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Extended Range Scooters

Scooters 'N Chairs is a leading online retailer selling extended-range handicap scooters to customers throughout the United States. Please view our extended-range mobility scooters collection below and click here to learn more about our products.

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Drive Medical: Phoenix 3 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

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Drive Medical: Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

Extended Range Scooters

Extended Range Scooters

As an electric scooter user, you must have surely wondered what kind of make or model is capable of traveling farther than any other power scooter on the market after a full battery charge.

To be honest, when you search online to find a reliable and long lasting power scooter that’s capable of covering some very impressive distances, the choices can not only the overwhelming, but at times, downright confusing. 

Luckily, at Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer the largest collection of extended range scooters from leading U.S. Brands like Afikim, Amigo, Drive Medical, Pride Victory and more. 

Why would you need a long distance scooter anyway?

Many senior citizens and people with physical disabilities prefer to have their own personal freedom when it comes to traveling between destinations. Even if you’re not physically handicapped in any way, you might want to consider investing in a high travel range scooter, because they can be a highly practical alternative to a car, motorbike, or even public transport in a crowded city.

Just to give you an idea, even a budget extended range scooter such as the Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 4 priced at $999 can carry you a good 15 miles at a maximum speed of 4.25 mph on a single battery charge. 

However, if you up the ante little, a mid-tier long battery life scooter like the E-Wheels 36 Elite priced at $2,399 can carry you an astonishing 45 miles per charge, and that too at a top cruising speed of 18 mph. 

Stretch your budget a little more to $4,000-5,000 and you’re looking at some of the best quality and most durable extra battery life scooters available across the nation. With travel ranges hovering between 30 and 45 miles per battery charge, and top speeds hovering between the 11 mph and 20 mph range, these feature-packed long distance scooters offer maximum weight capacities of 400 lbs. to 500 lbs. 

Featuring electromagnetic brakes, large reflectors as well as bright LED lights and turn signals at the front and rear, these long distance scooters are already equipped with all the necessary parts to make your ride road-ready or highway-ready. 

In fact, extended range scooters like the $5,249 Drive Medical King Cobra, the $3,299 E-Wheels EW 52 Series or the Merits Silverado Extreme 4-wheel are built to not only carry you several miles at impressive top speeds – but also help you navigate effortlessly over all kinds of rugged terrain. 

More in-depth look at some of the Best Extended Range Scooters in 2019

We often get this question from our valued customers: “I need a high travel range scooter, but can you tell me what the best models are in 2019?”

People have asked us this question for different reasons – there are some who need to commute to work daily while bypassing the usual traffic gridlock altogether, whole others just want to join friends and family from time to time who live at a distance. In any case, we have compiled a list of some of our best-selling extended range scooters this year.

Although compiled in no specific order, the following high travel range scooters chosen at random have not only helped people become more productive, but they have also garnered consistently fantastic reviews over the months.

Best Extended Scooters to get in 2019 – Three Random Picks

The just over $3,000 E-Wheels EW 36 is available in a variety of sporty colors from the sleek metallic sky blue and deep metallic red color to the iridescent purple and sunshine yellow color. For many months now, it has been one of the best-selling long distance scooters in our lineup. Equipped with sealed lead acid deep-cycle batteries rated at 12V 20Ah, the EW 36 is capable of covering a maximum distance of 45 miles after a single battery charge. 

This quality long battery life scooter is guaranteed to take you places, especially if you’re pressed for time, thanks to its brushless 500-watt motor chugging away at 2300 RPM, propelling the scooter to a heart-pleasing 18 mph maximum speed.

The EW 36 is not just a long distance scooter but also a heavy duty one, meaning that it can help you negotiate uneven and hilly terrain with ease, including sidewalks that have taken a beating. In fact, it has enough torque to help you climb surfaces that are raised by 11°, so you’ll ever have to worry about going over steep hills and other undulating surfaces over long distances. 

Furthermore, the generous 8” ground clearance helps you avoid any possible impediments while traveling, such as bumps on a gravel road or off-road trail. Additionally, most adult riders will find the 300 lb. weight capacity more than adequate. 

Another fantastic high travel range scooter is the Drive Medical King Cobra, available in a slick black and red color that’s very easy to clean and wash. The King Cobra is a brilliant scooter when it comes to a stable, powerful and reliable ride over long distances. 

With a robust, roomy and comfortable Captain’s seat that swivels from side to side, and comes with a foldable backrest that can be reclined, as well as adjustable armrests – this powerful high travel range scooter is considered to be an “excellent machine” by majority of users, offering very high value for money. 

The rear-wheel driven motor is capable of carrying you at a top speed of 10 mph, while a single battery charge helps you cover a distance of up to 35 miles. The King Cobra is another fantastic long distance scooter built to handle a variety of outdoor terrains. Not only can it support a maximum weight of 450 lbs. but it can also move on 8° uphill sloped surfaces with ease. The 7” ground clearance, rugged tires and electromagnetic brakes ensure a safe, stable and sturdy ride, no matter what the terrain. 

The $4,131 Afikim SE long distance scooter comes with a 33” wide seat and an additional rear basket to keep you comfortable throughout its 28-mile maximum travel distance. With two top speed settings, 7.5 mph and 9.3 mph, it offers the ease of use and convenience of a mobility scooter while offering the style of a three-wheel motorcycle. 

The large 10” front and 14” rear pneumatic tires offer the smoothest ride imaginable, along with the ability to adjust the suspension and shock absorbers according to the demands of the outdoor terrain. The 5” ground clearance and tight 45” radius ensures you can easily navigate through narrow sidewalks or a winding dirt trail. 

With a wide rear wheel base and high handle bars, you’ll be nice and comfortable while navigating outdoor terrains like a pro.

No matter what the occasion or travel distance –Extended Range Scooters have you covered 

From our range of long distance scooters, we’ve also hand-picked a few ones at random which may not only be appropriate for traveling many miles at a stretch but also for frequent outdoor use. Perhaps you’ve been eagerly looking forward to meeting that distance relative of yours and the weekend is finally here – you have some time to yourself and want to make the trip. You certainly don’t want to see your plans going topsy-turvy due to a low travel range or forgetting to fully charge the battery before setting out, do you? 

The $4,698 Merits Silverado happens to be among our highest extended range scooters, giving users the ability to travel up to 37 miles on a single charge, with the added bonus of a 450 lb. weight-bearing capacity – perfect for those long-distance trips if you want to carry a bag or two of “supplies” with you. The stylish jet black color is sure to grab attention wherever you go, and the two selectable top speeds of 7.5 mph and 9.6 mph will allow you to zip from location to location in a reasonable timeframe. The 4-wheel configuration, 82.7” turning radius and independent suspension on each wheel ensures an incredibly smooth and sturdy ride even on the most uneven terrain. 

Another highly recommended long battery life scooter for is the E-Wheels 72 scooter – a high performance 4-wheel variant that can easily be ridden over rough sidewalks, steep hills, dirt tracks and more – thanks to its high 8” ground clearance, fairly large wheels at the front and back, and a complete E-ABS braking system at the front and rear. 

The EW 72 can help you cover a maximum travel range of 43 miles after a full battery charge, with an impressive 15 mph top speed and the ability to withstand up to 500 lbs. This combination of traveling at noticeably higher speeds along with a generous weight capacity means that you can feel more secure and comfortable than ever, while also carrying as much baggage with you as you like. Furthermore, the 52” turning radius ensures that you can easily make sharp turns in congested areas, while the dual rear shock absorbers bears all the brunt as you gracefully glide over all kinds of terrain.   

The Drive Medical Maverick 3-wheeler has been another great seller this year when it comes to long battery life scooters – with its 35-mile travel range on a fully charged battery, its 62” turning radius, a top speed of 9.5 mph, and a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. 

Priced at $3,899, it is a fantastic extended range scooter and great for outdoor use – with its 10° incline slope rating and electromagnetic brakes, making it perfect for a range of outdoor terrains, no matter what the speed or distance. 

The Highest Travel Ranges and Fastest Speeds to get you moving

Sometimes, 25-35 miles doesn’t cut it and you need something that’s powerful, robust and durable enough to carry you up to 40 miles or more, and that too at respectable cruising speeds. 

The EW-54 by E-Wheels – affectionately known as “The Buggy” – is a uniquely styled, full-bodied long range scooter with integrated canopy that partially resembles a golf cart. With its ability to withstand up to 500 lbs. and a 700W power plant that propels it to 15 mph, the 40-mile travel range on a single charge is a dream come true for long distance mobility scooter users. 

That’s not all: with three lovely colors on offer, it also comes with a 2-speaker stereo sound system, digital electric dashboard, executive seat, cup holder, tubeless tires, remote key fob with alarm and much more. 

As mentioned previously, the E-Wheels EW 36 and EW 72 are among the longest range mobility scooters currently available on the US market. In fact, the EW 36 also happens to be among the fastest long battery life scooters, boasting a top speed of 18 mph. 

Although not known for having the highest travel range, but the Afikim Afiscooter C 4-wheeler also features an impressive top speed of 9.3 mph and is no slouch when it comes to travel distance – 25 miles, which is quite sufficient for most long distance scooter users. 

Extended Range Scooters can be a life saver when you least expect it

Even though the average power scooter user may not need to travel more than 6-10 miles at a time, there have been moments where high travel range scooters have proven their mettle time and time again. 

Let’s say you’re headed to a friend’s home who lives a couple of minutes away. There, you meet more friends, who at the spur of the moment, decide to take a road trip and ask you to come along. Now, of course, we’re assuming that all your friends are power scooter users as well. 

It’s moments like these you’ll never have to worry about: “What if my scooter battery conks out in the middle of the highway” or “What if I have to be in that embarrassing situation where I’m flashing my thumb in the air, hoping to have myself and my scooter picked up by a stranger?”

Let’s be real – you don’t need moments like these. A long battery life scooters gives you complete peace of mind that your machine will continue to chug along according to the maximum travel range it is capable of after a single battery charge. 

Even if you don’t do a lot of highway traveling, it really pays to invest in an extra battery life scooter because there’s no worrying about having to charge it for 2 hours – just to make that long-distance trip to meet a friend or relative who lives on the other side of town. Your scooter lasts and lasts for miles at a stretch. All you’ve got to do is hop on and bring that machine to life. 

For any questions at all about our long battery life scooters, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

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