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Shoprider Brand Information:

If you’re in the market for an affordable and high quality power wheelchair, sometimes the ‘hunt’ can prove to be very overwhelming, especially since there are so many brands to choose from, and also so many user reviews to consider.

New and seasoned buyers alike can often find themselves getting confused over which brand to settle for, even though they are well aware of their electric wheelchair needs. If you’ve ever found yourself in such a predicament, then we would strongly advise that you consider nothing but the top US brands of electric wheelchairs that people are using today. One of these brands happen to be Shoprider.

A Brief History: Shoprider 

Shoprider has been building very solid and highly reliable power wheelchairs for a long time. In fact, their mobility products have been available in the US since 1988. The brand quickly rose to popularity by bringing some of the most innovative designs, advanced features and affordable pricing to the mobility user. 

Today, Shoprider power wheelchairs are considered one of the most reliable and technologically advanced mobility products in the nation. Manufactured under stringent ISO9001 quality standards, every unit is covered under an extensive manufacturer’s warranty.

At Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer only the top-of-the-line Shoprider mobility wheelchair range, which includes the 6Runner 14 and 6Runner 10 electric wheelchairs. 

Getting up close and persona with shoprider

We are a certified shoprider partner, offering some of the best prices for their signature power wheelchair models which include:

6Runner 14

The $3,599 6Runner 14 is considered a heavy duty electric wheelchair. It boasts a mid-wheel drive system for the best outdoor travel stability, which is further reinforced by the front and rear casters. The four-post seating system offers extra stability when riding over rough terrain, while the dedicated suspension system ensures that your ride is smooth and seamless no matter what the terrain.

The unit comes with a reclining seat as standard, easy battery access for recharging, adjustable armrests and the ability to withstand 450 lbs. With a top speed of 5 mph and a travel range of 21.3 to 23.8 miles, the 6Runner 14 is one of the best ‘daily use’ and ‘use anywhere’ electric wheelchairs you can buy.

6runner 10

The $3,199 6Runner 10 is another midsize Shoprider electric wheelchair sporting a mid-wheel drive system, which again, offers optimal stability and sturdiness over a variety of indoor and outdoor terrains.  With a four-post seat, six points of contact on the ground and a robust suspension, it can easily carry 300 lbs. while traveling at top speeds of 5 mph and a maximum travel range of 10 miles. The 18” wide reclining seat comes with adjustable armrests and height.

When we say that Shoprider mobility wheelchairs are bar-none some of the best in the US market, we don’t just want you to take our word for it – check out some of the shining reviews that our valued customers have posted after using Shoprider power wheelchairs.

Besides glittering reviews, here are more reasons so as to why Shoprider electric wheelchairs are one of the best-selling ones across the nation:

Best-in-class quality standards – All Shoprider mobility wheelchairs have been built and designed according to the strictest ISO9001 quality standards. Simply put, they offer customers nothing but the best at highly competitive prices.

Comprehensive manufacturer warranty – Each Shoprider power wheelchair rolling off the assembly line is covered under a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty that lasts anywhere between two and five years, depending on individual components. However, we do have dedicated and authorized Shoprider mobility wheelchair repair facilities located strategically throughout the nation, in case you need repairs or maintenance after your warranty runs out.

Free super-fast shipping – Order with us, and we will deliver your Shoprider power wheelchair in no more than 4-5 business days. However, if you’d like your product to be pre-assembled, then we also offer a white glove delivery channel, where we can ship it out to you within 10 business days.

High reliability – Shoprider power wheelchairs are among the most technically advanced and reliable mobility products currently available in the US today, featuring cutting-edge engineering and innovative features to make the lives of seniors and those with physical disabilities fulfilling and enjoyable.

World-renowned technical support – Even though our in-house customer support staff members are the friendliest and most technically sound individuals when it comes to mobility product knowhow, if you have a question that they cannot answer, they will connect to directly with Shoprider’s world-class technical support.

Regain your personal freedom – When you make up your mind to buy a Shoprider power wheelchair, know that you’re investing into a lifetime independence and wellbeing.

One of the oldest and most trusted US Brands – Shoprider is a brand that has a long history of manufacturing and supplying mobility wheelchairs since 1988. Today, it is one of the most trusted and reliable US brands designing quality electric wheelchair.

In Conclusion

When you buy a Shoprider power wheelchair from Scooters ’N Chairs, you can have complete confidence and peace of mind that you’re dealing with a trusted partner who will go above and beyond to meet your mobility needs and answer any questions you may have. 

We offer multiple payment options, hassle-free shipping, and the ability to easily avail your manufacturer’s warranty, should any issues arise. 

No longer do you have to worry about that nagging feeling that you’ve made the wrong choice when it comes to a quality electric wheelchair. The Shoprider mobility wheelchairs featured on our site have been carefully selected our mobility researchers after fully understanding the key features and also taking into account all the positive reviews across the internet. 

With a detailed specification sheet and product overview, you can easily decide so as to what Shoprider power wheelchair model is appropriate for you.

However, if you have any questions and all before making your purchase, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our highly receptive and friendly customer support team.