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Mobility Scooters

Scooters 'N Chairs is a leading online retailer selling power scooters to customers throughout the United States. Please view our mobility scooters collection below and click here to learn more about our products.

$3,999.00 $2,099.00

E-Wheels: 36 Scooter


E-Wheels: 72 Scooter

$5,999.00 $5,249.00

Drive Medical: King Cobra

$4,300.00 $4,165.00

Afikim: Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter

$3,200.00 $2,990.00

Afikim: Afiscooter C 4-Wheel Scooter

$3,499.00 $2,947.00

Afikim: Afiscooter C 3-Wheel Scooter

$4,800.00 $4,698.00

Merits: Silverado Extreme 4 Wheel


E-Wheels: 66 Scooter


E-Wheels: 74 Scooter

$4,160.00 $3,899.00

Drive Medical: Maverick Heavy Duty Scooter

$4,250.00 $3,949.00

Drive Medical: Cobra GT4 4-Wheel Power Scooter

$4,420.00 $4,131.00

Afikim: SE Scooter

$5,100.00 $4,489.00

Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter

$3,700.00 $3,600.00

Merits: Silverado 4 Wheel


E-Wheels: 44 Scooter


E-Wheels: 42 Scooter

$3,850.00 $2,399.00

E-Wheels: 36 Elite Scooter

$3,399.00 $3,299.00

E-Wheels EW 52 Series


EV Rider: Vita Sports S12S Electric Scooter


EV Rider: Vita Monster S12X Power Scooter


E-Wheels: 54 Scooter


E-Wheels: 38 Scooter

Mobility Scooters

Learn More About Our Mobility Scooters For Sale

"Mobility scooter" is a broad and hugely varied term. People refer to them in many different ways. Some people call them handicap scooters, others call them medical scooters, and even some refer to them as disability scooters, elderly scooters, power scooters, rascal scooters, and the list keeps going!

mobility scooters

Mobility Scooters For The Elderly & Their Uses

A mobility scooter is a kind of powered mobility aid on which the user is fully seated as it transports him or her. It helps people to get from one place to another with greater ease. In terms of its use, it broadly achieves the same result as a powered wheelchair, although it is configured differently.

This electric transport device is steered and controlled from a tiller (or steering column) in front of the user. Between the tiller and the user’s seat is a deck, or platform, where the user places his/her feet.

As we discussed briefly above, you might find people referring to these assistive products with slightly varying names before the “scooter”, including handicap, senior, medical, disability, e.g. medical scooter. Those without tact sometimes refer to an “old people scooter.” Definitely, a better usage than the old school rascal name but this isn’t an entirely accurate name since young people use them too.

mobility scooter

For the purposes of this article, we will use all these names interchangeably.

It’s important to note that some alternative terms don’t even specify that the vehicle is designed with medical mobility in mind. This can be pretty confusing, as many scooters are intended for recreational purposes or standard road travel.

For example, all the following terms are used to describe both recreational and medical scooters: power, motorized, adult, power-operated, and even just electric scooter!

We now have a problem, particularly when shopping online. If their names overlap, how can you tell whether you are looking at a motorscooter built to serve a similar purpose to a motorcycle, or a true mobility vehicle designed to aid the handicapped?

handicap scooters

Sure, the difference will be apparent in more extreme cases, like contrasting a travel handicap scooter to a full-fledged recreational motorscooter! However, occasionally the lines get close to one another, and it can be difficult to tell what is what.

Our advice to make sure you are purchasing a disability product that is intended for handicapped or elderly people is to look at the context. Does the store have a medical tone to it, or does it seem to be showcasing recreational activities? The best place to buy a motorized scooter is from a company or scooter store that specializes in medical supplies such as wheelchairs, senior scooters, and other assistive devices for the handicapped.

This way, not only will you know you’re in the right place, looking at suitable disability scooters for your condition, but you’ll also be getting the care and professional advice you need.

Purchasing a recreational scooter might not require knowledgeable staff and close attention to detail; however, purchasing a wheelchair scooter sure does! This is a device intended for people suffering from challenges in areas such as mobility, dexterity, and balance. Every effort must be made to ensure any suggested scooters for handicapped adults are absolutely safe for them in their unique condition.

This is why we recommend going to a company that specializes in medical scooters – or, at the very least, in medicative appliances as a whole. These dealers will have an understanding of the products they sell from a mobility/disabled point of view and will be able to provide you with the most safety-oriented and suitable suggestions for your needs.

Another good idea is to check what the reviews are saying for the chair you wish to buy. Are they mobility reviews? If not, look elsewhere for real sellers of scooters for disabled adults.

Do I Need a Power Scooter?

Now that we’ve discussed what the device actually is, we need to think about whether it could help you specifically in your life.

handicap scooters

These questions may help you get a feel for how you might be losing out due to mobility limitations:

  • Do you find yourself not being able to get around like you once did?

  • Are you disabled and unable to walk or stand for extended periods?

  • Do you refrain from going outdoors for fear of falling over, losing the strength in your legs, or losing your sense of balance?

An affirmative answer to any of these questions indicates that you could greatly benefit from getting a power mobility aid. You might want to know if a power wheelchair would be better for you rather than a scooter. If so, ask yourself the following questions. These will help you see if a scooter is your best pick of the available powered mobility devices, assuming you have decided to get one:

These are a few pointer questions to help you find your way: power scooters are more suitable for the outdoors and rougher terrain, and wheelchairs are usually controlled by a joystick rather than a steering column.

Buying Handicap Scooters on a Limited Budget

What if you lack the financial means to buy a disability vehicle straight out? True, it might be worthwhile and sensible to buy and not go down the route of powered scooter rental, but that won’t help you if you lack the means!

In this case, there are two points to consider: First, prices have been drastically going down over the years. You now see U.S.-branded models starting at around $750 – considerably less than what many people believe an electric medical scooter actually costs.

Besides lower prices, there’s another even more attractive option available for those wishing to get motorized aid on a limited budget, which brings us to our next section.

Using Financing to Purchase Your Adult Scooter

How about an option that allows you to buy and keep your scooter chair for about the same price as renting or even less? Sounds attractive? Enter financing programs.

High-quality vendors who specialize in handicap scooters will invariably offer you financing – the ability to spread out the scooter cost and pay for it in installments. These payment plans usually require you to pay a monthly sum, and that sum can be as low as $70 for a small electric scooter.

power scooter

Many plans for power chairs and scooters don’t even require you to make any down payment at all – you start off with a regular monthly payment soon after your purchase.

Depending on the total amount the product costs, it may take 12, 18, or more months to pay off, but remember: you’re paying monthly sums that are often lower than rental fees and for your money, you get a scooter that is your very own.

We at Scooters ‘N Chairs realize that even financing plans might prove to be a financial strain on some disabled people. To this end, we have a bi-annual scooter giveaway where we provide a 100% free mobility scooter to a lucky winner. You can apply to our giveaway directly from our site here.

power scooters

Our collection of electric scooters above shows products that have many things in common. They are all designed & distributed by top-class manufacturers, constructed to very high standards, practical, and easy to use, and they all get high approval ratings from their users.

However, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is also a great deal that sets them apart. From aluminum frames to heavy steel, from bulky to super-compact, and from fairly slow speed limits to our fastest scooter, this collection is a mixed bunch.

Which is the disabled scooter? That will very much depend on the category you are interested in. For your convenience, we have collection pages for each general group, including travel, heavy-duty, and others.

At Scooters 'N Chairs we have spent extensive time compiling a "Pre-Buying Checklist" that can be very useful for first-time medical scooter buyers.

General List

1) What will the mobility scooter be used for - everyday use, indoors, outdoors, paved or unpaved?

2) Which mobility vehicle offers the best value for money?

3) Is battery life sufficient for your range needs?

4) Is the weight capacity sufficient for yourself and any extra items you would typically carry?

5) Does the turning radius suit your home or wherever you’ll need to turn sharp corners?

6) Is the seat wide and deep enough?

Specific List

Handicap Scooters:

✓ Does the scooter disassemble?

✓ Are the controls suitable for your level of dexterity?

Heavy Duty Scooter:

✓ What is the range of the scooter/wheelchair?

✓ How much ground clearance does the scooter/chair have?

✓ What kind of tires does this scooter/chair come with?

Travel Handicap Scooters:

✓ Does the scooter disassemble?

✓ Does it fold/collapse?

✓ How heavy is the heaviest piece of the scooter?

✓ How large is the largest disassembled section?

✓ Which batteries does the scooter use?

The Power Scooter vs. Electric Wheelchair “Cheat Sheet”

Each person’s needs put a unique lens on the pros and cons of scooters and wheelchairs—and as you will see later in the article, there are many exceptions to conventional “rules” about what kind of mobility equipment does what.

That said, there are a number of considerations that should always help inform your decision. We’ll look closer at many of these questions next; but for a quick overview, we’ve compiled them here along with the choice that most often addresses the issue at hand.

Select the answer that makes the most sense for you or your loved one for a quick indication of whether an electric scooter or power wheelchair is the better choice for your overall needs.

1) Will you be using the equipment for outdoor activities and errands?

Electric mobility scooters are a better fit for highly active lifestyles because of their extended range options, portability and ability to handle more diverse outdoor terrain.

2) How critical is seat comfort?

An electric wheelchair has more adjustable settings, padding and posture support than a scooter, providing maximum comfort for long periods of time.

3) Will, you, family members and/or a caretaker need to transport it on a regular basis?

Power scooters are a more portable option, as they are typically lighter weight and easier to disassemble than electric wheelchairs.

4) Do you have a physical or cognitive difficulty that could interfere with the operation?

An electric wheelchair can provide more peace of mind if you or your loved one struggle with posture, stability, vision, alertness or other issues.

5) Do you require more than average weight and/or height support?

A heavy-duty electric wheelchair supports up to 500 pounds and offers a more generous seating space than a scooter, making it more comfortable for larger sized people.

Advantages to purchasing an electric disability scooter

1) Disability Scooters allow for longer and more varied trips

As a whole, mobility scooters are better for those who want to use their equipment for longer distances and/or in a wider range of outdoor settings. The average electric scooter has an operating range of about 15 miles, though some models can go as far as 40 miles. Many outdoor scooters are equipped with four-wheel drive, wider tires and other features that enable them to tackle slightly rougher terrain than outdoor wheelchairs.

2) Electric scooters are easier to transport

A lightweight mobility scooter can weigh as little as 50 pounds (as opposed to the 100 pound average of a power wheelchair), making it much easier to take on the go. Simple to assemble and dismantle, a compact model can be folded to fit in the trunk of a standard-sized car, under a bed or even on a plane.

This alleviates the need for a handicap-accessible van and allows for easy storage when the equipment is not in use. (Though there are Foldable Electric Scooters available, they do not support certain mobility issues.)

3) They are generally available at a lower cost

Scooters for handicapped people tend to be the less expensive option, starting at around $900. With more lightweight, compact models coming on the market, they will likely become even more financially accessible in the future.

4) It can provide an increased sense of freedom

For people who do not require the support of a wheelchair, using an electric power scooter can add even more fun and independence to everyday activities. Between their longer distances, higher speeds and the overall feeling of being less physically confined, electric mobility scooters are attractive to those seeking the most liberating experience possible.

Prioritize your mobility goals to determine the right fit

Without focusing on a specific type of equipment, visualize the times and places where you’d like to gain greater mobility—whether it’s using your kitchen, shopping for groceries, meeting a friend at a cafe or exploring a new city. What features feel most central for you or your loved one in these settings:

  • Maneuverability or speed?

  • Durability or portability?

  • Versatility or comfort?

Top 2 Scooters of 2019: Editor's Choice

Drive Medical: Ventura Deluxe 3 Wheel Power Scooter

The Ventura Deluxe isn’t usually touted as a Drive Medical “poster’’ scooter, but it deserves more attention than it actually gets. In the Ventura Deluxe, we find luxury meeting the standard handicapped scooter configuration, while retaining the easy-transport options of more travel-oriented models.

If you want to go a step up from the compact scooters for sale out there, whether in comfort, performance, style, or size, the Ventura Deluxe is a perfect place to start.

Comfort is an obvious feature of the Ventura Deluxe, from the beautifully designed 18-inch-wide captain seat to the padded armrests, extra signal and hazard lighting, dual rear-view mirrors, and snazzy interchangeable panels that allow you some customization for a periodic color change. There are also deluxe features that aren't as obvious, such as full front and rear suspension under the metalwork to keep your ride pleasant and smooth. Since these are scooters for seniors, Drive Medical has designed the entire Ventura range to be easy to control and steer, with superior ergonomic controls throughout.

The Ventura Deluxe’s seat can swivel to allow for easy getting on and off. It gives you four height adjustments and can slide forward or backward like an automobile seat. This lets you customize the exact amount of room you need between the seat and the tiller so you can steer in what you find to be the most comfortable position.

If you prefer to sit back and have the steering tiller come to you, that’s easy as well. As a motor-driven vehicle, the Ventura has an easy-to-adjust Delta tiller that will come right up towards the seat, allowing you to control the scooter from a place of comfort.

With the Ventura’s armrests, your arms are taken care of when riding. The padded armrests not only look deluxe, but they act it too, with their super flexibility and adjustability in angle, height, and width.

A perfect indoor/outdoor balance is struck in the Ventura. On the one hand, you have heavy-duty features such as a 400-lb weight capacity, 16-mile scooter batteries, and flat-free 10-inch tires. With these advantages, you can go off-road and navigate gravel or poorly paved areas.

On the other hand, relative to full-sized heavy-duty scooters, the Ventura is compact in size, has the advantage of scooter mobility– easily disassembling into five pieces for storage or travel – and has a turning radius of only 53 inches, which is tight among outdoor four-wheeled power-operated scooters.

Pride Mobility: Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler 3 Wheel Scooter

The Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler 3 Wheel is a mouthful to say but it might well be worth your while!

If you need a scooter for disabled persons that is super-well priced, is extra lightweight, and at the same time ticks the boxes for extra safety and performance, this often-overlooked scooter could be your answer.

At approximately $1,000, this is one of our cheaper scooters, but you still get an invalid scooter that has an 18 AH battery that lasts 12 miles on a single battery charge and three inches of ground clearance. You would usually see these kinds of features on heavier (and pricier) items, but with this model, Pride Mobility has made it their aim to pack many significant advantages into a compact value package.

Need to put the mobility scooter in your car trunk? Feather-touch disassembly is one of Pride Mobility’s most loved features, and the Go-Go hasn’t been left out. With a few simple moves, you have five manageable pieces that can be stored or packed in places a full-sized scooter could never go. The heaviest piece here is a cool 32 lbs – very feasible even for people who experience trouble when lifting weights.

With the Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler, you aren’t getting a skimpy mini scooter, either. It may not be the fastest outdoor scooter, but you’ll have a larger-than-average deck and chassis and a 300-lb weight allowance. If you’re taller or heavier than basic scooters allow for, you’re in the right place!

This scooter has allowed people who were previously excluded from travel scooters due to size or weight restrictions to enjoy the benefits of hassle-free travel.

The Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler does come in both three-wheel and four-wheel configurations, but if you need to turn on a dime with your medical scooter, the three-wheel model we’re talking about here is fantastic. With a 34-inch turning radius, you can easily navigate the mall and narrow passages, and get in and out of an annoyingly small elevator.

Additionally, you get versatile charging options that allow you to charge the mobility scooter batteries onboard or offboard. Just use the all-in-one dual voltage charger and pick which is more practical for you as you charge in different environments and circumstances. This can prove to be an enormous advantage, bearing in mind this is a scooter for handicapped people who don’t always have access to the places they need.

The 20 Best Mobility Scooters for 2019

As we approach the new year, many of the thirteen percent of American adults who experience mobility issues are seeking ways to add freedom and independence to their everyday activities. If physical challenges have been making it difficult to get where you need to go and do the things you love, an electric scooter may be an ideal solution.

Almost any activity you’re looking forward to in 2019, whether it’s traveling, shopping, exploring nature or spending time with friends and family, can be easier and more enjoyable with the help of an electric scooter. With so many benefits to using electric mobility scooter {link to Ultimate Checklist}, here are several reasons why purchasing one may be the right step for you or someone you love in 2019.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing a New Mobility Scooter in 2019

a. You can take longer, more varied trips with a mobility scooter

Generally speaking, if you want to use mobility equipment for longer distances and/or in a wider range of outdoor settings, a scooter may be a wise choice for you. With an average operating range of 15 miles - and some super-charged units being able to go as far as 40 miles without needing to recharge - scooters offer you greater flexibility. In fact, many outdoor scooters are equipped with four-wheel drive, wider tires and other features that allow you to travel more uneven, rougher terrain as compared to an electric wheelchair.

b. You can more easily transport an electric scooter

The most lightweight models are as little as 50 pounds (vs. 100 pounds for your average power wheelchair), which makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Compact models are also easy to assemble and dismantle, and can usually fold up to fit under a bed, in a car’s trunk or take with you on a plane. It’s easy to store, too, when not in use.

c. Mobility scooters are relatively inexpensive

As compared to a power wheelchair, electric mobility scooters - which start as low as $900 - are an affordable option. As technology advances and more lightweight, compact models become available, chances are electric scooters will become even more financially accessible in the future.

d. Mobility scooters give you a greater sense of freedom

Between their longer distances, higher speeds and the overall feeling of being less physically confined, electric mobility scooters are a great option for those who want to feel less confined (given you don’t need the greater support associated with an electric wheelchair).

The right electric medical scooterone that’s carefully chosen with your specific needs in mindcan powerfully enhance your mobility and overall quality of life for years to come. And there’s never been a better time to shop for it: with options available for virtually every activity, body type, budget, and lifestyle, you’re sure to find a perfect fit.

Without further ado, we are happy to present our 20 Best Mobility Scooter list for 2019 below:

1. Afikim: Afiscooter C Scooter 3/4

Afiscooter C (3-Wheel model pictured)

Afikim’s Afiscooter C allows you to take long outdoor trips while enjoying a consistently smooth ride. Stabilized by this electric scooter’s full front and rear suspension, shock absorbers and four-inch ground clearance, you’ll be able to take on uneven surfaces with confidence.

The Afiscooter C has a generous 25-mile driving range, reaches a top speed of 9.3 mph and has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. Its adjustable orthopedic seat rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to get on and off the scooter independently.

2. Afikim: Afiscooter S 3/4

Afiscooter S (4-Wheel model pictured)

Afikim’s award-winning Afiscooter S provides an empowering driving experience that feels almost like a car. This electric scooter’s advanced steering and suspension, pneumatic (air-filled) tires and other features make it an exceptional model for outdoor use.

A climbing angle of 20 degrees enables you to drive up most hills and ramps with ease, and a weight capacity of 450 pounds accommodates heavier riders. The Afiscooter S also includes robust safety features such as a sensor that turns the scooter off automatically if the rider over-squeezes the accelerator.

3. Drive Medical: Cobra GT4 4-Wheel Power Scooter

Drive Medical: Cobra GT4 4-Wheel Power Scooter

This outdoor mobility scooter by Drive Medical earns top marks for both style and performance. The Cobra GT4 will catch your eye with its alloy wheels, triple black finish and ergonomic design—then wow you with its 35-mile driving range and top speed of ten (10) mph.

This model has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and a high-back captain’s seat with many adjustable features. To maximize safety, the Cobra comes equipped with speed control, an emergency handbrake, a seatbelt, two rearview mirrors and ultra-bright LED lights.

4. Drive Medical: Panther Heavy Duty Scooter

Drive Medical: Panther Heavy Duty Scooter

Drive Medical’s Panther Heavy Duty Scooter is especially notable for its focus on comfort. An ergonomic throttle control on the delta tiller makes it easy for riders with dexterity issues to achieve the perfect angle and a fully adjustable captain’s seat swivels in increments of 45 degrees.

The Panther Heavy Duty boasts a 425-pound weight capacity, an operating range of 25 miles and a maximum speed of eight (8) mph. Additional features include an electromagnetic braking system, front and rear suspension, anti-tip wheels and dual rear-view mirrors.

5. Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy Duty Scooter 3/4

Drive Medical: Phoenix Heavy Duty Scooter (3-Wheel model pictured)

Drive Medical’s Phoenix Heavy Duty Scooter offers a unique combination of sturdiness and portability. This electric scooter accommodates larger riders with a weight capacity of 350 pounds and a seat whose width can be adjusted to up to 20 inches. However, at only 115 pounds in total, the Phoenix Heavy Duty Scooter is also remarkably lightweight. It disassembles quickly into four easy-to-carry pieces, the heaviest of which is 32 pounds, saving you time and energy when transporting your device.

This electric scooter’s compact size and sharp 43-inch turning radius make it quite maneuverable in indoor spaces. Adding to its appeal are an extra-large basket to carry your belongings, a charging port conveniently located on the tiller, and a “finger pull” throttle for easy operation.

6. Drive Medical: Spitfire Scout 3/4

Drive Medical: Spitfire Scout (4-Wheel model pictured)

The Spitfire Scout by Drive Medical is a very versatile electric scooter. Its 42.5-inch length provides extra legroom for tall riders, yet a modest overall width of 21.5 inches allows it to fit in small apartments and narrow hallways. Easy disassembly into lightweight pieces, none weighing over 39 pounds, makes the Spitfire Scout easy to transport or store when not in use.

The Spitfire Scout features a delta tiller that is padded to improve grip and comfort. This electric scooter has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, a top speed of 4.25 mph and a turning radius of 53.75 inches. The standard battery offers a nine-mile operating range, and an optional upgrade boosts that distance to 15 miles.

7. Drive Medical: ZooMe Auto Flex Folding Scooter

Drive Medical: ZooMe Auto Flex Folding Scooter

The ZooMe Auto Flex Folding Scooter takes easy portability to a whole new level, automatically folding in just 15 seconds using a wireless key fob. You can also fold the scooter manually when desired. Drive the ZooMe Auto Flex indoors or outdoors for up to 13 miles on a single battery charge, then stow it away whenever and wherever you need to.

This electric scooter is very compact, with a 17-inch overall width and 37-inch overall length. Other benefits include an airline-safe lithium battery, padded and adjustable armrests, anti-tip wheels, front and rear reflectors and a delta tiller. High-gloss shrouds provide a protective finish to keep your medical scooter looking great.

8. EV Rider: Royale 4 Electric Scooter

EV Rider: Royale 4 Electric Scooter

You’ll feel unstoppable and look stylish in the Royale 4 Electric Scooter by EV Rider, which offers an operating range of 32 miles and a top speed of 9.3 mph. No matter how far you travel, this electric scooter’s full front and rear suspension will provide a stable, secure ride all the way through.

Aluminum alloy rims and a streamlined design give the Royale 4 a sophisticated look. This model features automatic speed reduction for safety, as well as an an all-digital display panel showing the odometer, speed, trip meter, battery indicator and ambient temperature.

9. EV Rider: Transport Plus Foldable Scooter

EV Rider: Transport Plus Foldable Scooter

Enjoy an active lifestyle with EV Rider’s Transport Plus Foldable Scooter. This model’s unique folding system takes just three steps, and once the battery and seat are removed it weighs only 46 pounds in total. These qualities make the Transport Plus easy to transport in the trunk of a car or store in a small closet. With its compact design and sealed lead batteries, you can even take this handicap scooter on a plane.

The Transport Plus Foldable Scooter has a driving range of 10-15 miles, reaches a top speed of four (4) mph and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. With a height-adjustable tiller, powerful 270 Watt four-pole motor, electromagnetic brakes, solid rubber tires and more, this model provides support for a variety of activities.

10. E-Wheels: 36 Scooter

E-Wheels: 36 Scooter

E-Wheels’ 36 Scooter is a leading choice for customers seeking to maximize speed and distance. This model reaches 18 mph, making it the fastest mobility scooter on the market, and has an exceptional driving range of 45 miles. Large 16-inch wheels and two rear shock absorbers make every mile of your journey as smooth as possible.

The 36 Scooter optimizes security with an anti-theft alarm system, as well as a glove box and under-seat storage compartment that both lock. It also includes a comprehensive lighting system with high- and low-beam headlights, turn signals, and tail and brake lights. Those who want a personalized look will enjoy choosing from the 36 Scooter’s five bold color options.

11. E-Wheels: 72 Scooter

E-Wheels: 72 Scooter

Enjoy long, adventurous trips in the 72 Scooter by E-Wheels, which has a driving range of 43 miles and a maximum speed of 15 mph. Powered by a 700-watt electric transaxle motor, and offering a high ground clearance of 8.5 inches, this model can tackle nearly any task or terrain.