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Having a reliable, easy to use, and well-made wheelchair is important for people who require them in their everyday lives. Fold and go electric wheelchairs are motorized, lightweight, and carefully designed for easy transportation. This means that lifting your foldable wheelchair into cars and setting them up for use does not require much effort, making the lives of those with mobility problems a whole lot easier. 

Here at Scooters ‘N Chairs, we offer a wide range of foldable electric wheelchairs to suit the needs of yourself or your family members. They are a great alternative to most other electric wheelchairs which are often large and heavy, taking up a lot of room. We have made it our mission to help those in need of wheelchairs to improve their ways of transportation and allow them to get around their given space more independently. To learn about which one of our foldable wheelchairs is right for you, keep reading!

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What To Consider When Buying a Foldable Wheelchair

When seeking out a foldable wheelchair that will meet all of your needs, there are a few points to consider. A more tailored approach will ensure your fold and go wheelchair is offering maximum comfort, safety, and performance. 

  • Height and weight of the user: Some foldable wheelchairs have a smaller design and are limited to weight capacities. Fortunately, we have a range of wheelchairs suited for users 300lbs or over. Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs can accommodate individuals around this weight range, with a nice and comfortable seat design, a more powerful motor, and larger wheels to help you get across different obstacles and terrain. 
  • Chair weight and its folding mechanism: Considering the weight of your fold and go wheelchair is important as lifting them into cars is a part of everyday life for wheelchair users. In the past the design and materials used for wheelchairs have been quite heavy-duty, often weighing over 100lbs and not being foldable, making them rather impractical to use. Recent technological advancements have allowed us to manufacture more lightweight, sturdy materials that have helped create easy lifting wheelchairs that can fold compactly and fit in and out of cars, buses, vans, trains, and even planes. Some of these electric wheelchairs collapse down, whereas some need to be disassembled therefore it is important to know which mechanism you would prefer and which would best suit you. 
  • Travel requirements: Thinking about where you are likely to travel with your wheelchair is another important consideration to make. If you are predominantly transporting your wheelchair around in a car or van, it is good to have a lightweight (around 50lbs) one that can fold up easily to fit into small spaces such as the trunk of your car. Alternatively, you can get a wheelchair rack that sits on the outside of your vehicle to transport your fold and go wheelchair. If you are planning to take your wheelchair onto an airplane, ensure the one you purchase has a battery that is lithium and is approved by the airline. 
  • Performance: Which foldable wheelchair is going to perform best for your needs? Check the top speed, steering ability, weight, and size of the one you like most. Performance for each wheelchair will differ between each person due to their mobility needs.
  • Comfort: Make sure to keep in mind the design of the seat (is it wide or narrow?) and the position of the joystick (does it sit high or low?). 
  • Style: Foldable wheelchairs offer a modern, sleek look. So you need to decide which one you are going to feel the best riding. 

What Foldable Electric Wheelchair is Best For You?

When deciding which foldable wheelchair is going to work best for you, it is important to think about your daily situations and circumstances in which you will be utilizing your wheelchair. Reading up on the different types of models and what they offer will help you tailor your purchase to your specific needs. Some factors that you should consider are terrain, indoor vs outdoor, the weight of yourself and the wheelchair, ease of which it folds down, compactness, battery life, steering, and use of technology/apps. 

The weight and dimensions of the wheelchair that is suitable for you will depend on factors like your height, weight, and strength. Some foldable wheelchairs are heavier than others, therefore you need to find one that will not be too difficult for you to fold up and put in a car trunk if you are traveling, or store away at home. This is particularly important for individuals who live alone and need to use wheelchairs independently. Size is another factor, as many people spend the majority of their day in a wheelchair therefore you want it to fit your frame and be comfortable. There would be nothing worse than having a wheelchair that makes you feel squashed. Fold and go wheelchairs come in a range of different sized seats, some narrow, some wider to suit all body types. Also, keep in mind the weight-bearing capacity of the wheelchair you are looking at, some can bear 200lbs, others can even go up to 300lbs or more! 

Advantages of a Foldable Wheelchair

When comparing the benefits of foldable electric wheelchairs compared to conventional wheelchairs, their practicality is superior. Fold and go wheelchairs require less effort to operate as they are much lighter, collapse easily can fit into small spaces and their speed and steering are controlled by a mounted joystick. These features are designed to enhance your mobility and freedom, by removing obstacles that may stop you from traveling from place to place. Don’t let the inconvenience of carting around a hefty wheelchair stop you from doing the things you love. Fold up your electric wheelchair and take it with you on your next vacation! 

Even when you are not on the go, foldable wheelchairs can make life simple for those with mobility issues. Individuals who live in small spaces such as retirement homes or apartment buildings appreciate the ability to collapse their wheelchair and store it in a cupboard out of the way. 

Another advantage of foldable wheelchairs is that they are generally a more flexible design than conventional wheelchairs, meaning that they can move over rough surfaces such as gravel, rocks, uneven tiles, and grass. This is also due to the high-quality wheels used that maintain better contact with the ground and reduce the likelihood of slipping. Not only do foldable wheelchairs have a practical design, but they are also very comfortable.

Traveling with a Fold and Go Wheelchair

These lightweight foldable wheelchairs are designed to make traveling and transporting easy. With the collapsing mechanism, users can take them wherever they go as they can fit in small car trunk spaces and in the back of a van, they can also be taken onto trains if that is your most common form of transport. For those who live alone and may struggle loading/unloading their foldable wheelchair by themselves, there is the option of a remote-controlled lift that can hoist it up into your vehicle for you. 

Being a wheelchair user does not mean that you have to miss out on seeing the world. You have the option to take your foldable wheelchair on the plane with you as a part of our checked-in luggage, however, this means that you will not be able to take it into the cabin with you. It is important to check that the airline you are flying with has some space in the cargo hold to fit your wheelchair, best practice would be to let the airline know the dimensions of your chair and also what kind of battery it uses. 

What is the Cheapest Foldable Wheelchair? 

Here at Scooters ‘N Chairs, we offer an extensive range of foldable electric wheelchairs for you to choose from. We stock wheelchairs manufactured from high-quality materials, however, this does not mean you have to break the bank to make a purchase. Some of our top sellers include the Will Model Ci2 Power Chair, which has a 29.9” turning radius, 11.2-mile driving range, and remote control plus app connection abilities. Another top seller is the Geo Cruiser DX Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair. This design features a comfortable leather seat, up to 15 miles driving range and it is super easy to fold! The EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Regular DX10 is a sturdy, robust wheelchair suitable for everyone, plus it is super affordable. You don’t need to look any further for the wheelchair that will change your life, we have them right here on our online store! 

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We have made it our mission to be a company that provides their shoppers with a range of premium foldable wheelchairs that enhance people's mobility, thus improving their lives. We care about each customer and want them to find a wheelchair that is going to be the perfect match for their mobility needs, that's why we have a friendly customer service team who are available to answer any questions you may have - we are reachable by phone, email or LiveChat. We offer discounts and freebies on your first purchase, plus we will ship your items without charge! So get browsing and see which incredible deal you can snatch up today!