Buy a Mobility scooter or electric wheelchair in Los Angeles

Buy a Mobility scooter or electric wheelchair in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – one of the nation’s most famous cities alongside New York. It is the largest city in California and boasts some of the most amazing attractions and sights the world has to offer.

It is a sprawling, fun packed part of the world. Outer neighbourhoods and districts such as Simi Valley, Santa Ana, Irvine and Lancaster can also be explored, and transportation links are generally good, but we recommend organising a car/truck to carry your mobility unit in/on.

Most people find themselves sticking to the more central and tourist areas such as Glendale, Burbank, Hollywood (you will be close to the Walk of Fame and Universal Studios) and Beverly Hills.Los Angeles is one of the most accessible cities in the world.

From Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to the Metro system – Los Angeles endeavours to make sure that its public services (over 200 bus and rail routes) are completely available to all our customers, including those with disabilities who may be using a power scooter or motorized wheelchair.

You will LOVE LA; so much to do and so much to see. Mass transit is not great so we strongly advise planning to get your motorized chair/scooter chair around the large area that is Los Angeles metropolitan area by means of avehicle lift/carrier. This will enable you to avoid some of the busy sidewalks and go straight to the attractions, explore Los Angeles coastline, and visit other areas such as Thousand Oaks, Palmdale, Oxnard, Camarillo or Ontario. We have many happy customers in these areas and we can also deliver to places such as Santa Clarita and Anaheim.


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Scooters 'N Chairs® advice for buying a handicap scooter to use in Los Angeles

Showrooms tend to push overbearing salespeople trying to make a quick dollar and stress you in to choosing from their limited range. You must organise travel to go the outlet, without a mobility scooter this can be troublesome, and you may find a restricted choice of mobility units (sometimes second hand and not working properly).

The inescapable attitude from the salesperson homing in on you to pressure you in to giving over your credit card. We recommend that you investigate mobility units BEFORE going to a showroom – get to know prices and specifications, you will likely end up buying online and why not choose from our fantastic range?

We have an amazing selection of mobility units, scooters, wheelchairs, and handicap aide products to peruse through.

FromTravel & Lightweight mobility scooterstoelevating seat wheelchairsyou can find the product that is best-suited to yourself.

Get to know the specifications, proportions, evaluate prices on other websites if you need to (even though you will find we are offer the most economical cost online – we will not be knocked on price that is for sure!).

Look at the tips in this section – we want to aid you in achieving the right selection when securing your motor-powered scooter chair. Buying is ALWAYS better than renting.

What if you or someone else damages your scooter and do not have the correct insurance?
What if it stops working and you do not have any after-sales/phone assistance whilst it is being rented?
What if the place you plan to rent from has ran out (this happens in busy tourist areas)?

If you are travelling and renting an adult scooter/power(ed) chair over time it works out much cheaper to buy one of your own.

At Scooters 'N Chairs® we think you should make your electrically powered chair your own. You will much prefer to use your own mobility unit than borrow – it may not feel right, it may not have the right features – you will always feel more comfortable in YOUR OWN chair that you chose (with our expert help of course!)


We arrange delivery of mobility scooters all over Los Angeles

Pick from a lots of different types of elderly scooter chairs and electric wheelchair

Here are just some of the different scooters and wheelchairs we offer:


Take your time to decide on the right mobility scooter/power wheelchair

We will provide delivery service of your power scooter/power(ed) chair directly to where you are.
We have organized delivery all over Los Angeles, Greater Los Angeles, including San Fernando, Santa Monica, Inglewood, South Los Angeles and many more areas on the West Coast of America.
You do not have to waste away time going to a showroom!

When mobility is important it can be a lot of bother to get to a well-stocked outlet. You may live in areas that do not have any good showrooms close by and there might not be a travel network to support your journey. Especially if you reside in further out areas from the city such as Palmdale, Pasadena or Thousand Oaks.

Whilstbrowsing our range of mobility chairsthink about the several different scooters or chairs that will suit you and when YOU feel happy with a few possibilities give us a phone call us for some polite and professional guidance.

We have given advice and help to people all over the Los Angeles area – we know our stuff; from Moorpark and Malibu to Riverside and Corona – we are here for you!


Discover a wheelchair carrier or electric scooter vehicle lift

We stock awonderful selection of carriers and vehicle lifts– these can allow you to get from further away areas such as San Bernardino or Temecula by use of a car or truck and bring your adult scooter with you. Once in Los Angeles, Hollywood or Glendale you can park up your vehicle and roll off ready to discover this incredible city!

There is a chat portal on the website, open phone lines and we are very responsive to e-mails. Do not be shy…we offer kind-hearted and straightforward advice. Different to other enterprises we are not all about sales but getting the sale right for…YOU!

The trained group of professionals we have prepared to help you want to make sure that you get the best-suited power wheelchair to you. Ask any question you like – we are here for you.


The cheapest motorized wheelchair/motorized scooters on the internet!

Our scooters and chairs are set at a price that promises value for money - as low as any other electric wheelchair you will see across the internet. We may be price matched but never beaten. Our prices are kept low - we know how tough it can be to get a power(ed) chair/power scooter through Medicare. We do not invoice Medicare/private insurance exactly and we would suggest that you make every separate attempt to obtain funds for your scooter chair by different means. Obtaining a scooter chair through Medicare is generally an unlikely probability.

Price you see is the price you actually pay!

No, we are not joking. Yes, you did read that right! You will be delighted to realize that the cost you see is the amount you pay. No additional sales tax, no concealed costs, and no post-sale obligatory costs.

Yes, it is TRUE! The price you see on your mobility scooter, power chair, vehicle lift/carrier is the price you pay. No secret costs or additions and no sales tax added on at the end. * Free shipment (covered in more detail in the next section) and ZERO taxes!

*note this does not apply in the state of Georgia.

Your mobility is shipped FREE!

100% FREE shipping on all products over $99 making all our vast mobility scooter and electric wheelchair range free to ship.
All the shipping rates you see on the website is the set price you would pay. No shipping costs at all. This makes planning for the purchase easier as we are clear about with how much your new electric chair scooter will cost.

Because of Covid-19 we would like to notify you that there may be delays. It might take two to three weeks dependent on the scooter/wheelchair, but we are starting to see distribution waits get faster. Our providers are not able to ship out much faster and we expect to return to our 2-5 business days for delivery of your mobile electric scooter sooner rather than later.


Los Angeles Visitor Attractions

You can use the buses and light rail to get around but as aforementioned you are much better getting around using a car that can carry/lift you electric mobility scooter.

Most of Los Angeles, Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica and San Fernando Valley are very level and a breeze to get around. There is a mountain range that separates San Fernando Valley, Burbank and Pasadena from Downton LA, Santa Monica and Orange County.

Much of Hollywood and Hollywood hills are situated along very steep canyons and mountain slopes. Be aware there is no easy mass transit form the LA side to the valley.

Disneyland and Universal Studios

VERY wheelchair accessible! Plenty of parking, restaurant, and restroom. Some rides you cannot go on, but most are accessible. The parade on Main Street can get very busy! Universal Studios is in the Hollywood Hills, so just check the map and see where you might be staying/travelling going from park to park.

J Paul Getty Museum and Getty Center

There are two locations – The Getty Center located in the Brentwood area – the prime location. It features Western art from the Middle Ages to today.
Second location – Getty Villa is in the Pacific Palisades neighbourhood near Malibu – it exhibits art from Ancient Greece and Rome.

Santa Monica Pier and Huntingdon Beach Pier

Do not miss these! A lot of fun and very wheelchair accessible.

Griffith Observatory

This attraction is accessible! You get AMAZING views of LA from here and the different astronomy and planetarium shows are truly breath-taking. It can get very hectic at peak times so just be prepared as there may be a queue entering the car park.


Shipment and delivery of your motorized chair from Scooters 'N Chairs® in Los Angeles

Our entire range of scooters and chairs are above $99 and therefore FREE to deliver. FromFolding Airline-Approved Mobility ScooterstoOutdoor Electric Wheelchairs– they are all over $99 making shipping FREE.
From the moment a product is shipped it can take between 2 to 5 business days to be delivered (dependent upon where it is shipping from and where it's shipping to).

The delivery service we work with will ensure they phone you (our valued customer) BEFORE making a delivery. They can arrange a desirable time window with yourself. If this proves tricky, we can always reschedule distribution for another day.


3 types of Shipment available

Drop Off Delivery- 1 Crate 1 Unit

The delivery shippers we operate with will drop off your unit in one box/crate as near as we can get to your house (please keep in mind some of the delivery trucks are large and may not be able to navigate down very small streets). You will need to disposing of packaging.

Drop Off Delivery – Some Containers/packages for easy self-assembly required

Your electric scooter/electric wheelchair may be delivered in several boxes. These could be supplied curb side or right to your door dependent upon on the brand name/product, manufacturer, carrier, and other considerations.

You may be required to do some self-assembly that is not difficult or challenging. You will just need a screwdriver and to go along with some very simple steps.

White Glove Delivery of your Scooter chair in Los Angeles ($250)

This option is good if you do not want to do any self-assembly if you live in an apartment house building. A local professional will bring the unit into your home and assemble it ready to go.


Areas of Los Angeles that we offer FREE delivery on Electric scooter/Electric chairs

  • San Fernando
  • Santa Monica
  • Inglewood
  • Gardena
  • Torrance
  • Carson
  • Downey
  • Burbank
  • Glendale
  • Northridge
  • Reseda
  • Panorama City
  • Van Nuys
  • North Holywood
  • Sun Valley
  • West Los Angeles
  • Beverly Hills
  • Inglewood
  • South Los Angeles
  • Long Beach
  • South Anaheim


Areas we deliver to in the wider Los Angeles area

  • Simi Valley
  • Santa Clarita
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Palmdale
  • Oxnard
  • Camarillo
  • Ontario
  • Anaheim
  • Santa Ana
  • Irvine
  • Lancaster
  • Pasadena


After-sales Handicap scooter/wheelchair Service

You should cautiously contemplate the descriptions of your power wheelchair and think about what sort of after-sales service will be available. Scooters 'N Chairs® we will be more than pleased to satisfy any queries, but you should consider what the different adult scooter/power wheelchair brands offer after-sales. Local expert specialists who come to your home to repair/maintain your scooter/power(ed) chair can be organized if you select your unit from the range offered by these brands:


Mobile Scooter/Electric Wheelchair brands that offer After-sales options

ShopriderAfikim/AfiscootersPride MobilityDrive MedicalMerits USA<

Please consider that some brands do not offer any after-sales servicing. In this instance what is likely to happen is that a particular part will be shipped out to you in the mail and you would need to fix yourself or source your own local technician to service your mobility scooter.

Well-respected brands and suppliers may offer free in-home service, or they will charge for this per annum with a maximum of three years’ service contract available. More often, brands will give you one year free and then charge for the second and third years of service.

One brand offers 2 years free and charge for the third year, and some brands charge for 1, 2, and 3 years if you need in-home servicing as an upgrade. Please be aware no brand will offer over 3-year servicing after purchase. Please note that we cannot offer support/repairs on any products that we do not sell on our website.

Getting an electrically powered wheelchair/scooter by means of Medicare can prove exceptionally challenging so we would recommend finding funds for your product before assuming this unfeasible option.


Transportation - vehicle lifts and carriers

To explore the surrounding cities and neighbourhoods of Los Angeles you may consider afolding scooter or lightweight optionwithout sacrificing power and comfort. Whether you want to explore Glendale, Beverly Hills or Burbank travelling around is made much easier by considering avehicle liftorcarrier.

These products could give you more freedom as you can put your mobile scooter/electric wheelchair on to motor vehicle. This can open more areas/attractions as you can drive in your mobility/wheelchair and roll off.