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Transport & Basic Wheelchairs

$499.00 $324.00

Drive Medical: Nitro Duet Rollator and Transport Chair - RTL10266DT

$694.00 $499.00

Karman Healthcare: KN-880 Series TILT Wheelchair – KN-880

$567.00 $329.00

Karman Healthcare: T-920 & T-922 Deluxe Bariatric Transport Wheelchair – T-920

$219.00 $139.00

Karman Healthcare: LT-2017 & LT-2019 Lightweight Transporter Aluminum Wheelchair – LT-2000

$277.00 $165.00

Karman Healthcare: Transport Wheelchair – LT-1000

$190.00 $69.99

Karman Healthcare: T-2017 & T-2019 Lightweight Compact Transport Wheelchair – T-2000

$219.00 $139.00

Karman Healthcare: Transport Wheelchair – T-2700

$1,557.00 $999.00

Karman Healthcare: Transport Wheelchair – KM-5000-TP

$627.00 $299.00

Karman Healthcare: Transport Wheelchair – KM-TV10B

$664.00 $239.00

Drive Medical: Bariatric Steel Transport Chair

$585.00 $265.00

Drive Medical: SuperLight with Carry Bag

$468.00 $185.00

Drive Medical: Fly-Lite Aluminum Transport Chair

$300.81 $129.00

Drive Medical: Lightweight Expedition Aluminum Transport Chair

$335.40 $205.00

Drive Medical: Duet Rollator/Transport Chair, 8" Casters

Transport & Basic Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchairs

Many senior citizens in the US are dealing with mobility issues that regularly slow them down and prevent them from engaging in daily activities that they love doing – while there are others who suffer from a calcium deficiency, which can also bring about a string of mobility issues and physical handicaps. 

A calcium deficiency is just one common ailment which necessitates the use of a transport wheelchair.  Broken bones and fractures need time to heal properly, and it is critical during this phase that you buy the right manual wheelchair.

At other times, certain health issues or trauma that you may be facing as a result of an accident, might make you more prone to falling. In this case also, a lightweight and portable wheelchair can help you pursue the things that you love doing – such as taking a stroll at the mall, hanging out with the family at the local park, or just visiting a friend down the street whose company you’ve always enjoyed while growing up.

Transport wheelchairs are highly convenient products for those who are not restricted to a wheelchair permanently, or those who require transportation for short distances. They are ideal for quick trips and temporary use, and in fact, can also make the life of a caretaker significantly easier. 

If you are a caretaker, you will certainly appreciate a lightweight, compact and maneuverable wheelchair that can be easily folded and unfolded to stow away in the back of a car, garage, attic or closet. 

It is therefore, important to keep in mind that when you’re in the market to buy a transport chair for yourself or a loved one, you must pick something that is not only light and maneuverable, but also something that can be easily deployed or folded up to be taken with you on short trips. 

At Scooters’N’Chairs, we offer a select a range of transport chairs between $130 and $1,500. A lightweight wheelchair is not meant to be used as a full-time wheelchair, neither is it intended for regular hospital use. The best way to identify it is to look at the wheels which are very small – with the rear wheels being larger in diameter and usually not larger than 24”. They are distinct from power wheelchairs which are meant to be operated and managed by the user only. 

When it Makes Sense to Buy a Transport Wheelchair

Even though transport wheelchairs are typically made for those who suffer from temporary mobility issues, if you’re someone who is on a budget and requires a wheelchair most of the time – you can still choose a product from our transport wheelchair lineup that meets your needs.

With that said, it’s important to understand that transport wheelchairs are typically for situations where a friend, caretaker or family member is always there to help propel you. 

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to buy a transport wheelchair instead of an electric one, is when you need something that is not only highly affordable, but also lightweight and portable – which makes them incredibly simple and convenient to use – even if you have limited storage space in your home or while you’re traveling.

However, this is not to say that transport wheelchairs are short on features – as evidenced by the $129 lightweight transport chair by Drive Medical – which is currently one of the lightest transport chairs on the market, weighing just 19 lbs. With four eye catching colors to choose from, padded armrests, swing-away removable footrests and a seat belt, it’s very easy to use and fold down for easy storage and traveling.

The $159 Drop-arm Transport Chair by Nova is another economically priced portable wheelchair with removable swing-away foot rests, but it comes with a bonus: a padded seat that fits over a commode with a bucket and lid included, in case you’re having trouble using the bathroom due to restricted mobility. When you don’t need to use the bathroom, you can easily convert it into a transport chair

The Drive Medical Super Light with Carry Bag comes in at just $265 and weighs a mere 18 lbs. The carrying bag with an over-the-shoulder strap comes as standard. This affordable transport chair is made using 1” thick aluminum tubing, which means it can withstand a weight of 250 lbs. The frame actually comes with a lifetime warranty which means it’ll last nearly a lifetime. It’s also easily transportable, so you can just fold it up and taken with you as you please. 

The Graham Field Shower Transport Chair priced at $249 may not be something that you can use everywhere, however, it’ll certainly come in handy when you need safe transport to/from the shower.  It can roll very easily over just about any toilet, and comes with 5” swivel casters with rear wheel safety locks. The anodized, non-corrosive aluminium frame construction is rust-proof while the comfortable nylon backrest can be removed for easy cleaning.

Since transport chairs are fairly basic in nature and require only a small handful of features, you may not find as diverse a collection with us, as is the case with our wide and varied range of electric wheelchairs.  However, we assure you that our mobility researches and experts have handpicked only the finest and best-selling transport wheelchairs available today – based not only on positive customer reviews and underlying features, but also on extensive hands-on testing of their own.

When a Transport Wheelchair Becomes Necessary

Whether you’re in the middle of physical rehab sessions, or you just underwent major surgery which has most likely limited your mobility – you already know that moving around in places is going to be challenging. With that said, if you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, portable and highly affordable solution to maintain your mobility or that of a friend or family member – a transport wheelchair will provide you with the necessary independence required to move from place to place with minimal hassle.

Distinctly different from their electric wheelchair counterparts and sometimes referred to as a companion wheelchair, a transport wheelchair is a very light, manually operated mobility device that requires the presence of another person to push it from behind. A companion wheelchair is usually identified by its smaller rear wheels, which means that it cannot be self- operated in the same way as a traditional manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair. 

For this very reason, a transport wheelchair is often, although not always, considered a short-term solution for people who must put up with mobility issues for the time being, be it indoors or outdoors.

Transport wheelchairs typically weigh anywhere between 15 and 20 pounds, although they have very sturdy frames made from a combination of steel tubing and rust-resisting aluminium. Most models have a seat width between 19” and 24”, while many have the ability to withstand a weight of up to 300 lbs.

A lightweight companion wheelchair becomes almost completely necessary if you fall under these three categories of disabilities:

  • Unable to operate a regular electric chair on your own due to a serious injury or disability in the hands and/or arms, or a mental disability
  • Suffering from a temporary ailment which requires a certain amount of time to make a full recovery
  • Living in areas with limited resources which requires you to rely on assisted mobility

However, there’s a good chance that you might have spotted a transport wheelchair in a hospital or retirement home, where caretakers are required to move their patients to/from places within the premises.

One of the best advantages of owning a transport wheelchair is that it can be quickly folded down for convenient storage. And this feature alone proves its worth when users need to travel to/from doctor’s appointments, or when a family member or friend is required to drive someone over long distances – someone who is almost completely immobilized.

Therefore, a recovering patient can enjoy many of the same benefits regarding freedom, comfort and mobility, from lightweight transport wheelchairs – and without the cost associated with owning its self-propelled, electric counterpart.

Portable Transport Wheelchairs vs. Traditional Wheelchairs – Key Differences

When you’re in the market to pick up a good quality foldable wheelchair, it’s important to understand some of the key differences between a transport wheelchair and a traditional wheelchair. Depending on your circumstances, or that of your loved one, you may be better off dishing out extra cash on a reasonably good electric wheelchair. 

At first glance, the two can appear rather similar – however, there are actually quite a few glaring differences between them. Undeniably, one of the key differences is that traditional wheelchairs have larger wheels because they are designed to be self-propelled. Transport wheelchairs, in contrast, have small wheels, because someone is supposed to push them from behind. With that said, things can get a bit complicated, when it comes to comparing the two.

Since transport chairs are manufactured to be pushed by a second person, they are meant for people who always have someone close by to push them, a person who doesn’t tire easily. Therefore, they are great investments for those who really care about keeping up with friends or family members on a day out.

Transport wheelchairs not only have smaller wheels, but generally smaller dimensions as well – but the great thing is they are capable of withstanding roughly the same weight as regular wheelchairs. They are also designed to fold up in a very easy and a compact way. Owing to their lightweight and compactness, they are much easier to store as well.

Companion wheelchairs are generally intended for short-term use, making them ideal mobility aids for daytime trips away from home. And as such, there typically designed with portability being a primary feature. And for this reason, transport chairs have seats with flexible fabric and minimal support, so that they can fold up very easily. If you or your loved one is accustomed to a more rigid seat for full-time or long-term use, then you’re probably better off investing in an electric wheelchair. 

So as you can see, transport chairs and regular wheelchairs may seem similar initially, but there are actually a number of key differences that make them entirely different in terms of mobility products. Seat type, material, wheel size and weight are just some of the factors you should look at when deciding to buy a transport wheelchair for yourself or a loved one. 

Buying a Transport Wheelchair at Scooters’N’Chairs 

Even though buying a transport a wheelchair with us is as easy as going to the right website section, picking off your desired model and paying for it – we would recommend that you take your time buying your transport wheelchair according to your own preferences and needs.

Even though transport wheelchairs require you to shell out far less cash when compared to a proper electric wheelchair, they can still be quite comfortable and offer a plethora of features to provide a good balance of utility and comfort.

With that said, there may be certain kinds of transport wheelchairs in our lineup that you might find less desirable, when compared to some of the other offerings. We would, again, strongly recommend that you take the time to thoroughly study photos, along with the specifications sheet and product overview that we have for each respective item.

For instance, you might want to carefully examine the footrest design or the seating material, or for that matter how large the seat is. Depending on your own weight and dimensions, a specific transport wheelchair model may or may not be appropriate for your specific needs.

Another key feature to consider is armrest design, which may be either too small or have padding that’s not soft enough. In fact, some transport wheelchairs actually have short handles instead of proper armrests. So while sticking to your budget is important, it’s also be equally important to pick something up that has all the features you need.

At any point, if you require any kind of assistance whatsoever in picking the right transport wheelchair, please contact our friendly customer support team. 

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