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New Power Chairs

Scooters 'N Chairs is a leading online retailer selling new handicap wheelchairs to customers throughout the United States. Please view our new electric wheelchairs collection below and click here to learn more about our products.

$2,859.00 $1,979.00

Pride Mobility: Jazzy Passport Power Chair


Golden Technologies: LiteRider Envy

$2,199.00 $1,499.00

Pride Mobility: Go Chair

$5,799.00 $3,999.00

Pride Mobility: Jazzy Air 2

$2,100.00 $1,999.00

Drive Medical: Titan AXS

$2,000.00 $1,920.00

Merits: Vision CF Power Wheelchair


Merits: Dualer

$2,155.00 $1,499.00

Drive Medical: Titan LTE Portable Powerchair


Merits: Atlantis


Merits: Vision Sport

$7,750.00 $3,849.00

Merits: Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair


Pride Mobility: Jazzy Select Elite - Discontinued

$1,899.00 $1,499.00

Drive Medical: Cobalt X23 Standard Power Wheelchair - Discontinued


Golden Technologies: Compass Sport Power Wheelchair

New Power Chairs

New Electric Wheelchairs


If you’re someone who experiences nagging joint pain or mobility issues on a daily basis – or can’t seem to stay on your feet for as long as you like – there’s something you can do right now no overcome mobility restrictions and regain complete physical independence.

With today’s innovative technology and engineering prowess, electric wheelchairs can help you regain your freedom of movement and help you pursue an active lifestyle, no matter what your age or level of physical handicaps.

In fact, in the last few years, power wheelchairs have gained such widespread popularity that electric wheelchair manufacturers have evolved into a major industry, with models to cater to each user’s mobility needs.

At Scooters’N’Chairs, our range of new electric wheelchairs includes signature US brands that people love using, such as Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility, Merits and more.

New Power Wheelchairs – Mobility Game Changer

Folks with physical handicaps or other joint and mobility issues have experienced a dramatic improvement in their quality of life due to the innovative technology used in power wheelchairs – something which continues to improve as we speak.

The seating options alone, for instance, in power wheelchairs are greatly enhanced given its ability to recline and tilt as well as elevate the leg rest as required. Nifty features like these have made the electric wheelchair a must-have in the lives of people who are dealing with mobility issues either due to an illness or accident, or due to the onset of age.

Since we’re discussing power seating options that new electric wheelchairs come with nowadays, let’s expand on this aspect a little more – to help you understand how they can improve quality of life for elders and sufferers of physical disabilities alike.

Improved Dynamic Movement

New power wheelchairs from top brands like Merits, Drive Medical, Pride Mobility and many more, allow users to change postures throughout the day, which helps a great deal in terms of mobility and daily productivity. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys staying active throughout the day, irrespective of your age or physical limitations, periodic movements can not only keep you comfortable but also ease undue pain in the back, hips and neck, or other areas where aches due to inactivity are common.

Having the option to change positions in a power wheelchair by accessing different seating functions can make a significant difference, when it comes to achieving a high degree of freedom in your day to day activities.

Sitting Tolerance and Pain/Fatigue Management

The ability to easily change sitting positions in your new electric wheelchair means increased comfort levels overall. Sitting for too long in the same position, which is typically the case with regular/manual wheelchairs, can cause a lot of undue pain and fatigue. This is mainly due to the fact that traditional wheelchairs cannot be adjusted for optimal comfort, leading to back, hip and other mobility issues.

Power wheelchairs, however, offer additional seating functionality and sitting stability by letting users tilt their seats by a few degrees along with generous reclining angles for added ergonomic comfort.

Optimal Posture

With specific seating functions incorporated in each power wheelchair, people with disabilities can perform daily tasks with ease, thanks to an optimal posture. Postural positioning is greatly encouraged by power wheelchair seats as they can be balanced according to travel demands – be it indoors over relatively smoother and non-abrasive surfaces, or over rough and uneven outdoor surfaces.

Furthermore, improved postural alignment in seniors or people with physical handicaps has been known to improve visual orientation, respiration, speech and mental alertness. Not only that, but it can facilitate better bladder and bowel movements.

Key Benefits of a New Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchair new arrivals offer users many key benefits such as increased independence and mobility – not only giving their carers much needed relief but also allowing them to pursue the things that they love doing.

Apart from helping you do what you love to do each day, new electric wheelchairs also offer a myriad of mental and social health benefits:

Unmatched Independence and Physical Freedom

Electric wheelchairs allow you to get around easily and pursue your daily activities without any outside assistance whatsoever. These machines have been built to provide the most independence to seniors and individuals with disabilities, with ease-of-use and the ability to travel long distances without experiencing any fatigue, being key considerations.

For anyone who is experiencing mobility issues or has difficulty walking without support, a power wheelchair almost completely eliminates the risk of falling or otherwise getting injured, while allowing you to move around both indoors and outdoors with ease, confidence, and even style.

Enhanced Mobility

Even though there are lightweight and heavy duty power wheelchairs, many are designed to fit and maneuver quite easily within confined spaces, making them appropriate for retirement homes or apartment complexes. However, more robust models are easily capable of going over rough terrain, such as pavements, slopes, grass and even dirt tracks.

Many new electric wheelchairs can be folded down and taken with you on public transport or when you’re traveling with the family on vacation, for instance.

The economically priced $1,499 Cobalt X23 by Drive Medical features a Captain’s seat which can be folded down for easy transportation. With its heaviest piece weighing just 51 lbs. and the ability to withstand a maximum weight of 250 lbs. this new power wheelchair by the highly sought after US manufacturer has a low 29” turning radius and can travel at a maximum speed of 4 mph – while covering distances of up to 8 miles on a single battery charge.

More Socialization for Elders

A key concern for many families when it comes to their elders or loved ones experiencing mobility issues, is their often decreased ability or inability to take part in social activities – something which can have a potentially detrimental effect on their mental and emotional wellbeing.

A power wheelchair can allow your loved one to freely pursue the activities they love, whether it’s taking a trip to the mall with their closest friends or roaming around at the local park with the entire familial entourage.

Seamless Indoor Navigation

Perhaps one of the best-selling points of new power wheelchairs is their ability to effortlessly help users navigate indoor spaces. The shorter turning radiuses means that maneuvering is a breeze, particularly in tight spaces like stores, restaurants or the doctor’s office, for instance.

However, that’s not to say that new power wheelchairs aren’t just as effective outdoors. In fact, they are highly versatile machines that can easily negotiate a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains. The Compass Sport Power Wheelchair by Golden Technologies in this regard comes to mind – a robust model priced at $3,339 that has the ability to easily traverse indoor and outdoor surfaces, and travel up to 11 miles after just one battery charge.

Furthermore, it is also an electric wheelchair that can be easily folded flat, in case you want to load it in the back of your car or take it with you on public transport. Your trusty motorized companion goes wherever you go, simply put.

Comfortable Seating and Long-term Use

To quickly reiterate, power wheelchairs come with a range of seat adjustment options, which not only adds comfort but also helps users recline their seats at the right angle, which also aids them in getting off their motorized wheelchair.

Given their adjustable design, they prove to be excellent mobility companions for long-term use. Users can modify their power wheelchairs with a plethora of accessories too, such as larger batteries, additional bags and baskets, cup and cane holders, protective covers, etc.

The seating and footrest adjustment options means you can adjust them to your heart’s content in order to find the most optimal position. Furthermore, the compact and lightweight new power wheelchairs at Scooters ’N Chairs are highly suitable for carrying on public transportation, since regulations now dictate that subways, trains and buses provide easy access and storage space for them.

The Merits Vision Super not only has an unbelievable 20.70” turning radius, but also a seat width and depth of 20” x 22”, making it one of the best electric wheelchairs to help users comfortably travel in confined spaces, including public transport or other public areas, such as busy sidewalks and packed shopping malls.

With a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 400 lbs. it can also help users cover a distance of up to 20 miles – while the independent front and rear suspension ensures the smoothest ride over practically all indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Are you still on the fence so as to whether electric wheelchair new arrivals is something you should consider investing in for yourself or a loved one?

Major Benefits Electric Wheelchairs offer over Manual Wheelchairs

Get “work” done when you need to

Arguably, one of the first benefits that comes to mind is that electric wheelchairs absolutely plummet manual ones when it comes to getting between destinations quickly and with practically no effort at all. While there are people who use manual wheelchairs even today, they just can’t beat a motorized one, especially when it comes to traveling over inclined surfaces or otherwise rough terrain where a high-torque motor truly proves its worth.

Furthermore, with manual wheelchairs, many people find it difficult to have sufficient upper body strength, especially to cover long distances, where an extra pair of hands are needed to push them.

Additional Safety Features

Should a regular wheelchair start rolling down a slope by accident, it can be very hard to control if you make any attempts to bring it to a full stop. However, power wheelchairs can not only be stopped but also brought to a complete stop through the simple movement of a joystick, which is highly responsive and sensitive to user inputs. So the power that makes it move can also quite easily bring it to a halt.

More Sturdiness

Even though majority of the new electric wheelchairs we have on offer weigh, on average, around 200 lbs. or less – for a manual wheelchair user this may seem like a lot of weight. However, the additional weight is a major benefit because coupled with a lower center of gravity, you get more stability and sturdiness.

Where manual wheelchairs can tip over when driven over rough terrain or when sudden turns are made, electric ones are virtually impossible to tip over, no matter what your speed. Whether it’s front-back or side-side, tipping is practically non-existent on electric wheelchairs, thanks to a variety of safety features which automatically slow down the travel speed, should you accidently attempt to make a sharp turn at near-maximal travel speeds.

Constant Power

Let’s say you’re outdoors and you have your nephew or any other beloved family member enthusiastically push you around at a park – the trip to your desired and destination will certainly require a lot of energy, and there’s only so much sheer enthusiasm can do!

Save your loved ones all that extra energy, and enjoy the powerful drive electric wheelchairs boast – with most models capable of reaching 5 mph, tackling uneven terrain with inclines up to 7-10°, and taking you over 25 miles after a single battery charge.

Final Thoughts on New Electric Wheelchairs

At Scooters ’N Chairs, we provide seniors with the self-confidence and independence they need to freely move about and pursue the things they love to do.

If you have any questions at all about our wide-ranging power wheelchairs, or need help choosing the right one from our power wheelchair new arrivals – please go ahead and contact our friendly team. Our customer service reps will be more than happy to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction.

All our power wheelchair new arrivals are backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty. However, if you ever require service for your electric wheelchair after the warranty has ran out, then we have dedicated and manufacturer-approved repair facilities in each one of the 50 states. 

Scooters ’N Chairs cares about the wellbeing and health of your loved one. Shop today with complete confidence.


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