TriLift Carrier for Mobility Scooter and Wheelchairs

TriLift Carrier for Mobility Scooter and Wheelchairs

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TRILIFT is built with 2 parts. The 1st part is the lift; It mounts into a car receiver Hitch. The Lift has a male triangle that can go up and down. The 2nd part is the Bracket. It has a female triangle channel, to fit on the male triangle. the Bracket is custom-designed to bolt onto the scooter, or wheelchair permanently. When pushing the lift-down switch, the male triangle will go all the way down, close enough to the ground; Drive your scooter so that the female bracket on the scooter mount on the scooter, will fit on top of the male lift triangle. when you push the switch up, the lift will grab the bracket and the scooter and lock them together. With our patented triangular interlocking design Trilift will make your scooter transportation a breeze.


  • No Bulky Heavy Platform
  • Slimmer Profile
  • Unmatched by any other Lift
  • Easiest to Load – Your customers will love its simplicity
  • Locks Automatically
  • No Cumbersome Straps or Clamps to Mess With.
  • More stable – Your customer will hardly know it’s there even when driving on rough roads.
  • Lowest Weight – Weighs half as much as a typical platform lift weighs making it easier to install or transfer from one vehicle to another.
  • The Most Ground Clearance – This advent age will allow most customers to load their scooter in the garage and have enough clearance to back out into the street.
  • Simpler Design – One technician can assemble and install in less time than what a conventional platform lift requires.
  • Less Maintenance – Simple and secure design almost eliminates service comebacks.
  • The Best Choice – For use on smaller cars and SUVs.
  • Easy to Store – Slim and lightweight design make it easy to remove and store in a vehicle or home.
  • Easier to Sell – When given the choice, your customers will choose TRILIFT.

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