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People who suffer from limited mobility often value the benefits that a lightweight travel wheelchair has to offer. Travel wheelchairs are designed for easy transportation and disassembly, providing a new sense of freedom and independence for people with mobility issues. This in turn has a positive impact on a person’s health and quality of life. Travel wheelchairs, also known as “Powered or Electric Wheelchairs”, allow people to travel without the need of assistance on planes, buses, trains, or wherever else life takes them. A foldable travel wheelchair is the best gift for people with an injury or other health issues as it offers extra mobility and autonomy. Not only are they a great transition and alternative to manual wheelchairs, but lightweight travel wheelchairs also introduce a whole new level of confidence, liberty, and self-esteem.

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EW-M30 Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair - Black Color
EW-M30 Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair

Weight Capacity: 220 Lb

Range: 12.4 Miles

Max Speed: 3.7 Mph


Geocruiser (Pathway Mobility): Geo Cruiser DX Lightweight Foldable Power Chair (Blue) - GC-216B-01
Geo Cruiser DX Lightweight Foldable Power Chair

Ground-Clearance: 3.1 Inches

Turning Radius: 31.5 Inches

Range: 15 Miles

Max Speed: 4 Mph


Geo Cruiser Elite EX Lightweight Foldable Power Chair - Red Color
Geo Cruiser Elite EX Lightweight Foldable Power Chair

Ground-Clearance: 3.1 Inches

Weight Capacity: 350 Lb

Turning Radius: 35.4 Inches

Range: 15 Miles

Max Speed: 5 Mph


Geo Cruiser LX Lightweight Foldable Power Chair - Blue Color
Geo Cruiser LX Lightweight Foldable Power Chair

Ground-Clearance: 3.5 Inches

Weight Capacity: 330 Lb

Turning Radius: 34.5 Inches

Range: 15 Miles

Max Speed: 4 Mph


Merits EZ-GO / EZ-GO Deluxe Compact Power Chair - Scooters 'N Chairs®
Merits P321 EZ-GO / EZ-GO Deluxe Power Chair

Ground-Clearance: 2.25 Inches

Weight Capacity: 250 Lb

Turning Radius: 23 Inches

Range: 12 Miles

Max Speed: 4 Mph


Merits Gemini - Blue Color
Merits P301 Gemini Power Chair

Ground-Clearance: 4 Inches

Weight Capacity: 450 Lb

Turning Radius: 21 Inches

Range: 20 Miles

Max Speed: 5 Mph


Merits Junior Compact Power Wheelchair - Scooters 'N Chairs®
Merits P320 Junior Compact Power Wheelchair

Weight Capacity: 300 Lb


Merits: Vision Sport - Mobility Scooters Store
Merits Vision Ultra

Ground-Clearance: 2.4 Inches

Weight Capacity: 300 Lb

Turning Radius: 26 Inches

Range: 18 Miles

Max Speed: 6 Mph


Shoprider: Jimmie - UL8WPBS
Shoprider Jimmie

Ground-Clearance: 2 Inches

Weight Capacity: 250 Lb

Range: 10 Miles

Max Speed: 3.75 Mph


Shoprider: Streamer Sport - 888WA
Shoprider Streamer Sport

Weight Capacity: 300 Lb

Turning Radius: 17.7 Inches

Range: 10 Miles

Max Speed: 5 Mph


Merits: Vision CF Power Wheelchair - Mobility Scooters Store
Merits P322a Vision CF Power Wheelchair

Ground-Clearance: 2.4 Inches

Weight Capacity: 300 Lb

Turning Radius: 22.5 Inches

Range: 18 Miles

Max Speed: 4 Mph


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specialize in lightweight travel chairs. Our range of electric travel wheelchairs is available at a reasonable, affordable price so you won’t need to spend your well-earned paycheck on this staple health care product. Travel wheelchairs come in three- or four-wheeled options that offer different levels of stability, maneuverability, and traction. Operating your lightweight travel wheelchair is effortless as it comes equipped with joystick steering controls. They also run on powerful batteries that offer an impressive range on a single charge. No matter your mobility needs, our range of electric travel wheelchairs has everything you’re looking for. Move easily around your house and discover more places while you ride on one of our top-quality travel wheelchairs here at Scooters ‘N Chairs! 

What To Consider When Buying a Travel Wheelchair

A travel wheelchair is an ideal choice for anyone looking to travel without any support or dependence on another person. Finding the best travel wheelchair can be tricky, especially one that perfectly fits your budget, needs, and lifestyle. No matter if you’re buying one for yourself or a loved one, there are different factors to keep in mind while purchasing a travel wheelchair. Let’s take a deeper look into the checkpoints you should consider in your quest to find the best electric travel wheelchair. 

  • Easy to Fold and Transport: Find a wheelchair that is lightweight and easy to fit into storage compartments on planes, buses, trains, or cars. Models that easily fold into a neat shape will make transporting it to different locations a breeze. 
  • Airline Approved: Check your travel wheelchair is FAA approved. This indicates your travel wheelchair is suitable to accompany you on a plane flight. 
  • Weight Capacity: Check how much weight your travel wheelchair can hold. Such models have a weight capacity of up to 450 lbs, so make sure you are selecting an electric travel chair that will suit your weight-bearing needs.
  • Range: Check the distance a particular model will travel on a full charge. This will allow you to travel long distances without the need for an additional charge while you’re out and about. Normally, fully-charged portable wheelchair batteries can last up to 8 hours and cover 10-20 miles per charge. Each model has different ranges and features, so check if your one will suit your distance needs. 
  • Turning Radius: A tight turning radius means you can navigate tight spaces more easily if needed. So check how tight the wheelchair turning radius is and compare it to your contextual needs. 
  • Safety Features: Safety should always be a priority when purchasing a foldable travel wheelchair. Look out for models with emergency braking systems, seat belts, rear-view mirrors, LED lights, and anti-tips wheels. These features will prevent you from injury and bring you greater peace of mind while riding. 
  • Comfort: Ensure your travel wheelchair has the right comfort features to suit your needs. Opt for cushioned seats with a foam or gel backing. Armrests are a great way to keep your arms rested and posture in check. Front and rear suspension systems also reduce the impact of the terrain on the rider, making for a more comfortable trip.
  • Performance: Look out for travel wheelchairs with a high top speed, comfortable seating, shock absorbers, and a long driving range. 
  • Style: Let your personal flair shine through and look out for stylish accessories like bags, baskets, cupholders, or spoke guards to add to your travel wheelchair. Not only can these accessories enhance your overall style, but they are also extremely functional. Depending on your choice, they can provide added storage, comfort, ease of use, and mobility. 

Are all Travel Wheelchairs Airline Approved?

Due to the large size and weight of normal wheelchairs, they are unable to fit in the cabin of aircraft. Fortunately, travel wheelchairs are the perfect option as they are portable, lightweight, and able to be folded into a small, neat shape for easy storage. However, if you are planning to travel on a plane with your travel wheelchair, you must buy one that is FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approved. This approval indicates the travel wheelchair has met the rigorous safety regulations as outlined by the FAA. Making sure your travel wheelchair is FAA approved is crucial in busy airports where unneeded stress is taxing. 

Each airline and company also has different conditions about weight and size limits. We recommend you check your specific airline’s website and contact them before you confirm your flight to save any mishaps. This will allow you to ascertain whether they allow wheelchairs on a flight or not, or if it depends on certain factors. They will likely request information about your travel wheelchair’s make, model, and weight, so make sure that is handy before you contact them. You can also carry two wheelchairs or any other mobility equipment free of cost, so there are no sneaky costs lurking around the corner. 

Lastly, it is a good idea to contact TSA Cares. They help people with disability or mobility issues travel with wheelchairs. Their team of passenger support specialists will help you prepare your power travel wheelchair for a seamless flight experience. Any concerns you may have about the security screening process can be alleviated by their on-the-spot assistance. Keep in mind that all airline-approved wheelchair manufacturers have communication among their stores, airlines, and regulatory agencies. This is because there are a variety of unique sizes, weights, and other features between each airline-approved travel wheelchair. By collaboration and cooperation, airline-approved wheelchair manufacturers are dedicated to ensuring safety and comfortability for passengers suffering from mobility issues, no matter where they plan to fly. 

What is the Cheapest Lightweight Travel Wheelchair? 

Here at Scooters N' Chairs, we sell an extensive range of travel wheelchairs, all at an affordable price. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find the best foldable wheelchair that fits your budget and lifestyle. TheEW-M30 Lightweight Foldable Power Wheelchair is a popular model not only because of its user-friendly design but also because of its attractive price tag. The EM-M30 Power Wheelchair is the cheapest travel chair we stock at Scooters ‘N Chairs. This lightweight travel wheelchair is foldable, durable, and inexpensive, with an impressive maximum speed of 3.7 mph. It also has a travel range of up to 12 miles on a single battery charge. Check out this best-selling wheelchair today and discover its comfort and versatility. 

Another affordable travel chair we sell here at Scooters ‘N Chairs isZip r' PC Power Electric Wheelchair. This electric wheelchair is made up of heavy-duty materials to give the user extra freedom and comfort and travels up to 15 miles with a single battery charge. It is also available in eye-catching colors and silhouettes, so you can ride in style and save your hard-earned money at the same time. 

TheShoprider Jimmie is another portable, lightweight power chair that we stock at an excellent price. With premium features, this wheelchair has advanced electronics and motor systems to provide a maximum speed of 3.75 mph. The Shoprider Jimmie is equipped with wireless take-apart technology so you can easily dismantle the vehicle into three lightweight parts. This makes it ideal to travel with as disassembly is quick, easy, and stress-free. You can also adjust the seat height on this model, a feature commonly seen in more expensive models. 

Our range of electric wheelchairs meets the safety and security regulations required to board an airplane. They are easy to transport, store, and super affordable. Don’t let your wheelchair hold you back from traveling around the world! Our range of durable power wheelchairs will enhance your life by giving back your freedom and independence. 

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Here at Scooters ‘N Chairs, we stock top-quality brands that manufacture premium travel wheelchairs, all at a discounted rate! You can be sure you are getting an incredible deal when purchasing your next lightweight travel wheelchair from us. We are committed to improving our customer’s well-being and quality of life by stocking the best brands of travel power chairs on the market. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support and service. Get in touch with one of our expert team members today and let us help you select the perfect travel wheelchair for your mobility needs. We are available 365 days a year to help resolve any Mobility Scooter issues or queries you may have.

If you’re looking to travel easily and efficiently with your wheelchair, a lightweight power chair is an excellent investment. Every portable wheelchair for travel that we stock in our online store includes a full manufacturer’s warranty to protect you if something ever went wrong. Not only this, but we also offer a money-back guarantee if something does not meet your standards. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to browse our exceptional collection of electric travel wheelchairs!