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Q: Do you sell & ship mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Nevada?

A: Yes! We ship all of our mobility equipment directly to customers through our network of manufacturers & logistic companies. Most of the time we ship using UPS & FedEx. but some suppliers prefer to ship using local Nevada freight companies.

Q: Are there any brands that you don’t sell & ship to Nevada?

As of 2019: Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, E-Wheels, EV Rider, & Afikim all ship to Nevada.

Q: Who will repairs my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair?

If there are any issues with your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, manufacturers will repair them according to their warranty plan. Additional convenient options are available such as in-home service contracts from your retailer. We also work directly with WRS Solutions who have local repairmen in Nevada who can come directly to your residence.

Q: Do you currently rent or lease any of your mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs?

A: We don’t currently rent or lease any of our mobility equipment. Please reach out directly if you are interested in doing so & we will happily refer you to one of our local partners in Nevada.

Q: Do you sell & ship all different variations of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Nevada?

A: Yes! We offer all different types of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Nevada. We stock all the best heavy-duty, travel/portable, indoor, & outdoor mobility equipment on the market

Q: Do you have special deals or offers to residents of Nevada?

A: We don’t currently offer any state-specific deals to residents of Nevada. We do offer 3 nationwide giveaway programs that you could be eligible for. We have a Monthly Seniors Giveaway, twice yearly Veterans Giveaway, & twice yearly Scholarship opportunity. Please be in touch directly if you are eligible for any of these programs.

Here are a list of the cities & parts of Nevada that we currently sell our mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to:

Alamo NV, Amargosa Valley NV, Anderson Acres NV, Apache NV, Arden NV, Arthur NV, Ash Springs NV, Aurora NV, Austin NV, Babbitt NV, Baker NV, Battle Mountain NV, Beatty NV, Beowawe NV, Black Springs NV, Blue Diamond NV, Bordertown NV, Bottle Creek NV, Boulder City NV, Bunkerville NV, Cactus Springs NV, Cal Nev Ari NV, Calico Basin NV, Calico Ridge NV, Caliente NV, Callville Bay NV, Cannon International Airport NV, Carlin NV, Carp NV, Carroll Station NV, Carson City NV, Carson City Mall NV, Carson Colony NV, Carson Meadows NV, Carvers NV, Caselton NV, Cave Rock NV, Centerville NV, Central Valley NV, Cherry Creek NV, Clear Creek NV, Coaldale NV, Cobre NV, Cold Spring NV, Cold Springs NV, College Park NV, Contact NV, Cordero NV, Cosgrave NV, Cottonwood Cove NV, Cottonwood Creek NV, Cover City NV, Crescent Valley NV, Crystal NV, Crystal Bay NV, Crystal Springs NV, Currie NV, Dayton NV, Deeth NV, Denio NV, Dike NV, Dixie Valley NV, Dresslerville NV, Dry Valley NV, Duck Valley NV, Duckwater NV, Dunphy NV, Dyer NV, Eagle Valley NV, East Ely NV, Echo Bay NV, Elburz NV, Elgin NV, Elk Point NV, Elko NV, Elks Point NV, Ely NV, Ely Colony NV, Emigrant Pass NV, Empire NV, Eureka NV, Fallon NV, Fallon Colony NV, Fernley NV, Frenchman NV, Gabbs NV, Galena NV, Gardnerville NV, Genoa NV, Gerlach NV, Glenbrook NV, Golconda NV, Gold Hill NV, Gold Point NV, Golden Valley NV, Goldfield NV, Goodsprings NV, Grass Valley NV, Greenbrae NV, Halleck NV, Happy Valley NV, Hawthorne NV, Hawthorne Army Ammunition Pl NV, Hazen NV, Hidden Valley NV, Highway 40 NV, Hiko NV, Humboldt NV, Imlay NV, Incline Village NV, Indian Springs NV, Indian Springs Air Force Aux NV, Ione NV, Jackass Flats NV, Jackpot NV, Jacks Valley NV, Jackson Mountain NV, Jarbidge NV, Jean NV, Jiggs NV, Johnnie NV, Jungo NV, Kelmont East NV, King River NV, Kingsbury NV, Kingston NV, Lake Village NV, Lakeridge NV, Lakeview NV, Lamoille NV, Lane NV, Lathrop Wells NV, Laughlin NV, Lawton NV, Lee NV, Lehman Caves NV, Lemmon Valley NV, Lida NV, Lincoln Park NV, Lockwood NV, Logandale NV, Lovelock NV, Lower Valley NV, Lund NV, Luning NV, Manhattan NV, Marla Bay NV, Mason NV, Mc Gill NV, McCarran NV, McCarran Airport NV, McDermitt NV, Mercury NV, Mesquite NV, Metropolis NV, Midas NV, Middlegate NV, Mill City NV, Mina NV, Minden NV, Moapa NV, Mogul NV, Montello NV, Mound House NV, Mountain City NV, Mountain Springs NV, Mustang NV, Nellis Air Force Base NV, Nelson NV, Nevada Mass NV, New Empire NV, New Washoe City NV, Nixon NV, North Fork NV, Oasis NV, Old Nevada NV, Olinghouse NV, Oreana NV, Orovada NV, Overton NV, Overton Beach NV, Owyhee NV, Pahrump NV, Palomino Valley NV, Panaca NV, Panther Valley NV, Paradise Hill NV, Paradise Valley NV, Patrick NV, Patsville NV, Pequop NV, Peterson NV, Pinewild NV, Pioche NV, Pizen Switch NV, Pleasant Valley NV, Preston NV, Primm NV, Pueblo Valley NV, Pyramid NV, Quinn River Crossing NV, Rabbit Hole NV, Rachel NV, Ragtown NV, Rancho Haven NV, Rawhide NV, Rebel Creek NV, Red House NV, Red Rock NV, Reese River NV, Reipetown NV, Reno Hilton NV, Rhyolite NV, Riverside NV, Rixie NV, Rose Valley NV, Round Hill NV, Round Mountain NV, Ruby Valley NV, Ruth NV, Rye Patch NV, Salt Wells NV, San Jacinto NV, Sand Pass NV, Sandy Valley NV, Schurz NV, Searchlight NV, Security Pacific Bank NV, Shafter NV, Shantytown NV, Sheelite NV, Sheridan NV, Sierra NV, Silver City NV, Silver Knolls NV, Silver Springs NV, Silverpeak NV, Simpson NV, Skyland NV, Sloan NV, Smith NV, Smoke Creek NV, Spanish Springs NV, Sparks NV, Spring Creek NV, Stagecoach NV, Stateline NV, Stead NV, Steamboat NV, Steptoe NV, Stewart NV, Stewarts Point NV, Stillwater NV, Sulphur NV, Sun Valley NV, Sutcliffe NV, Sweetwater NV, Tempiute NV, The Lakes NV, Thorne NV, Thousand Springs NV, Thunder Mountain NV, Tonopah NV, Tonopah Air Force Station NV, Topaz Lake NV, Topaz Lodge NV, Topaz Ranch Estates NV, Toulon NV, Tracy-Clark NV, Trinity NV, Tungsten NV, Tuscarora NV, Unionville NV, University NV, Upper Valley NV, Ursine NV, Valley of Fire NV, Valmy NV, Verdi NV, Virginia City NV, Virginia Foothills NV, Wabuska NV, Wadsworth NV, Walker Lake NV, Warm Springs NV, Washoe NV, Washoe Valley NV, Weed Heights NV, Weeks NV, Wellington NV, Wells NV, Weso NV, West Wendover NV, Whiskey Flats NV, Wilkins NV, Willow Beach NV, Winchester NV, Winnemucca NV, Winnemucca Colony NV, Wittell NV, Yerington NV, Zephyr Cove NV, Zephyr Point NV

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