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Pride Mobility - All Products

Pride Mobility - All Products

The Best Pride Mobility Scooters For 2019 

Everyone wants to move freely and it should never be reserved only for some to enjoy the sun, a day at the local market or a family outing. 

However, seniors can’t escape the fact that their mobility starts to decline with age. The once, energetic and strong muscles can seem tired and sluggish after a walk or simple exercise. 

But, that does not mean that they should quit moving altogether. And with the best mobility scooters from Pride Mobility, getting around and traveling to places on your own can be easier. Here are our top picks:

Pride Mobility Go-Go Ultra X Mobility Scooter

If you’re in the market for an affordable 3-wheel mobility scooter, then the Go-Go Ultra X may be the right one for you. Although this item does not have too many bells and whistles that come with premium models, it is designed to offer a comfortable and reliable ride at a lower price point. 

You can travel at 4 mph with this mobility scooter so that you can get to where you need to go in a timely manner. Its range is suitable for outdoors with a 7-mile capacity battery that should be enough. Disassembly is super easy with an auto-latching lockup that you can take it apart with one hand. It comes with a 260-pound capacity and front frame-mount seat post offer stability. 

Pride Mobility Victory 10 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

The new Victory 10 3-wheel mobility scooter from Pride Mobility boasts a sleek and sporty design with a high-performance operation. Featuring an exclusive, one hand feather-touch disassembly for quick transport. 

It also comes with the new LED battery meter that is long lasting an offer better accuracy and its high-intensity LED headlight illuminates your pathway. It also has advanced features such as wraparound delta tiller, low-profile tires and lightweight plastic seats with foam for your comfort. 

Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler Plus HD

The Go-Go Elite Traveler Plus HD offers enhanced benefits such as delta-style tiller control plus wraparound handles for a better driveability. Meanwhile, it also boasts larger rear wheels, increased power and rider capacity of 325 pounds.

You still get tight space maneuverability, ease of transport and the versatility to change its color in a snap with its interchangeable shroud panels which come with your scooter. It breaks down in 5 easy to transport pieces and with the heaviest piece only weighing 32 pounds that anyone can easily load and unload. 

Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter

Featuring a sporty and handsome look, this model from Pride Mobility provides high-performance. Featuring an all-new frame design, it is easy and quick to disassemble for convenience on the go. 

It includes 2 sets of changeable colored panels in Blue and Red and has a 325 pounds weight capacity. Its standard front LED lighting will illuminate your way and the exclusive non-scuffing tires are suitable even for rough terrains. 

  • Pride Mobility Go-Go ES2 
  • This 3-wheel mobility scooter offers increased portability and durability at an entry-level price tag. Simple to use for first timers, it has a straight tiller design with molded and foldable seating system that places you in a position to easily maneuver. 

    Furthermore, this mobility scooter includes a POWER PACKAGE. This is a generous agreement from Walmart that if the model’s battery is deemed defective or non-rechargeable within eighteen months of purchase then they will send you new set when returning the old set. 

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