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Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Scooters 'N Chairs is a leading online retailer selling outdoor handicap scooters to customers throughout the United States. Please view our outdoor mobility scooters collection below and click here to learn more about our products.

Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters


Ask any senior, and they will tell you how distressing it can be to experience mobility loss with age. Not only that, but those who suffer from certain physical handicaps irrespective of their age, find it just as distressing.

If you’re finding it hard to move around inside your home without an extra pair of hands helping you, then a power scooter is the ticket to regaining all your personal freedom.

In-home mobility scooters have been popular with seniors for many years now, thanks to their compact and agile design, stylish looks and easy-to-operate controls. They have helped many seniors win back their independence, helping them restore their confidence and self-esteem, while also dramatically improving their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

If you’re not familiar with the term handicap scooter, then they can be seen as small and compact motorized vehicles, so to speak. They can either have different amounts of wheels, with power typically going to the rear set. Users sit comfortably on a seat with armrests, and use a tiller to steer the scooter – which is the handlebar equivalent of a bicycle or motorbike.   

The best electric scooters are fueled by integrated batteries, making them quiet and 100% environment friendly. Even though travel distances and speeds can vary between models, a peak traveling distance of up to 18 miles on a single battery charge is not unusual at all – with most models having an average top speed that ranges between 3.5 and 6 mph – which, we believe, would more than suffice for use. After all, we don’t want people ducking for cover should you decide to conduct an ‘unsanctioned speed test’ down the hallway!

Power Scooters for Your Needs

If you’re on the lookout for models that have been specifically designed to restore your freedom, we have an expansive range of perfect vehicles and designs for you to choose from at Scooters ’N Chairs.

Each model is outfitted with a comfortable seat which has armrests and provides adequate back support. Additionally, you’ll find that select models come with a luxurious ‘Captain’s chair’ style seating, allowing you to enjoy more seat depth and width. While some scooters will have more comfortable seats than others or, say, a higher travel distance and speed – we recommend that you look at all the pictures and detailed descriptions along with spec sheets to run some comparisons – before picking up your in-house disability scooter.

In any case, we’ll be discussing specific factors to look at further down the article, to help you choose a mobility scooter for that ideally meets your needs.

Apart from comfortable seating, 3/4-wheel configurations to accommodate different-sized individuals, and unique handling characteristics – the models we offer have also been specifically designed to help you navigate tight and narrow spaces . That may range from narrow hallways and doorways to a cramped apartment or a living room that has thick carpeting. Whatever the case may be, our elderly scooters designed for use boast superb maneuverability and agility.

In fact, if handling and maneuverability is a key concern, then we’d recommend going with a vehicle that offers the best turning radius – anywhere between 30” and 45”. Furthermore, we have vehicles who’s configuration means that you can easily rest your legs on either side of the tiller if you happen to be a fairly tall individual. 

On the other hand, considering this is a power scooter chiefly for use, you might prefer a model that offers additional stability and helps you easily travel surfaces where there may be additional resistance – such as thick carpeting, tiled flooring with an abrasive finish, textured pavement, etc.

The majority of scooters that we have on offer come with “scuff-free” tires which means that even if you must drive over laminated surfaces or those that have a shiny or glossy finish, you never have to worry about losing traction or control – or leaving big, unsightly tread marks, for that matter.  

The reasonably large batteries ensure that you won’t have to charge your device for even several days at a stretch – on average, even small senior scooters are capable of covering distances in excess of 10 miles on a single battery charge!

The Advantages of Senior Scooters for ; What to Consider Before Purchasing

The most important thing to know when choosing a scooter to be used is to be very clear about how you’re going to be using it. This will pretty much dictate the model that is appropriate for your specific needs.

With that said, it’s fair to say that all of our electric scooters suggested for usage offer unique benefits for seniors and physically handicapped individuals – however, you never know if an additional feature might prove to be the “it” factor and take your experience to a whole new level.

Attributes like the weight of the scooter is an important one to consider. For instance, you may not want to invest in an in-house scooter that has a weight carrying capacity of over 350 lbs. and a top speed of 10 mph – while you may weigh only around 200 lbs. and typically do not require travel speeds higher than 4 or 5 mph!

With so many mobility scooters geared for on the market – our “mobility researchers” have gone to painstaking lengths to identify some of the best variants currently available for in-home use, based on customer reviews and opinions, as well as performance benchmarks of their own.

While taking the below factors into consideration, we would again strongly recommend that your compare specification sheets of the models you’re interested in, so that you can have a fairly good idea of what -marketed disability scooter best fits your criteria.

Scooters & Turning Radius

Since we’re talking about in-home use, one of the first things that spring to mind is turning radius. Consider the width of hallways, doorways and corners in your home. Apartments and older homes are actually quite notorious for having tight corners and confined spaces, so you should get a scooter than allows you to freely move about inside your living space.

Some of the devices in our lineup feature a turning radius as low as 31”. What this means is that your scooter can effortlessly turn 180 degrees within approximately 30 inches of space. Remarkable, isn’t it? The EV Rider Transport AF is one such model.

A general rule of thumb is that the heavier, generally larger and more powerful your model is, the higher it’s turning radius will be – meaning that you’re going to require more room to maneuver it. For example, the Lite Rider 4-wheel Scooter by Golden Technologies is a very compact and nimble scooter with its heaviest component weighing just 51.8 lbs. but it requires a turning radius of 48” due to the larger 4-wheel configuration and slightly bigger chassis.

Best Turning Mobility Scooters  

Looking for an in-home model that boasts a shorter turning radius? Vehicles with one wheel in front and two at the back are great for making tight turns at low speeds without much effort. There are other considerations to bring into the picture. These models allow taller individuals to easily rest their long legs on either side of the tiller, also making it easier to get on/off the scooter. 

On the other hand, some other needs necessitate enhanced stability and sturdiness. If the floor inside your home is textured (which may require additional traction) and has uneven surfaces, then you’re probably better off going with a device that has two wheels on either end. Furthermore, the larger “scuff-free” tires on such models mean that you’ll not only have optimum traction over slippery or glossy surfaces, but also preserve the finish of your floors.

A case in point featuring both advantages - scuff free tires and tight turning -  is the Pride Mobility: Go-Go LX 3-Wheel - a true model. It comes with scuff free tires to protect the beauty of your home, and with a turning radius of only 33” you’d be hard pressed to find a scooter more suited to the particular demands in-home use presents.

Overall Length and Width of Powered Scooters

The length from front to back and the width from left to right is an important factor to consider, depending on how narrow the doorways and hallways are in your home. We’d recommend measuring the narrowest hallway or doorway (whichever one is narrower) in your home and ensure that the scooter you’re picking up has a width that is noticeably narrower – by around four inches.

You’d also want to consider the length if you’re going to store your scooter inside your house from time to time or there are tight spots around your living area. In either case, you can simply take measurements of your closet or compact areas where you will put or use your vehicle and buy a scooter that is, again, a few inches smaller than the area allows for in principle.

Are -Designed Scooters Suitable for Heavyweight Patients? 

Naturally, heavyset individuals would probably fare better with scooters that have a weight carrying capacity of above 300 lbs. However, inside models aren’t made to be quite as robust as other designs, and many only support weight under 300 lbs. Pay careful attention to these specifications if you’re buying a in-home-use scooter for an overweight user. In-home devices with appropriate capacities do exist, but you may have to look harder to find them.

This matters less if you’re a fairly athletic senior weighing under 200 lbs. In that case it makes little sense to buy a model that is designed to withstand high weights, and you can go for almost any senior scooter for use with fear of exceeding any limits. 

How far do Electric Scooters Go?

When you get used to the fun and joy that comes with the freedom of moving around freely without any outside help, you’d naturally want to take your scooter everywhere with you, and get as much out of it as possible. 

Some of our devices, although made for in-house use, are capable of traveling 10-13 miles on a single battery charge, while others literally go “the extra mile”, covering 25-30 miles after a single charge. And just because it’s an “power scooter” doesn’t mean that you can’t ride it in parking lots, inside malls or close to the beach. As long as the area is forgiving enough, you can certainly use it outside your home as well, although you won’t have the same degree of freedom as you get with a model dedicated to these purposes.

Benefits of Owning an Power Scooter

Enjoy everyday activities with improved mobility and accessibility

Modern handicap scooters blend in seamlessly with the ways people are socializing nowadays. For instance, with public spaces and malls constantly improving their designs to make them accessible to individuals from all walks of life, no matter their age of physical abilities. It’s becoming much easier to use your mobility scooter in spaces other than your home - and that’s significantly improving the lives of patients requiring mobility aids.

Getting The Most Out of Your In-home Electric Scooter

With all the frame styles, unique designs and beautiful, bright colors on offer, to some degree, an aid to mobility can be an extension of your personality and character. Some models can even be accessorized with brighter LED lights at the front and back, larger and more comfortable seats, additional storage space, phone and cup holders, side view mirrors and more.

Unlike other mobility assistance devices, power scooters come with a seat that swivels left/right, allowing for easy access. Many seats can also be adjusted for height - you can pick a model that matches your comfort level and individual riding preference.

A bright LED gives you all the operational information you need, such as travel distance, current speed and battery charge level.

Scooters ’N Chairs offers scooters for the elderly from some of the top US manufacturers including Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies and EV Rider, to name a few.

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