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Folding Mobility Scooters

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Pride Mobility: Go-Go Folding Scooter - S19WH1001

Folding Mobility Scooters

Best Folding Mobility Scooter

As we age, we tend to become more dependent on others to help us move around. In some cases, however, prolonged illnesses or certain accidents can also adversely affect our mobility.

Nevertheless, if either one of the above is true, then you should be focusing on regaining your physical independence and mobility, especially if you’re a senior. For this reason alone, folding mobility scooters have proven to be an excellent choice for seniors who still love pursuing an active style, enjoy traveling, and just love doing what they used to do a few years earlier.

Folding power scooters are easily transportable in a car since they can literally be folded up like a chair, or as is the case with some models, quickly disassembled without the need for any specialized tools, thanks to the detachable parts. Finding the best folding mobility scooter for your needs isn't simple, which is why we crated this guide.

Why Buy a Folding Mobility Scooter? 

Folding mobility scooters (collapsible scooter) are a superb choice, really, for anyone who prefers to stay on the go or, in plain words, pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. They are not only foldable but also highly practical, proving their practicality, cost-effectiveness and overall worth, as you venture from destination to destination. The mobile power scooters we have here at Scooters ’N Chairs have been designed to help you relive the ‘glory days’ and enjoy a highly active as well as comfortable lifestyle.

Majority of the models on offer can be easily folded and packed into the trunk of a car, while other slightly larger models have detachable parts, making it super-easy to just disassemble them within minutes, without requiring any technical expertise whatsoever.

When pitted directly against our more powerful and heavy duty elderly scooter models, these delightfully lightweight and compact machines that come in 3-wheel and 4-wheel configurations are highly maneuverable and super-useful when navigating within tight and confined spaces. As you might imagine, however, they aren’t all that well-suited to traversing rough and uneven terrain at high speeds, particularly where traction is a concern.

So if you’re looking for a lightweight transport option where you need to travel anywhere between 9 and 15.5 miles at average speeds of 4-11 mph, our folding handicap scooters will certainly prove to be a worthy companion, both indoors and outdoors.

Love taking frequent road trips with the family? Pack your foldable mobility scooter in the back of the family car or take it with you on the bus. Good times!

The Power of Fold And Go Mobility Scooters

We’re not quite sure if Huey Lewis would approve of this as a song title but over the years, folding scooters have truly proven their might and power, when it comes to helping elders stay independent and maintain their livelihood.

The way we see it, everyone has the right to move about freely, irrespective of their current physical abilities or handicaps. Going out to enjoy the sunshine or having a ball with your friends and family isn’t something that should be limited to only those who are young and fully mobile.

With a folding power scooter, everyday activities just become so much easier and enjoyable. No matter what mobility issues you’re currently facing – be it weakening muscles in the legs and lower back or an injury that’s preventing you from freely moving around – a foldable scooter is the most practical option for anyone who travels a lot and never wants to sacrifice his/her freedom of movement.

The next time you want to join your neighbor for a weekend bash or plan an exciting trip with the family to Universal Studios, all you have to do is wear your best shirt and smile, pack your scooter, and proceed with full steam ahead!

Browse through our collection of folding scooters and you’ll see that some are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, such as the EV Rider Transport plus, while others like the more powerful Tzora Titan 4 are especially useful outdoors. If you’re not sure which foldable power scooter meets your requirement, don’t worry – towards the end of the article, we’ll discuss some of the key aspects to consider when choosing your foldable mobility scooter.

Key Benefits of a Folding Scooter 

Aside from the fact that foldable scooters are extremely lightweight, compact and easy to carry, here are some more key benefits to consider:

  •         They fit very easily in the back of almost any car, van or SUV/truck
  •         The foldable and detachable design means they are really easy to transport and you can practically take them anywhere with you
  •         With straightforward controls, they are really simple to drive and operate
  •         You can often take them with you while traveling by air (limited to certain models only such as the EV Rider: TranSport Easy Move S19M and a few others)
  •         You can conveniently take them with you as you travel between local destinations
  •         You don’t require a special lift or equipment to lift them up and load in the back of a car
  •         Most models weigh between 40 and 55 lbs. with the heaviest one weighing just 141 lbs. while also being able to withstand a total weight of 400 lbs. under use

You’ll probably agree with us when we say that they are engineered for people who prefer to keep their freedom and independence no matter what their age or physical abilities.

Our foldable power scooters require virtually no effort to fold/unfold or carry around and have the ability to be conveniently stored away in a small closet or the back of almost any car.

There’s no doubt that your travel companion will prove highly useful as you book tickets for a cruise, buy tickets to go on vacation by air, or book a hotel stay while traveling the world. With so many folding mobility scooters already approved for airplane travel, you just can’t afford to sit back and let life pass you by while other seniors like yourself or those with physical limitations are too busy living it up.

Whether it’s going down to the shopping mall with your friends, doing a quick grocery run or taking in the new exciting ride at the local theme park – our folding elderly scooters are your ticket to an exuberant, exciting and fulfilling life.   

Just to sum it up quickly, folding scooters are a great choice if:

-          You love popping down to the local mall or shopping street or anywhere that’s within a few miles of your home or hotel.

-          You are a frequent traveler and prefer to stay mobile on a daily basis (without any outside dependence).

-          Your storage space at home is limited and doesn’t allow you to park a big and powerful 3-wheel or 4-wheel heavy duty scooter.

-          You drive from time to time but still need one to get you around when you’re not driving.

Ready to Buy Your Folding Scooter? What features to Consider With A Fold Up Scooter

We’ve already given you the lowdown on foldable scooters and what might make you a good candidate for one. However, when we look at in a more in-depth way, there are a number of factors you should consider when trying to determine the best folding scooter model for your individual needs:


The whole idea behind them is that seniors should be able to fold/unfold them easily. This feature is especially important to consider if you prefer to live a mostly independent lifestyle and do not need anyone to explain to you how to detach the individual parts or load up your scooter properly in the back of a car.

Although the foldable scooters at Scooters 'N Chairs do not require any engineering know-how or technical understanding of how parts work just to make them transportable but depending on the situation at hand, you might prefer to go with a smaller model that’s more easily foldable – rather than a larger one which requires detaching parts individually.

The EV Rider TranSport Easy Move S19M, for example, has the ability to fold up automatically via a handheld remote – perfect if you just want to fold your scooter up, put in the back of your car and be on your way.

The Pride Mobility Go-Go model, on the other hand, has a removable seat that must be detached first, and then you can easily fold up the scooter and take it anywhere with you. This isn’t to say that this particular variant is more complex to fold and carry than the Easy Move S19M – but we all have our individual preferences. A fold up scooter can make life much easier and enable you to place the scooter in the trunk of most cars.

You should also know how much weight you are able to carry if you have no one else to help tuck away your folding scooter. Drive Medical’s ZooMe Flex model weighs under 60 lbs. with the weight of the battery included. This may prove to be a bit challenging for elders or someone with disabilities or other limitations in their arms, hands and shoulders.

In this case, the EV Rider Transport AF weighing at just 44 lbs. might be a better choice since that is a weight most physically active individuals, including seniors, can carry. Still, it’s a good idea to know your limits and if you feel that you might pull a muscle while lifting and storing your scooter, don’t ever shy away from asking someone to assist you.


Foldable scooters typically have smaller wheels, compared to their larger, more powerful and robust 3-wheel/4-wheel brethren.

This makes them ideal for smooth surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. But if you attempt to ride at higher speeds over uneven terrain outdoors, then you might find the ride to be a bit uncomfortable. With that said, however, the Tzora Titan 4-wheel scooter (and many others) has been designed with indoor and outdoor use in mind, thanks to its comfortable ride height and suspension.

3-wheels or 4-wheels?

If you’re tall, then a 3-wheeler will easily allow you to rest your long legs on either side of the tiller and even make it easier to get on/off the scooter.

Furthermore, 3-wheeled foldable scooters generally have a less heavy “heaviest part”, so this might be something to consider while detaching parts. Take your pick.

Driving Terrain/Environment

As we just discussed, they are best suited to indoor use and outdoor use on smooth surfaces. The wheels on these scooters will never leave marks on your home’s floor or carpeting.

But if you frequent the great outdoors from time to time, then you should invest in a foldable mobility scooter with larger wheels such as the Tzora Titan 3 Scooter. A solid suspension and reasonably large wheels will make it easy to navigate bumpy terrain – just don’t overdo it!


This is a critical factor to consider when picking up your folding power scooter. After all, you want to be able to easily maneuver it in tight indoor areas as well as busy sidewalks and roads.

Generally speaking, for use around tight hallways or small rooms, a scooter with a tighter turning radius is best. The Atto Folding Mobility Scooter boasts an impressive 53” turning radius to help you navigate within tight spaces with ease.

Travel Distance

This squarely comes down to personal preference. On any given day, you may only need to go down the local grocery store or perhaps visit a friend in the evening.

On other days, you might want to stay out with the family all day at the park, the mall or just embark on a never-ending hike. Either way, if you feel that you’ll be covering a fair amount of distance without having to worry about recharging your scooter batteries, then it’s probably best to invest in a mobility scooter that can carry you for a good 15-20 miles or more on a single charge.

On the other hand, if your movement is going to be limited to moving inside the house or just riding over to the neighbor’s, then we’d say a foldable scooter capable of traveling 10+ miles after a single charge should suffice.

Weight Bearing Capacity 

You may be a tall, broad and heavy set individual or you might be an “average Joe”. Foldable elderly scooters have the capacity to withstand anywhere between 200 lbs. to over 400 lbs. So choose accordingly.

Scooters ’N Chairs offers some of the best quality foldable handicap scooters by leading household names like Pride Mobility, EV Rider and Drive Medical. Check out our collection today and let us know if you have any questions. 

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