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Mobility Covers

Mobility Scooter Covers

Mobility scooter protection could mean different things for different people.  However, no matter how you look at it, every scooter user ultimately has their best interest invested in protecting their favorite mobility companion however they can.

For example, if you’re accustomed to parking your electric scooter outside and have any security concerns, you can certainly protect it by having an anti-theft system installed in it, buying insurance protection or never leaving the starter key in the ignition. 

But these are just some of the ways of protecting your mobility scooter from a security standpoint. With these concerns put aside, there’s also an acute need to protect your mobility companion against damage from weather elements including heat, cold, dust and rain. Leaving your scooter uncovered and unprotected, means that it will go through more daily wear and tear than it has to. 

A great way to protect it from weather elements and daily wear and tear is a cover for mobility scooter.  

Mobility scooter covers for the ultimate dust and weather protection

One of the key things that affects a mobility scooter’s operation and reliability, is dirt, dust and humidity.  The electrical components in your machine need to stay completely dry, and preferably free from any unnecessary exposure to dust, water or moisture. 

While routine cleaning can certainly help, along with storing your scooter in a cool and dry place, dust and moisture can still creep into the tiny gaps and crevices between your scooter’s moving parts. In the long run, this can not only cause undue wear and tear but also lead to unnecessary damage. And if you're in the habit of parking your power scooter outdoors, a combination of rain, strong winds and dust can wreak havoc on its long-term health and reliability. 

Therefore, a durable and weather-resistant mobility scooter recover that's specifically made for your model is recommended. It can greatly help in protecting it from too much dust build-up and unpredictable weather. An added bonus of covering up your scooter is that it effectively conceals its shiny appearance and near-perfect form – you certainly don't want anyone attempting to steal your precious mobility companion, if left unattended. 

With our mobility covers you can easily protect all the electrical components on your scooter, while also keeping it running smoothly and efficiently all year round – helping it extend its total operational life, due to all the protection it gets from dust and other weather elements.

Your power scooter is a beautifully engineered machine, designed to meet your day to day mobility needs – and as such deserves the best protection through our wide range of covers. You'll never have to worry about your scooter not getting the right level of protection when you leave it outside. The covers we provide are made only by leading power scooter manufacturers including Diestco and Drive Medical, as well as our own unique range of weatherproof mobility scooter covers. 

All our covers and are lightweight, very easy to fit, and covered under the full manufacturer's warranty, so that you can buy them with complete peace of mind, knowing that you're investing in only the best household names – when it comes to power scooter accessories like water-resistant dust covers  designed and produced under the highest quality standards.

Get familiar with our range of Mobility Scooter Covers 

Our practical range of mobility scooter covers have been carefully designed with ease of use in mind, and come in a variety of sizes according to your scooter model – and that too at the most unbeatable prices you might find anywhere online. Just some of the features some of our mobility scooter covers include: a shock cord hem that's adjustable, strategically placed but minimalist air vents, tighteners at the front and rear, and a very handy storage bag. 

On our our entry-level items, we have a weatherproof cover for small scooters, which is not only lightweight and durable but also made from high quality 400-denier nylon with urethane backing.  

The Diestco Heavy Duty Weatherproof cover with access slits is an investment that’s bound to not only prove its practicality and usefulness, but also last nearly a lifetime. If you use a particularly large scooter then you’re most likely familiar with some of the challenges of using a power lift – in cases where there’s a tarp/cover over your scooter. For example, you may need to remove the cover first, hoist the scooter, and then replace the cover. However, with this heavy duty weather cover, you have access slits, allowing you to use a hoist or swing-down lift without ever having to replace the cover at all. 

Available in two sizes to fit majority of power scooters including those by ActiveCare, Golden Technologies, Drive Medical, Pride Mobility and more – the cover is also available in either a top slit style or full back slit style – the latter of which works really well when you’re using a scooter lift that has swing-down securing arm. The former style allow boom-crane and cable hoist-style scooter lifts to lift your scooter right off its balancing point without the weatherproof cover getting in the way. 

The covers are made from 100% polyester with PVC rubber backing – a great combination to keep your scooter free from crud, snow, rain and dust. 

The X-Large heavy duty weatherproof is another mobility scooter cover that’s made from robust high quality and heavy duty polyester with PVC rubber backing. The large 64” long, 33” wide, and 46” high dimensions make it perfect for super-sized 4-wheel scooters that are designed to function practically like an ATV. 

Benefits of Mobility Scooter Covers

Mobility scooter covers also offer a host of benefits such as:

  • They allow you to keep your scooter safe and sound when its parked outside – protecting it from dust and other weather elements that may otherwise damage it – as well as from prying eyes.
  • Some covers provide additional ease of use and accessibility if you need to load/unload you scooter off a vehicular lift, in which case you’ll never need to remove or replace the cover while doing so. 
  • Nearly all of our mobility scooter covers are made from heavy-duty and weatherproof PVC polyester, offering unmatched quality and decades-long ‘shelf life’. 
For any questions about our range of mobility scooter covers, please contact our friendly and supportive customer service team. 

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