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Who should buy a 3-wheeled mobility scooter? 

Before purchasing an elderly scooter with 3 wheels, we want our buyers to know exactly what they are and who they are suitable for.

With two wheels in the rear and one wheel in front, totalling 3 altogether, you get a scooter that is easy to manoeuvre, turns wonderfully at corners and is more suited for indoor use.

If you suffer from balance issues or think you might not have total control over your scooter, a 4-wheeled mobility scooter might trump a 3-wheeled one in your case as these have extra stability.

You might still want to add to cart an item with an extra safety measure in your situation, but bear in mind that even scooters that are called 3-wheel for handicapped actually have two anti tip wheels at the rear making the risk of tipping over super low.

All along your buying journey for an adult scooter with three wheels, Scooters ‘N Chairs is here to help and put your mind totally at ease. Feel free to email [email protected]  with anything on your mind. 

Three Wheeled Disability Scooters For Sale


Merits: Mini-Coupe 3-Wheel Scooter - S539


Merits: Pioneer 1 - S235

$3,356.00 $1,958.00

Merits: Pioneer 3 Mobility Scooter with Elevating Seat Option - S131


Merits: Pioneer 9 - S331

$899.00 $824.00

Merits: Roadster Mini 3 - S730

$1,799.00 $1,046.00

Merits: Roadster Deluxe - S731--ARMUB

How to best handle a 3-wheel elderly scooter 

Here’s a tip people love known when they need to shop for a scooter and want extra legroom. A three wheeler can give you more space for your feet by putting them on either side of the front wheel. 

Most models of electric 3-wheeled disability devices have a small platform on either side of the front wheel where you can place your feet, an amazing benefit to those who are above 6 feet in height or like extra legroom.

These units should be driven responsibly when taking advantage of the amazing turning radius they offer and turning sharp corners. Mobility scooters with three wheels will not turn over or flip if driven correctly and the user conforms to the specs for the device.

What counts as a three wheeled scooter for disabled persons?

Some 3 wheel disability models, especially folding scooters will often have two wheels in the front. So our buyers get a clear picture,  we count these as one since they are placed right next to each other side-by-side, making them far more similar to scooters with 3 wheels than those with more. 

Reasons to buy a three wheeler

If you are worried about scooter weight, that's another good reason to checkout with a 3 wheel model, they are generally lighter by having one less wheel and all that come with a wheel and the heaviest pieces of these scooters are almost always lighter


You will sometimes find a scooter on sale designed with 3 wheels to achieve a vintage, classy motorcycle look - something that no 2 + 2 wheeler would give you!

You can find these units across the board, from folding scooters with three wheels to recreational beasts with 3 enormous tires as well as plenty classic, in between models with the same wheel configuration.

Every great US scooter brand offers models for you to get at great prices including Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Afikim/Afisccoter, EV Rider, Freerider, Merits Healthcare and so many others. 

In this carefully selected collection, we have something to satisfy every taste and are sure you’ll find the perfect 3-wheel fit you were looking for.

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