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Mobility Scooter Accessories

From batteries and battery chargers to canopies and covers, to front and rear baskets and everything in between – mobility scooter accessories offer a range of benefits to help you accessorize your scooter, while also improving overall safety and efficiency in a number of ways.

The top-of-the-line mobility scooter accessories at Scooters ’N Chairs are designed to last, not only improving your scooter riding experience as a result but also extending its life. 


Mobility Scooter Accessories for Improved Functionality, Safety, and Efficiency 

If you’re among those who rely on a mobility scooter daily to get yourself around, there are many mobility scooter accessories you can add to your beloved scooter, to make the experience smoother and more fun. 

For instance, mobility scooter canopies and covers are not a standard feature; you might worry about what could happen to your scooter if you leave it out and it unexpectedly rains. Or, the fact that you could be completely drenched within seconds while driving if you happen to miss the afternoon’s forecast. 

For moments like these, a mobility scooter canopy can really prove to be handy. Our range of all-weather mobility scooter covers and canopies are among the most popular scooter accessories people buy today because they not only let you move around in a care-free way no matter what the weather, but also let you cover up your electric scooter when not in use. 

Many scooter users prefer to store or park their scooters outside which is why our range of stylish mobility scooter covers will provide more than ample protection for your lifelong electric companion. 

Perhaps you’re the type who loves to sip on your favorite beverage as you’re out and about on your scooter. Our range of custom-built mobility scooter holders are not only ideal for holding coffee mugs and soda cans, but also your handheld and mobile devices, as well as additional carry-on bags or luggage you might want to take with you.

For those who rarely travel light, our select range of mobility scooter bags and baskets offer a stylish option to carry all your essentials and much more, as you travel between destinations. The front and rear baskets offer more than ample space to carry a few extra items or grocery bags while the hand-stitched backpack style bags make for a convenient way to carry all your additional extras. 

Sometimes, traveling long distances means you may not have the time to stop and charge your scooter batteries. This is why we offer spare batteries and battery upgrades to keep you moving along for as long as you like. Combine that with lightweight scooter battery chargers that you can easily carry with yourself – and you’re golden. 

Suffice to say, accessories for mobility scooters can be real life savers and offer a practical way to improve your overall riding experience over short and long distances. 

Never underestimate the benefits of having scooter accessories in your arsenal because they can come in handy when you least expect it. Browse through our mobility scooter accessory section and you’ll quickly see why so many mobility scooter owners can’t seem to stop shopping with us. 

Prolonging Your Investment with Electric Scooter Accessories

Being a regular mobility scooter user, it makes sense to invest in top-quality scooter accessories to help make your experience easier, more pleasant and overall, much more enjoyable. 

At Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer the perfect lineup of electric scooter accessories that can be used with just about every mobility scooter in our range. 

Let’s take mobility scooter bags and baskets, for instance. Bags for mobility scooters work wonderfully to accommodate your extra storage needs as you’re out and about, running your daily errands and meeting people. You may need to take extra essentials with you if you’re planning to stay out all day or the mobility scooter bag might even come in handy when you return home with handfuls of groceries. 

Many users prefer to store their mobility scooters at home when it is not being used. We offer a range of mobility scooter covers and canopies for not just improved security but also for protecting your fine machine from weather elements as well as unnecessary wear and tear.

We, at Scooters ’N Chairs, see mobility scooter accessories as a way of prolonging your investment. The accessories for scooters we offer can be seen as “instruments” which can help boost not just your mobility scooter’s efficiency but also improve your connection with it.  

Our scooter accessories take advantage of the existing styling of our current range and, in fact, complement it in many ways – providing you with a greater degree of independence and freedom. If you’re still having second thoughts about whether mobility scooter accessories can help improve your experience, consider the following:

Additional storage space

Our selection of mobility scooter bags and baskets can assist you in carrying a plethora of items with ease, which might range from daily essentials to parcels to groceries or shopping bags. Even though many of our mobility scooters come with standard storage space in the form of a front or rear basket, cup holders and under-the-seat storage, it’s always good to know that you’ll never run out of space, in case you need to carry a few extra items with you.

And you can bet that none of the extra weight is going to affect your scooter’s performance in the least bit. Keep all your items nicely organized and within arm’s reach at all times. 

Extend your scooter’s life and protect it from weather elements

Mobility scooter canopies and covers can help keep weather elements off when your scooter is not being used. This can easily extend its overall shelf life by a good few years, while also keeping it running smoothly all year round with minimal maintenance. You may find it surprising to know how a simple scooter accessory like covers and canopies can help boost the endurance of your electric scooter. 

Rain, harsh sunlight, excessive cold and moisture can all reduce the efficiency of your scooter’s components, and make it relatively uncomfortable to ride in the near future. This is where a stylish looking rain cover comes in handy. 

Our mobility scooter covers and canopies are very easy to fold and carry as they don’t even take up half a suitcase. A small upfront investment like this can save your priceless electric companion from the worst of weather conditions. 

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Our canopies have been custom-designed to keep you dry as you drive around in the rain, going about your daily commute and enjoying the sights and sounds along the way.  

Utilize your scooter over longer distances

Larger batteries or an extra battery pack for that matter can be a real life-saver, especially in sticky situations! 

Even though, in most cases, you would already know how much distance you’re covering – but, say, due to unforeseen circumstances – you may need to travel more than your planned commute. This is where an extra, more powerful battery can really prove to be useful, allowing you to cover significantly greater distances without the need to stop for a charge. 

Journey greater distances and in case you need to take a break and make a stopover, you can always use one of our mobility scooter battery chargers to juice up that battery. Besides, a quality charger ensures that your battery remains in tip-top shape each day. This can come in handy if you’re going to be taking a long trip and either may not have the time to recharge or you might not have access to a battery charging terminal. 

An additional battery means you essentially have traveling power for the new few hours or even few days. 

“Majestically” carry your scooter with you

The above mobility scooter accessories are merely your basic, everyday accessories. If you want to take your scooter experience to the next level, then you can invest in our Backpacker Interior Lifts which have been specifically engineered to help move and transport scooters over long distances. It’s understandable that sometimes, you just might prefer to ride with the family or a friend with your scooter safely tucked in for concealment and weather protection. 

Featuring a 12V battery and easy-to-use 2-button hand control, simply have it installed in the back of your car and you’re golden. There’s absolutely no need whatsoever to have holes drilled or your car’s structure modified in any way. 

Keep an eye on the world behind

When it comes to riding security, rarely is an accessory as useful as a side view mirror – something which can help improve safety and security tenfold. A quick glance in the mirror is all you need before changing lanes, going from a sidelane to a main road or something as simple as backing up your scooter.

No longer do you have to strain your neck left/right every time you need to do any of the above. Plus, the extra style it adds to your scooter is more than welcome.

Speaking of safety, a red flag that fits conveniently on the back of your scooter is also a great way to keep traffic and pedestrians at a safe distance, as it improves the visibility of your scooter, which can be particularly helpful in dimly lit areas. 

Other mobility scooter essentials

In this day and age, you’ll hardly find any folks without a handheld device. Our mobility scooter accessory lineup also includes a nifty USB charger which conveniently plugs directly into the charging port on your scooter. Compatible with nearly all iOS and Android devices, the charger comes with a lanyard and will never fully discharge your scooter’s battery no matter how much mobile device charging is needed.

If you own a Pride Mobility Scooter, then a spare key is also available, distinct from the usual large pull handle type. You never know when you might need one, so it’s always good to have a spare on you.   


The Best Things in Life Deserve to be accessorized 

Be it a stylish looking canopy to help you drive care-free in the rain, a cover to protect from dust and other weather elements, or an extra bag to carry all those essentials and much more – it’s clear that mobility scooter accessories are here to stay and will continue to revolutionize the scooter riding experience in several ways. 

Until just a few years ago, seniors and individuals with disabilities were relying heavily on walking sticks and manual wheelchairs – but thanks to monumental scientific and technological strides electric scooter manufacturers have taken, folks such as yourself can get around with ease.

Electric scooter accessories have become a vital part of our daily lives, and at Scooters ’N Chairs, we understand how the right scooter accessory can drastically improve your overall experience. Even if it’s something as simple and everyday as having extra storage space or keeping yourself dry on a rainy day, it’s the simple things, really, that make life worth living.

While we do understand that each mobility scooter user may have unique needs, we also believe that our range of mobility scooter accessories will wholeheartedly cater to each users’ needs and make driving around more fun, convenient and that much easier. 

Irrespective of how much you use your scooter, you’ll always be safe in the knowledge that you’re stepping out well-prepared to meet any ‘change of plans’ along the way, by having extra storage space or a larger battery. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that your investment is being fully protected when not in use by our range of scooter covers.

Having a mobility aid by your side means having a lot more than just the ability to get from one destination to another. No mobility scooter is complete without the right electric scooter accessories – whether you’re getting them for style or convenience. 

To this end, we offer an expansive range of mobility scooter accessories specifically designed to make your life easier, and help you get around with practicality, convenience and ease of use at the forefront. 

Browse through our mobility scooter accessory collection today. 



Mobility Scooter Accessories


Diestco: Unbreakable Fabric Cup Holder


Diestco: Tiller Bag


Merits: Seat Belt


EV Rider: Deluxe Cup Holder


E-Wheels: Cup Holder


E-Wheels: Cane Holder


Drive Medical: Cup holder


Drive Medical: Rear Scooter Basket extra

$86.50 $69.00

Pride Mobility: Large Square Rear Basket - Angle Bracket

$116.00 $70.00

Pride Mobility: Large Square Rear Basket - T Bracket


EV Rider: Tiller Bag


E-Wheels: Saddle Armrest Bag

$36.00 $34.00

Drive Medical: Power Mobility Armrest Bag, For use with All Drive Medical Scooters - AB1000

$60.00 $34.00

Diestco: Armrest Saddle Bag

$29.00 $24.00

Drive Medical: Seat Belt

$55.00 $49.00

Pride Mobility: Lap Belt


Diestco: LED TwistLit® Light


EV Rider: Soft Type Canopy


Diestco: Weatherbreaker™ Canopy


Merits: Canopy


E-Wheels: Scooter Canopy


Diestco: Walker Holder


Merits: Cup Holder

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