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Karman Healthcare Portable Folding Mobility Scooter – iTravel ™
Karman Healthcare Portable Folding Mobility Scooter – iTravel ™

Karman Healthcare

$1,999.00 $2,500.00

Karman iTravel portable folding mobility 4 wheel scooter is the perfect combination of portability and easy mobility. Weighs only 60 lbs. Folds down in a simple one-step operation. This compact, light-weight scooter boasts folding dimensions of 32″ X 19″ X...

Understanding which mobility scooter to buy 

When purchasing a mobility scooter their goal is to help you get from one place to another when your legs or body aren’t strong enough to do so on their own.

What might you use a handicap scooter for? Common uses include:

  • Fetching the mail at the end of your yard or from a post box
  • Grocery shopping a couple of miles down the road
  • Going to the mall (you might take the scooter in your first)
  • Being able to get out the house and feel some wind in your hair
  • Getting your closest doctors office without the use of a car

Each kind of use comes with it’s own class of mobility scooter, from 3 wheel for easy indoor maneuverability to full size scooters designed to keep you in comfort even on full length trail trips, where for such a mobility scooter Afikim/Afiscooter is the go-to company.

Scooters can either be made of one piece, or several pieces that come apart, with heaviest pieces ranging from around 27 lbs to 90 lbs for heavier duty scooters such as the Phoenix by Drive Medical.

One piece scooters might be designed so that they easily fold, or they might be at the other end of the spectrum where the extra solidity of one piece makes the scooter for the elderly even more capable of handling whatever is thrown at it. EV Rider is one of the best brands for folding scooters and Pride Mobility have an unmatched range in disassembling ones 

For easy access, many scooters come with a swivel seat which also allows you to pull up to a table or do other activities that require getting the tiller out of the way.

For swivel seat scooters, look out for seats that sit on seat posts as opposed to being screwed down.

The steering tiller, often a delta tiller is the hallmark of scooters for mobility. Almost all tillers can be adjusted so you can pull in the control nearer or further away from you, to give you maximum comfort.

Battery ranges typically start at 10 miles and go up to 40+ miles on recreational models. As far as prices go, these have drastically fallen in the past years, you can get a model by a great brand for $799 and luxury