EV Rider City Cruzer Transportable Mobility Scooter

EV Rider City Cruzer Transportable Mobility Scooter

  • Model No. WT-T4SC
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The CityCruzer is an all new addition to the EV Rider family, as its sleek modern look tells. Customers are so pleased good looks have arrived in the transportable scooter market! Sleek and modern CityCruzer
...and does it disassemble! Super easy to break apart into 5 pieces, and then put back together again.  Disassembled parts of CityCruzer scooter
The seat of the CityCruzer folds for convenient transportation Folded seat of CityCruzer scooter
The seat also has deep cushions  PLush seat of CityCruzer scooter
Check out the  armrests that flip up and/or can be adjusted laterally. They can also be removed entirely if you don't find armrests practical Armrest flipped up on scooter

The CityCruzer scooter is one of the only transportable scooters on the market with full suspension. 

Suspension of CityCruzer Mobility Scooter

The CityCruzer is as stable as o a 4-wheel unit, yet still turns on a dime, like a three-wheeled scooter, providing the customer greater maneuverability.

Tight turning radius of City Cruzer scooter

It is the only small, disassembling scooter available with a mono-shock suspension and a standard size (not mini) transaxle.

Transaxle of CityCruzer is larger than most scooters of it's type

For illustrative purposes only
Get almost double the range with the optional battery set of 20 AH  12V SLA batteries, which is higher than average for a travel scooter 20 AH 12V MK scooter battery20 AH 12V MK scooter battery
With a 285 lb load capacity and 4 wheels, the CityCruzer can transport higher weight individuals with a stability not usually found in portable scooters. Heavy man on CityCruzer scooter with high weight capacity
 Fully FDA tested and approved as a safe mobility scooter FDA Approval Stamp


Watch the CityCruzer Scooter in Action

What comes free with this scooter?

  • Batteries are free
  • Shipping is free
  • Front basket included
  • No tax outside if shipped outside of Georgia
  • EV Rider Warranty


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