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Best eWheels Scooters To Buy For 2021


When it comes to manufacturing electric scooters, eWheels  scooters sure know what they’re doing. Their highly-skilled labor force, in multiple plants nationally, attentively craft over one million products per year!

Though most of the technology for their electric systems is patented, the results are plain to see. For comparatively excellent value for money, they give you high performance with first-rate acceleration, torque and efficient, environmentally friendly machines that perform well, whatever the scooter was designed for.

eWheel mobility scooters are a little out-of-the-box when it comes to design and color. Stylish and trendy,they are sure to turn a few heads in your direction. So if you like feeling empowered and in control on the street,they have something great waiting for you.

To see our range of eWheels scooters we’ll be happy to assist you with any questions you might have by live chat. You can also call 1-800-674-8395 for any inquiries..

About eWheels Brand Values

They are a developer, manufacturer and distributor of quality, high-performance electric powered scooters with our patented technology. These products fall under the name brand of eWheels. Our objectives are to build products that offer cost effective, emission free alternatives to other forms of transportation for commuting, sport, and recreation.

E-Wheels Best Heavy Duty Scooter

The eWheels 72 scooter is a particularly attractive choice if you’re looking for a superior heavy-duty scooter. Make a checklist of every feature and performance capability you’d expect a heavy-duty scooter to have, and you’ll see large ticks in every box. Weight capacity: 500 pounds (227 kg), max speed: 8 mph (13 km per hour), motor power: 700 Watt, tire size: 14 and 16 inch (36 and 40 cm), ground clearance: 6 inches (15 cm). The list goes on, but one feature deserves an extra special mention: range 43 miles (70 km)!

The tech side hasn’t been lost in their 72 scooter; enjoy the rear shock absorbers and new-type front frame suspension bars, electronic front and rear drum brakes (EBS) along with 12V LED front lights, 12V rear lights and a smart alarm system for your safety and security.

Remember that they come fully assembled - no worries if you aren’t handy or lack the dexterity to put a scooter together, this one comes ready to ride, delivered on a full size pallet. And as a plus there’s a three year warranty if you run into trouble. At a price tag of $2,889, quality heavy duty scooters have never been so affordable.

A great deal more detail and specifications are on display on the eWheels 72 electric scooter page, including dimensions and extra options. We also have an instant chat feature by which a live agent will be happy to assist you, or alternatively you can contact us at 1-800-674-8395.

E-Wheels Most Popular Scooter

Sometimes called “the Harley Davidson” of electric scooters,they have pretty much revealed everything by naming their trendiest scooter “The Boss Fat Tire” electric scooter. The Boss Fat Tire will be a natural boss wherever you take it, and its tires are really huge!

This is a radically different disability scooter from anything else we sell, and is a rare bombshell of sturdy, all-out style and modernity in the mobility scooter market. The best way to describe the Boss is a giant, futuristic, high-tech gadget! Zip around at a lightning 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers per hour) for an astonishing 25 miles (40 km) on a single battery charge, and with built-in wireless bluetooth connectivity you can even cruise along to music that matches the scooter’s jazzy style.

Front and rear tire sizes stand at a stupendous 18.5 x 8.5 inches (47 x 22 cm), an 800 Watt motor and a ground clearance of 7 inches (18 cm) - the Boss Fat Tire scooter ain't stopping’ at nothing’!

Look for a more conservative model if you’re shy and don’t want all that attention and head-turning - this is a scooter for the audacious and impulsive. Those young at heart find this scooter irresistible and often have a friend desperate to share the fun - that’s why they have smartly added an option for an extra seat - with this scooter you can double your adventure.

A lot more information is available on their unique features and specifications on their eWheels Boss Fat Tire product page, including dimensions and extra options. 

They are one of the best-selling mobility products currently available across the nation.  It is a brand that not only boasts superb performance but also comes highly recommended by folks who have used their scooters in the past.

The manufacturer started offering mobility scooters in 2014 – with the motto that they would build and design the kind of power scooters that they themselves would love to drive and own. 

Today, they undergo the highest standards of quality and reliability, and come equipped with some of the most cutting-edge features to complement the sleek and sporty styling. 

Get to know your eWheels Scooter before you buy

The $2,099 EW 36 is a prime example of what performance means to the manufacturer. Sporting a brushless 500W rear axle motor, the scooter propels riders to a maximum speed of 18 mph with a maximum travel range of 43 miles after a single battery charge. Just imagine the time you’re going to save by traveling at those speeds, with the breeze in your face and the ability to cover really long distances before you need to recharge the battery. In fact, the quad-12V 20Amp lead acid batteries are among the most reliable on the power scooter market. 

The EW 36 also happens to be one of the best outdoor travel with its large 16” wheels and a dedicated shock absorber on each wheel, 8” ground clearance and the ability to travel over virtually any outdoor terrain with ease.

The full lighting system includes a bright headlight with hi/low beam and a tail light, as well as turn signals.  The roomy seat comes standard with a backrest, adjustable arms, and locking storage underneath. No matter where you leave your EW 36 power scooter, it’ll be completely safe from prying eyes or those with malicious intentions, thanks to the antitheft alarm system.

The $3,299 EW 52 is another one of their flagship mobility scooters, boasting a 700W brushless motor which propels this beautiful 4-wheel machine to a maximum of 15 mph. Owing to its 48V 20Ah batteries, it can easily help you cover a distance of 43 miles on a full charge. Furthermore, it can also effortlessly support a maximum weight of 500 lbs. 

While traveling in one like, you’ll never have to worry about driving over bumps or hills, or any kind of outdoor surface that might make your travel experience an unpleasant one.  The EW 52 boasts a comfortable 5” ground clearance and 50” turning radius, allowing you to easily maneuver it while riding on narrow dirt or gravel trails. 

The EW 72 is a fantastic option for anyone who’s looking to ride a 4-wheel power scooter that can be had for less than $3,000. This sporty and stylish product comes with an 8.5” ground clearance, large 14” wheels at the front and 16” wheels at the back. With dual rear shock absorbers and an E-ABS front and rear braking system, you can feel completely safe and confident while riding your 4-wheel mobility scooter over a variety of outdoor terrains. The 700W brushless transaxle electric motor is so quiet that you’ll barely hear or feel your scooter running, which is somewhat astonishing even as you approach the 15 mph top speed. The wide 4-wheel base not only offers plenty of stability and sturdiness, but can also withstand a maximum of 500 lbs. The 48V 20Ah maintenance-free lead acid battery can help you cover up to 43 miles on a full charge. 

One of their most popular and innovative designs to date is the EW 66 scooter – an eye-catching 3-wheeled mobility beauty that’s capable of reaching a top speed of 15-18 mph. With its 16x4” tires and the steel frame’s ability to withstand 600 lbs., the extra-long 3-wheeler comes with two seats – a smaller one right in front of the rider’s seat – perfect if you want to take your grandson or granddaughter out for a little joyride. On a fully charged battery, the EW 66 can comfortably cover 40 miles.   

Why Choose an eWheels Power Scooter?

EW Scooters

Choosing a brand like theirs is a very easy choice to make, because you can enjoy the great outdoors in complete style and comfort. If you’re someone who has a hard time walking or standing for long periods, quality eWheels scooters can help restore all the fun and livelihood in your life. 

Unique features like a large basket for carrying essentials, a proper lighting system and turn signals to make driving safe and fun, and the majority of EW scooters that can hit top speeds of 15 mph or more – all this and much more is what makes their brand the definitive choice for restoring your well being and personal independence. 

Furthermore, EW scooters are so immaculately designed, that wherever you go, you’re bound to turn heads, that’s a given. Your scooter will make you feel empowered as you ride in a carefree way – enjoying the breeze in your face, the looks of admiration that you get, and the thought of having complete freedom to go wherever you want and whenever you please. 

The patented technologies that go into each product is what makes them so efficient, high performance, environmentally friendly, and a shared joy to drive. 

Each model that rolls off the assembly line is tested extensively for durability, reliability, safety and performance. They have been designed to last, with every model having a full manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have any questions before picking up your eWheels power scooter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer support staff.

Best eWheels Scooters To Buy For 2021

$3,999.00 $2,099.00

E-Wheels: EW-36 Scooter


E-Wheels: EW-72 Scooter


EWheels Medical: EW-M45 Black & Orange


EWheels: EW-46


EWheels: EW-20


E-Wheels: Scooter Cover


48 Volt 1.6 Amp 3-Pin Battery Charger for eWheels Scooters


E-Wheels: Saddle Armrest Bag


E-Wheels: Cup Holder


E-Wheels: Cane Holder


EWheels Medical: M93 - DISCONTINUED


EWheels Medical: M83 - DISCONTIUNED


EWheels Medical: M92 - DISCONTINUED


EWheels Medical: EW-M45 Silver


EWheels Medical: EW-M45 Black


EWheels Medical: EW-M43


EWheels Medical: EW-M82 - DISCONTINUED


EWheels Medical: EW-M91 - Discontinued