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Safe T Mate: Personal Fall Monitor - SM-004B

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$47.90 $73.77

Product Description

Perfect design of rugged simplicity

We’ve redesigned our popular fall monitor. Our goal was to maintain the rugged durability while adding valuable features. The simple and reliable switching mechanism uses a surface mounted magnet that releases in any direction. We added a low battery warning LED and low power consumption circuitry for extended battery life. The unit features a soft silicone jacket for drop protection, integrated upholstery clip and 95 db pulsing horn. The cord assembly is adjustable from 18” – 32” for a variety of applications. 9V battery included. Replacement magnet/cord assemblies available.


Alarm box

ABS Plastic with Silicone sleeve. Powered by 9 volt battery. 95 db horn volume.

LED indicator normally off. Flashing = low battery

Low power drain circuit. Recommended battery change = Monthly

Magnet assembly 1.4 MGOE low energy rubber magnet with energy field reaching < 1” from magnet Nylon cord length adjustable from 18” – 35”

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210 Innovations, LLC stands firmly behind our products and services. We strive to assist customers by providing unsurpassed customer service. All Safe•t mate products are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. Exception: the under-seat component of product SM-009 is guaranteed for life.

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