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Q: Do you sell & ship mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Mississippi?

A: Yes! We ship all of our mobility equipment directly to customers through our network of manufacturers & logistic companies. Most of the time we ship using UPS & FedEx. but some suppliers prefer to ship using local Mississippi freight companies.

Q: Are there any brands that you don’t sell & ship to Mississippi?

As of 2019: Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, E-Wheels, EV Rider, & Afikim all ship to Mississippi.

Q: Who will repairs my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair?

If there are any issues with your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, manufacturers will repair them according to their warranty plan. Additional convenient options are available such as in-home service contracts from your retailer. We also work directly with WRS Solutions who have local repairmen in Mississippi who can come directly to your residence.

Q: Do you currently rent or lease any of your mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs?

A: We don’t currently rent or lease any of our mobility equipment. Please reach out directly if you are interested in doing so & we will happily refer you to one of our local partners in Mississippi.

Q: Do you sell & ship all different variations of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Mississippi?

A: Yes! We offer all different types of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Mississippi. We stock all the best heavy-duty, travel/portable, indoor, & outdoor mobility equipment on the market

Q: Do you have special deals or offers to residents of Mississippi?

A: We don’t currently offer any state-specific deals to residents of Mississippi. We do offer 3 nationwide giveaway programs that you could be eligible for. We have a Monthly Seniors Giveaway, twice yearly Veterans Giveaway, & twice yearly Scholarship opportunity. Please be in touch directly if you are eligible for any of these programs.

Here are a list of the cities & parts of Mississippi that we currently sell our mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to:

Abbeville MS, Abbott MS, Aberdeen MS, Ackerman MS, Adaton MS, Agricola MS, Airey MS, Airport Mail Facility MS, Albin MS, Alcorn State MS, Algoma MS, Alligator MS, Alma MS, Alpine MS, Altitude MS, Alva MS, Amistead MS, Amory MS, Anchor MS, Anguilla MS, Ansley MS, Antioch MS, Anvil MS, Arcola MS, Ariel MS, Arkabutla MS, Arlington MS, Arm MS, Arnold Line MS, Artesia MS, Ashland MS, Ashwood MS, Askew MS, Atlanta MS, Auburn MS, Austin MS, Avalon MS, Avent MS, Avon MS, Bacots MS, Bailey MS, Baird MS, Baldwyn MS, Ballardsville MS, Ballentine MS, Baltzer MS, Banks MS, Bankston MS, Banner MS, Barr MS, Barrontown MS, Bartahatchie MS, Barth MS, Barto MS, Basin MS, Bassfield MS, Batesville MS, Batson MS, Baugh MS, Baxterville MS, Bay Saint Louis MS, Bay Springs MS, Bayside Park MS, Bear Garden MS, Bear MS, Beasley MS, Beaumont MS, Becker MS, Beechwood MS, Beelake MS, Belden MS, Belen MS, Belle Isle MS, Bellefontaine MS, Belleville MS, Bellewood MS, Bells School MS, Belmont MS, Belzoni MS, Benndale MS, Benoit MS, Bentley MS, Benton MS, Bentonia MS, Benwood MS, Berclair MS, Berwick MS, Bethany MS, Bethlehem MS, Beulah MS, Bewelcome MS, Big Creek MS, Big Level MS, Bigbee MS, Bigbee Valley MS, Biggersville MS, Bigpoint MS, Biloxi MS, Binford MS, Birdie MS, Bissell MS, Black Hawk MS, Blackjack MS, Blackland MS, Blackwater MS, Blair MS, Blodgett MS, Bloody Springs MS, Blue Lake MS, Blue Mount MS, Blue Mountain MS, Blue Springs MS, Bluff MS, Bobo MS, Boggan Bend MS, Bogue Chitto MS, Bolivar MS, Boloxi MS, Bolton MS, Bon Homme MS, Booneville MS, Bouge Chitto MS, Bowdre MS, Bowman MS, Boyer MS, Boyle MS, Bradley MS, Brandon MS, Branyan MS, Braxton MS, Brazil MS, Brewer MS, Bristers Store MS, Brookhaven MS, Brooklyn MS, Brooks MS, Brooksville MS, Brownfield MS, Bruce MS, Bryant MS, Buckatunna MS, Buckhorn MS, Bude MS, Buena Vista MS, Bunkley MS, Burns MS, Burnsville MS, Burrow MS, Burtons MS, Busy Corner MS, Buxton MS, Byhalia MS, Byram MS, Cadamy MS, Cadaretta MS, Caesar MS, Caile MS, Caledonia MS, Calhoun MS, Calhoun City MS, Camden MS, Camp Shelby MS, Campbell MS, Camphill MS, Cannon MS, Canton MS, Cardsville MS, Carlisle MS, Carmichael MS, Carnes MS, Carolina MS, Carpenter MS, Carriere MS, Carrollton MS, Carson MS, Carterville MS, Carthage MS, Cary MS, Cascilla MS, Cassels MS, Cedar Hill MS, Cedarbluff MS, Center MS, Centralgrove MS, Centreville MS, Chalybeate MS, Charleston MS, Chatawa MS, Chatham MS, Cheraw MS, Cherrycreek MS, Chester MS, Chesterville MS, Chiwapa MS, Choctaw MS, Chunky MS, Church Hill MS, Clack MS, Clara MS, Clarksdale MS, Clarkson MS, Clayton MS, Clayton Village MS, Cleo MS, Clermont Harbor MS, Cleveland MS, Cliftonville MS, Clinton MS, Clove Hill MS, Coahoma MS, Cobbs MS, Coffeeville MS, Coila MS, Coldwater MS, Coles MS, Coles Creek MS, Collins MS, Collinsville MS, Colony MS, Colsub MS, Columbia MS, Columbus MS, Columbus AFB MS, Commerce MS, Como MS, Conehatta MS, Corinth MS, Cornersville MS, Corrona MS, Cotton Plant MS, Cottonville MS, Courtland MS, Cowart MS, Craig Springs MS, Crane Creek MS, Cranfield MS, Crawford MS, Crenshaw MS, Crockett MS, Crosby MS, Crossroads MS, Crotts MS, Crowder MS, Cruger MS, Crystal Springs MS, Cuevas MS, Cumberland MS, Curtis Station MS, Cybur MS, D' Lo MS, Dahomey MS, Daisy Vestry MS, Daleville MS, Dancy MS, Darbun MS, Darling MS, Darlove MS, Darracott MS, Darrington MS, Days MS, De Kalb MS, Decatur MS, Deerbrook MS, Deeson MS, Delta MS, Delta City MS, Delta State College MS, Delta State University MS, Dennis MS, Dennis Landing MS, Dentontown MS, Derby MS, Derma MS, Dexter MS, Diamondhead MS, Diberville MS, Dixie MS, Dixie Pine MS, Doddsville MS, Doloroso MS, Donegal MS, Dorsey MS, Doskie MS, Drew MS, Dry Creek MS, Dubard MS, Dubbs MS, Dublin MS, Duck Hill MS, Dumas MS, Duncan MS, Dundee MS, Dunleith MS, Durant MS, Dwiggins MS, Dwyer MS, Earlygrove MS, East Aberdeen MS, East Lincoln MS, East Moss Point MS, East Side MS, Eastabuchie MS, Eastfork MS, Eastlawn MS, Eastport MS, Eastside MS, Eatonville MS, Ecru MS, Eddiceton MS, Edinburg MS, Edwards MS, Effie MS, Eggville MS, Egypt MS, Electric Mills MS, Elizabeth MS, Ellard MS, Elliott MS, Ellistown MS, Ellisville MS, Ellisville Junction MS, Elsie MS, Eminence MS, Endville MS, Enid MS, Enon MS, Enterprise MS, Errata MS, Erwin MS, Escatawpa MS, Eskridge MS, Estill MS, Ethel MS, Etta MS, Eunice MS, Eupora MS, Eutaw MS, Evansville MS, Fair Oaks Springs MS, Fair River MS, Fairfield MS, Fairlane MS, Fairview MS, Falcon MS, Falkner MS, Fame MS, Farmhaven MS, Farmington MS, Farrell MS, Fayette MS, Fentress MS, Fernwood MS, Fitler MS, Fitzhugh MS, Flora MS, Florence MS, Flowood MS, Fontainebleau MS, Foote MS, Fords Creek MS, Forest MS, Fort Adams MS, Foxworth MS, Francis MS, French Camp MS, Friars Point MS, Friendship MS, Fulton MS, Furrs MS, Futheyville MS, Gallman MS, Gandsi MS, Garden City MS, Gatewood MS, Gattman MS, Gautier MS, Geeslin Corner MS, Geeville MS, Georgetown MS, Gibson MS, Gillsburg MS, Glade MS, Glen MS, Glen Allan MS, Glendale MS, Glendora MS, Gloster MS, Glover MS, Gluckstadt MS, Golden MS, Golden Triangle Regional Air MS, Goldfield MS, Good Hope MS, Goodfood MS, Goodman MS, Goodyear MS, Gore Springs MS, Grace MS, Grady MS, Graham MS, Grapeland MS, Gravel Siding MS, Gravestown MS, Greenbrier Park MS, Greenville MS, Greenwood MS, Greenwood Springs MS, Greenwood-Leflore Airport MS, Grenada MS, Griffith MS, Gulf Hills MS, Gulf Islands National Seasho MS, Gulf Park Estates MS, Gulfport MS, Gums MS, Gunnison MS, Guntown MS, Hamburg MS, Hamilton MS, Hampton MS, Hardy MS, Harleston MS, Harmontown MS, Harperville MS, Harriston MS, Harrisville MS, Harvey MS, Hatley MS, Hattiesburg MS, Hattiesburg South MS, Hazlehurst MS, Heads MS, Heathman MS, Heidelberg MS, Helena MS, Helm MS, Hendrix MS, Henleyfield MS, Hermanville MS, Hernando MS, Heucks MS, Hickory MS, Hickory Flat MS, Hickory Grove MS, Higgins MS, Highlandale MS, Highway Village MS, Hillhouse MS, Hillman MS, Hillsboro MS, Hillsdale MS, Hinchcliff MS, Hinds Junior College MS, Hinkle MS, Hintonville MS, Hobo Station MS, Hohenlinden MS, Holcomb MS, Holcut MS, Hollandale MS, Hollis MS, Holly Bluff MS, Holly Grove MS, Holly Ridge MS, Holly Springs MS, Hollywood MS, Holmesville MS, Holts MS, Homochitto MS, Horn Lake MS, Hot Coffee MS, Houlka MS, Houston MS, Howison MS, Hoy MS, Hurley MS, Hurricane MS, Hushpuckena MS, Ida B Wells Station MS, Inda MS, Independence MS, Indian Springs MS, Indianola MS, Industrial MS, Ingomar MS, Inverness MS, Iowana MS, Ireland MS, Irene MS, Isola MS, Itta Bena MS, Iuka MS, Jacinto MS, Jago MS, James MS, Jamestown MS, Jayess MS, Jefferson MS, Jeffries MS, Jennings MS, Jericho MS, Johnson MS, Johnston MS, Jonathan MS, Jonestown MS, Jug Fork MS, Jumpertown MS, Keesler Air Force Base MS, Keesler Field MS, Kendrick MS, Keownville MS, Kerin MS, Kilmichael MS, Kiln MS, King and Anderson MS, Kinlock MS, Kirby MS, Kirkville MS, Knoxo MS, Knoxville MS, Kokomo MS, Kola MS, Kolola Springs MS, Kosciusko MS, Kossuth MS, Kreole MS, Lackey MS, Lafayette MS, Lafayette Springs MS, Lake MS, Lake Cormorant MS, Lake View MS, Lakeshore MS, Lamar MS, Lamar Park MS, Lambert MS, Lamont MS, Laneheart MS, Lantrip MS, Larue MS, Latimer MS, Latonia MS, Lauderdale MS, Laurel MS, Lawrence MS, Laws Hill MS, Leaf MS, Leakesville MS, Learned MS, Lebanon MS, Leedy MS, Leesdale MS, Leeville MS, Leland MS, Lena MS, Lessley MS, Leverett MS, Lexie MS, Lexington MS, Liberty MS, Lightsey MS, Limbert MS, Linn MS, Little Creek MS, Little Rock MS, Little Texas MS, Litton MS, Lobdell MS, Locke Station MS, Locum MS, Lodi MS, Lombardy MS, Long MS, Long Beach MS, Longshot MS, Longtown MS, Longview MS, Looxahoma MS, Lorman MS, Louin MS, Louise MS, Louisville MS, Loyd MS, Lucas MS, Lucedale MS, Lucien MS, Ludlow MS, Luka MS, Lula MS, Lumberton MS, Lux MS, Lynn Creek MS, Lyon MS, Maben MS, Macedonia MS, Macel MS, Macon MS, Madden MS, Madison MS, Magee MS, Magenta MS, Magnolia MS, Mahned MS, Malvina MS, Mantachie MS, Mantee MS, Marie MS, Marietta MS, Marion MS, Marks MS, Mars Hill MS, Mary Holmes MS, Matherville MS, Mathiston MS, Mattson MS, Maxie MS, Maybank MS, Maybell MS, Mayersville MS, Mayhew MS, Mc Adams MS, McCall Creek MS, McCallum MS, McCarley MS, McComb MS, McCondy MS, McCool MS, McCrary MS, McCutcheon MS, McElveen MS, McHenry MS, McLain MS, McLaurin MS, McNeill MS, McRaney MS, McSwain MS, Meadville MS, Meeham MS, Melba MS, Mendenhall MS, Meridian MS, Meridian Naval Air Sta MS, Merigold MS, Merrill MS, Mesa MS, Metcalfe MS, Meyers MS, Michigan City MS, Midnight MS, Midway MS, Mile Branch MS, Mileston MS, Mill Creek MS, Mineral Wells MS, Mingo MS, Minter City MS, Miss University For Women MS, Miss Valley State Univ MS, Mississippi State University MS, Mississippi Test Facility MS, Mississippi Valley State Col MS, Mitchell MS, Mize MS, Mocarter MS, Money MS, Monroe MS, Monte Vista MS, Monticello MS, Montpelier MS, Montrose MS, Moores Mill MS, Mooreville MS, Moorhead MS, Morgan City MS, Morgantown MS, Morriston MS, Morton MS, Moselle MS, Moss MS, Moss Point MS, Mound Bayou MS, Mound City MS, Mount Carmel MS, Mount Olive MS, Mount Pleasant MS, Mount Vernon MS, Movella MS, Muldon MS, Muldrow MS, Murdock Crossing MS, Murphreesboro MS, Murphy MS, Murry MS, Myrick MS, Myrtle MS, Nason MS, Natchez MS, National Space Technology la MS, Navocean O MS, Navy Homeport MS, Necaise MS, Neely MS, Nesbit MS, Nettleton MS, New Albany MS, New Augusta MS, New Harmony MS, New Hope MS, New Sight MS, New Site MS, New MS, New Wren MS, Newhebron MS, Newport MS, Newton MS, Nicholson MS, Niles MS, Nitta Yuma MS, Nixon MS, Nola MS, Norfield MS, North Carrollton MS, North Crossroads MS, North Haven MS, North Tunica MS, Northwest Junior College MS, Noxapater MS, Oak Bowery MS, Oak Grove MS, Oak Vale MS, Oakland MS, Ocean Springs MS, Okolona MS, Oktibbeha MS, Oktoc MS, Old Cairo MS, Old Hamilton MS, Old Houlka MS, Old Union MS, Oldenburg MS, Oldham MS, Olive Branch MS, Oloh MS, Oma MS, Ora MS, Orange Grove MS, Osborn MS, Osborne Creek MS, Osyka MS, Ouetti MS, Ovett MS, Oxberry MS, Oxford MS, Ozona MS, Pace MS, Pachuta MS, Paden MS, Palmers Crossing MS, Panther Burn MS, Parchman MS, Parham MS, Paris MS, Pascagoula MS, Pasgoula MS, Pass Christian MS, Patrick MS, Pattison MS, Paul MS, Paulding MS, Paynes MS, Pearl MS, Pearlhaven MS, Pearlington MS, Pecan MS, Pecan Grove MS, Pelahatchie MS, Pendorff MS, Penns MS, Penton MS, Peoples MS, Peoria MS, Percy MS, Perkinston MS, Perrytown MS, Perthshire MS, Petal MS, Pheba MS, Philadelphia MS, Philipp MS, Phillipstown MS, Piave MS, Picayune MS, Pickens MS, Pickwick MS, Pinckneyville MS, Pine Belt Reg MS, Pine Belt Regional Airport MS, Pine Flat MS, Pine Grove MS, Pine Ridge MS, Pine Valley MS, Pinebluff MS, Pinedale MS, Pinegrove MS, Pineview MS, Piney Woods MS, Pinola MS, Pisgah MS, Pistol Ridge MS, Pittman MS, Pittsboro MS, Plantersville MS, Pleasant Grove MS, Pleasant Hill MS, Pleasant Ridge MS, Plymouth MS, Poagville MS, Pocahontas MS, Polfry MS, Pollock MS, Pontotoc MS, Pope MS, Poplar Corners MS, Poplar Creek MS, Poplar Springs MS, Poplarville MS, Port Gibson MS, Porterville MS, Possum Trot MS, Possumneck MS, Potts Camp MS, Powell MS, Powers MS, Prairie MS, Prairie Point MS, Prentiss MS, Preston MS, Pricedale MS, Prichard MS, Progress MS, Puckett MS, Pulaski MS, Pumpkin Center MS, Purvis MS, Pyland MS, Quentin MS, Quincy MS, Quitman MS, Quito MS, Rainey MS, Raleigh MS, Randolph MS, Ratliff MS, Rawls Springs MS, Raymond MS, Red Banks MS, Redstar MS, Redwood MS, Reform MS, Refuge MS, Reid MS, Rena Lara MS, Rexburg MS, Rhodes MS, Riceville MS, Rich MS, Richardson MS, Richland MS, Richmond MS, Richton MS, Ridgeland MS, Rienzi MS, Ripley MS, Rising Sun MS, Riverton MS, Robinsonville MS, Robinwood MS, Rochdale MS, Rock Hill MS, Rocky Hill MS, Roebuck MS, Rogerslacy MS, Rolling Fork MS, Rome MS, Rose Hill MS, Rosebloom MS, Rosedale MS, Rosella MS, Rosetta MS, Rough Edge MS, Roundaway MS, Roundlake MS, Roxie MS, Rudyard MS, Ruleville MS, Runnelstown MS, Ruth MS, Sabino MS, Sabougla MS, Saints Rest MS, Salem MS, Sallis MS, Saltillo MS, Sanatorium MS, Sand Hill MS, Sandersville MS, Sandhill MS, Sandy Hook MS, Sanford MS, Sapa MS, Sarah MS, Sardis MS, Sarepta MS, Sartinsville MS, Satartia MS, Saucier MS, Saukum MS, Sauls MS, Savage MS, Savannah MS, Schlater MS, Scobey MS, Scooba MS, Scott MS, Sebastopol MS, Sellers MS, Seminary MS, Senatobia MS, Seneca MS, Sessums MS, Shady Grove MS, Shannon MS, Sharkey MS, Sharon MS, Shaw MS, Shelby MS, Shellmound MS, Shepherd MS, Sherard MS, Sherman MS, Sherwood MS, Shipman MS, Shivers MS, Shubuta MS, Shuqualak MS, Sibleton MS, Sibley MS, Sidon MS, Silver City MS, Silver Creek MS, Silver Run MS, Skene MS, Skuna MS, Slate Spring MS, Slayden MS, Sledge MS, Smith MS, Smithdale MS, Smithville MS, Snow Lake Shores MS, Society Hill MS, Somerville MS, Sonora MS, Sontag MS, Soso MS, South Amory MS, South McComb MS, Southaven MS, Southern MS, Sparta MS, Splunge MS, Spring Hill MS, Springdale MS, Springville MS, Stafford Springs MS, Star MS, Starkville MS, State College MS, State Line MS, Stateline MS, Steens MS, Steiner MS, Stennis Space Center MS, Stewart MS, Stoneville MS, Stonewall MS, Stovall MS, Straight Bayou MS, Strayhorn MS, Strengthford MS, Stringer MS, Strongs MS, Sturgis MS, Success MS, Summit MS, Sumner MS, Sumrall MS, Sunflower MS, Sunnyside MS, Sunrise MS, Swan Lake MS, Sweatman MS, Swiftown MS, Swiftwater MS, Sylvarena MS, Symonds MS, Talowah MS, Taska MS, Tatum MS, Taylor MS, Taylorsville MS, Tchula MS, Teasdale MS, Ten Mile MS, Terrell MS, Terry MS, Terza MS, Thaxton MS, Thomastown MS, Thompson MS, Thorn MS, Thornton MS, Thrashers MS, Three Rivers MS, Thyatira MS, Tibbee MS, Tibbs MS, Tie Plant MS, Tillatoba MS, Tilton MS, Tinsley MS, Tiplersville MS, Tippo MS, Tishomingo MS, Toccopola MS, Tomnolen MS, Toomsuba MS, Topeka MS, Topisaw MS, Tougaloo MS, Trebloc MS, Tremont MS, Trinity MS, Troy MS, Tuckers Crossing MS, Tula MS, Tunica MS, Tupelo MS, Turnbull MS, Turon MS, Tutwiler MS, Tylertown MS, Tyro MS, Tyson MS, Union MS, Union Church MS, Union Hall MS, University of Mississippi MS, US Nav Const Batt MS, Utica MS, Utica Junior College MS, Vaiden MS, Valewood MS, Valley Hill MS, Valley Park MS, Van Buren MS, Van Cleave MS, Van Vleet MS, Vance MS, Vancleave MS, Vardaman MS, Varden MS, Vaughan MS, Velma MS, Vernal MS, Verona MS, Vicksburg MS, Victoria MS, Villa Ridge MS, Vossburg MS, Waco MS, Waddell MS, Wade MS, Wakefield MS, Wallerville MS, Wallhill MS, Walls MS, Walnut MS, Walnut Grove MS, Walters MS, Walthall MS, Wanilla MS, Wardwell MS, Washington MS, Water Valley MS, Waterford MS, Waveland MS, Waxhaw MS, Way MS, Waynesboro MS, Wayside MS, Webb MS, Weir MS, Wells MS, Wenasoga MS, Wesson MS, West MS, West Biloxi MS, West Days MS, West Lincoln MS, West Point MS, West Poplarville MS, Wheeler MS, White Apple MS, White Cap MS, White Sand MS, Whitebluff MS, Whitehead MS, Whites MS, Whites Crossing MS, Whitfield MS, Whitney MS, Wiggins MS, Wilkinson MS, Willet MS, Williamsburg MS, Winborn MS, Windsor Park MS, Wingate MS, Winona MS, Winstonville MS, Winterville MS, Woodburn MS, Woodland MS, Woodville MS, Wortham MS, Wren MS, Wright MS, Wyatte MS, Yazoo City MS, Youngs MS, Zetus MS, Zion MS, Zumbro MS

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