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We Ship To Jenkins County, Georgia!

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Q. Do you sell & ship mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Jenkins County, Georgia?

A: Yes, absolutely! We ship to 48 states nationwide. You will be able to receive your mobility scooter & wheelchair within 5-7 business days based on normal courier services.  

Q. Is there someone who can help me set-up my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair?  

A: Of course! We offer white-glove delivery services that offer services throughout the United States. Please note that each region has a different carrier & can extend the shipping times of your mobility scooter & wheelchair by 7 days.  

Q. What are the different styles of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs that you sell to Jenkins County, Georgia?

A: Our inventory is stocked with everything from portable travel scooters to heavy-duty bariatric electric wheelchairs. We are happy to discuss with you the best unit possible for you or your loved one.  

Q. Do you offer rental units on mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs currently?  

A: Not currently. We only offer sales direct to consumers through our online store. We are happy to refer you to someone in your local area - feel free to reach out directly to us through our live chat, email, or phone.  

Q. If my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair has issues, where can I go to get it fixed in Jenkins County, Georgia?

A: Scooters 'N Chairs is happy to partner with all the major manufacturers in the US who have their own in-house staff of technicians as well as 3rd party providers throughout the United States. Please message us directly and we will be happy to direct you to the best place!

Q. Is there something unique about Scooters 'N Chairs that makes you different from the other online retailers?  

A: Great question! We work very hard to provide the absolute best customer service to make sure that customers who are looking for mobility equipment will be able to find the exact unit for them or their loved one. We are available 6 days a week to answer questions, calls, chats, & emails. Our team is very knowledgeable and happy to discuss the different mobility scooter brands such as Pride, Drive, Golden, E-Wheels, EV Rider, & others with you!  

Q. Do you have any special offers that you allocate to customers or seniors in need?

A: Yes! We offer two programs currently. A $1000 scholarship for students with disabilities & a second for Seniors in need. We are also planning on launching a Veteran's giveaway as well in the near future. Both of these programs are disbursed bi-annually on a year-over-year basis. Please inquire directly if you have any specific questions about our gift offerings.

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