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Change your life by getting a recreational mobility scooter.

Standard disability scooters are renowned for the positive impact the lives of their users, but check out what these off road models can do for you.

Forget being stuck at home, with a handicap scooter for recreational activities, you’ll soon be  doing things you haven’t considered in years.

Now you can go out for a full day’s worth of pleasure trails, ride a few miles to your favorite  store or just get out of the house to get compliments on your beautiful scooter. Zoom along at top speeds all on ultra comfortable seats designed with the disabled use in mind.

Recreational scooters cost more than standard ones and we totally understand that customers want to look carefully at all their choices before checking out with a model. That’s why we’re here to offer our assistance in any way possible. Join our list of satisfied off-road scooter buyers by contacting us today, or call 1-800-674-8395.

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When purchasing recreational mobility scooters, look out for these defining features that make your purchase all the more fit for its purpose

Look out for larger wheels which deliver a smoother ride along with big, air filled tires which smooth out the bumps you’ll more frequently encounter.

More powerful motors are also something important for off-roaders, with 500W being a standard starting point and premium models reaching up to 1400W in engine power. Stronger motors will give you high speeds even when going uphill and will help you pull out of crevices and other obstacles.

Since you’ll likely be having fun on these scooters for large stretches of time in one go, seat comfort design is something you can rely on with all these models, with wide, full back seats being the norm.

You might find yourself on the road with a recreational mobility scooter, and cars around you need to know your intentions so that both of you stay safe. Check out our off road disability scooters with full front and rear lighting packages including signal and braking lights, as well as ultra bright headlights, keeping you safe especially when you aren’t on the pavement and are travelling at a fast rate.

Overall, recreational disability scooters are built with thicker frames and chassis, built to last longer and bear more rattling and punishment. This had the added advantage of being able to carry more load whether in user weight or items you wish to carry with you.

Suspension is a given with these models, though some might share suspension between two wheels - for a smoother ride,make sure the model you buy has one shock absorber for each wheel.

Don’t forget to call us if there’s anything on your mind off-road scooter related. Pre purchase or post purchase, the number is 1-800-674-8395.