miles on a full battery and reaches a speed of 3.7 mph. It can also be disassembled and carried with ease, as its heaviest part is only 36 pounds. Other benefits of the Go Chair include flip-back armrests, two under-seat storage compartments, a 60-inch lap belt, and six bold color options.

15. Pride Mobility: Jazzy Air 2

The sky’s the limit for you or your loved one in Pride Mobility’s Jazzy Air 2. Building on the success of the innovative Jazzy Air, this model features an elevating seat that rises 12 inches in just 11 seconds. You can even move up and down while driving; just use the Air switch or VR2 joystick to achieve the right height as you go.

The Jazzy Air 2’s adjustable headrest, footplate, and armrests keep you comfortable at any level, while Active-Trac suspension increases stability on uneven ground. Pride Mobility offers an upgrade to a 40AH battery, which boosts the Jazzy Air 2’s driving range from 16.8 miles to 19.2 miles.

16. Pride Mobility: Jazzy Elite HD

With its Jazzy Elite HD, Pride Mobilitybest known for its lighter-weight modelsshows its mastery of heavy duty design. The Jazzy Elite HD supports 450 pounds and utilizes 14-inch flat-free tires with a knobby texture for even weight distribution and maximum traction.

Adjustable measurements for seat width and depth, as well as multiple leg rest options (footplate, elevating or swing away), allow for a fully customized fit. This model optimizes long-term performance with regenerative suspension, durable upholstery and a shroud that protects the device from wear and tear. The Jazzy Air 2 has an operating range of 9.8 miles and a maximum speed of 4 mph.

17. Pride Mobility: Jazzy Passport Power Chair

Pride’s Jazzy Passport is an unparalleled option if your top priority is lightweight travel. Easily foldable and weighing a total of 60 pounds, this model has brought a new level of portability to the electric wheelchair market.

The Jazzy Passport includes a 24-volt Lithium-ion battery that weighs only seven pounds, along with helpful add-ons such as a 40-inch lap belt, large foot platform, and even a USB charger. Matching the driving abilities of much heavier wheelchairs, the Jazzy Passport travels 9.6 miles on a single charge and offers a sharp 25-inch turning radius.

18. Pride Mobility: Jazzy Select Elite

The Jazzy Select Elite is most notable for its consistent stability on both indoor and outdoor terrain. You or your loved one can count on this model’s 14-inch drive wheels, three-inch anti-tip front wheels and six-inch rear casters to keep you balanced and confident as you go about your day.

Adding to the Jazzy Select Elite’s appeal are specialty features such as a cover, rear basket, 60-inch safety belt and optional holder for your cane or walker. A dual-layer powder coated frame prevents scratches and increases durability.

19. Pride Mobility: Portable Jazzy Elite ES

Another star of Pride Mobility’s Jazzy line, the Portable Jazzy Elite ES is a well-rounded electric wheelchair that complements an active lifestyle. This model comes apart into five pieces for low-effort transport, and reassembles just as easily when you’re ready to ride.

The Jazzy Elite ES supports a maximum weight of 300 pounds, has a turning radius of 24.5 inches and can travel up to 15 miles at a top speed of four (4) mph. An in-line, front-wheel drive system aids in climbing uphill surfaces. With convenience in mind, Pride has located the charging port on the controller and provided rear battery access.

20. Shoprider 6Runner 14

Weighing in at 250 pounds, this heavy-duty six-wheel power wheelchair by Shoprider is widely trusted for its exceptional durability and support. The 6Runner 14’s mid-wheel drive, suspension system, and four-post seating guarantee smooth operation on most surfaces.

Make this the year you find your perfect motorized wheelchair

As you can see, you have a diverse and exciting range of options to choose from when purchasing a motorized wheelchair. Within these top 20 may be an ideal product for you or your loved one; or, one of many other power chairs could be the right match. The answer depends on your specific needs, which are unique to you and should always be assessed with a professional. One of our agents would be very happy to talk with you about your specific needs.

Please contact us through email, live chat, or phone today!

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