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FEI: Adjustable Height Rollator, 6" Casters, Color Red - 70-0584

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Product Description

Rollators are the safe, convenient aid to improving and assisting daily mobility. Because of four wheels, Rollators are the preferred option over standard walkers (no wheels) and hybrid walkers (two wheels) as they eliminate the need to lift and move the device and lets users walk with an easy, smooth gait. Additionally, Rollators are better for use outdoors on rough and uneven terrain,  making them ideal for users with an active and busy lifestyle. Rollators also typically include a built-in seat, so there’s always a place to rest. They also usually have some form of storage for personal items.

The Drive Adjustable Height Rollator in Red is the ultimate accessory to assist independent mobility. With a 300 lb. weight capacity and 6" offset wheels, this rollator is ready and sturdy for indoor movements and outdoor travelling, regardless of terrain. This unit is personalized by the user with height adjustments possible in two locations - seat height  and handle height. The seat can be adjusted from 18" to 24". The height of the handles can be adjusted as well, from 29.5" to 38", ensuring each use of this rollator is a customized experience. This rollator comes with seamless padded seat which, underneath includes a zippered pouch for added privacy and security of personal items such as oxygen tanks, or other necessities. With movement comes stopping, and the brakes on this rollator are top-notch. They feature serrated edges to provide a firm hold once stopped and they stay locked with the aid of easy-to-use, deluxe loop locks. The seat on the rollator is designed for function and comfort, which is why it includes a hinged, padded backrest that can be folded up, down, or removed completely. The handles, which provide easy access to the loop locks, are ergonomic, easy-to-grip, and help relieve hand pressure. Additionally, the knobs are ergonomic too, and are self-threading. Taking the rollator on the go is a breeze. It's quite portable at only 14 lbs. and features folding hinges, which lets the rollator fold up quickly. At only 24" wide and with four wheels that swivel, this unit is compact and maneuverable in even the tightest rooms and hallways.


Dimensions 27" x 29.5" x 22"
Weight 18.90 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.


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