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Why Shower Buddy Tub Buddy Over The Bath?

The TubBuddy SB2 transfer system will turn your existing bathtub into an accessible bathtub that allows you to enjoy showering again without the excessive cost, delay and stress of a full bathroom remodel.

The TubBuddy SB2 alleviates heavy lifting and multiple transfers for bathing and showering. This chair is separated into three sections; rolling base (shower chair), bridge and tub base. The rolling base rolls around the house like a wheelchair allowing patient to easily transfer and then roll right over most toilets. The rolling base then connects to a bridge and then onto the tub base allowing the chair to slide over the tub. Once over the tub the bridge disconnects allowing the curtain to close .

Special Feature 1

Made of aluminum

Special Feature 2

Height adjustability on rolling base

Special Feature 3

Allowing for use in a variety of tubs

Important Information

Rolls over most toilets 

What's Included?

Custom bridge sizes are available

Where Was It Manufactured?

Pacoima, California, USA

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