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Parts for Golden Alante (GP201SS/GP201CC)


UPG: 24 Volt 5.0 Amp XLR 24BC5000T-4 AGM/Gel Battery Charger


Pride Mobility: Battery Charger Power Cord (IEC C13)


Golden Technologies: 17" Armrest Pad for Alante HD & Compass Model Electric Wheelchairs


Joystick Knob for Dynamic Joystick Remotes


Keypad for 4 Key VR2 Joystick Controller


Keypad for 4 Key VSI Joystick Controllers

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Arm Adjustment Knob for the Golden Technologies Alante, Companion, and Buzzaround


Swing-Away Footrest Assembly for the Golden Technologies Alante (GP201R), Alante HD (GP202R), Compass (GP600M), Compass HD (GP620M), & Compass Sport (GP605)


Motor Brush for the Golden Technologies Alante (GP201R) and Compass (GP600M)


50 Amp Circuit Breaker with Right Angle Screw Terminals


14" Armrest for the Golden Technologies Companion Scooters and Compass Series Power Chairs


14" Arm Pad for Golden Alante & Compass


17" Armrest Pad for the Golden Technologies Alante HD & Compass Series Power Chairs


Cup & Drink Holder for Golden Technologies Scooters and Power Chairs

$18.99 $17.99

Cane Holder for Golden Scooters & Power Chairs (AlveyTech)

$159.99 $151.49

Golden Technologies Battery Pack - Set of 2 U1 (35 Ah) AGM Scooter Batteries

$99.99 $95.00

Oxygen Holder for Golden Technologies Scooters with the Stadium Seat

$109.99 $103.99

Walker Holder for Golden Alante & Compass Power Chairs with Stadium Seating

$27.99 $26.49

Straight Joystick Mounting Bracket (MBH-A3SA) for the Golden Technologies Alante, Alante Jr., & Compass

$2.99 $2.49

Joystick Adjustment Knob for Golden Technologies Power Chairs

$8.99 $7.99

Joystick Skirt for Dynamic Joystick Remotes (Shark, SPJ+, and A-Series)

$42.99 $41.49

Dynamic Shark Bus Cable for the Golden Technologies Alante and Compass Power Chairs

$399.00 $378.49

60 Amp DK-PMA01 Dynamic Shark Power Module (Controller) for the Golden Technologies Alante


Dynamic Shark Joystick Remote for the Golden Alante (GP201SS/GP201CC)

Parts for Golden Alante (GP201SS/GP201CC)


Replace your damaged, overused, or misplaced power cable. The IEC C13 3-pin shroud female power cord works with most premium battery chargers with a two-piece design as well as many scooters and power chairs which use an onboard charger. Features a fully molded design that provides maximum durability and long-life.

3-pin shroud female (IEC C13) to 3-prong grounded male plug. Female connector plugs directly into device and male connector plugs into standard outlet.

This cord is available in 6 foot and 12 foot lengths. If these cords are far too long for your needs, you may want to look at our shorter 58" Battery Charger Power Cord with 3-Pin Shroud Female (IEC C13) to 2-Prong Male Plug for Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs.

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