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Q: Do you sell & ship mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to New Mexico?

A: Yes! We ship all of our mobility equipment directly to customers through our network of manufacturers & logistic companies. Most of the time we ship using UPS & FedEx. but some suppliers prefer to ship using local New Mexico freight companies.

Q: Are there any brands that you don’t sell & ship to New Mexico?

As of 2019: Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, E-Wheels, EV Rider, & Afikim all ship to New Mexico.

Q: Who will repairs my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair?

If there are any issues with your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, manufacturers will repair them according to their warranty plan. Additional convenient options are available such as in-home service contracts from your retailer. We also work directly with WRS Solutions who have local repairmen in New Mexico who can come directly to your residence.

Q: Do you currently rent or lease any of your mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs?

A: We don’t currently rent or lease any of our mobility equipment. Please reach out directly if you are interested in doing so & we will happily refer you to one of our local partners in New Mexico.

Q: Do you sell & ship all different variations of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to New Mexico?

A: Yes! We offer all different types of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to New Mexico. We stock all the best heavy-duty, travel/portable, indoor, & outdoor mobility equipment on the market

Q: Do you have special deals or offers to residents of New Mexico?

A: We don’t currently offer any state-specific deals to residents of New Mexico. We do offer 3 nationwide giveaway programs that you could be eligible for. We have a Monthly Seniors Giveaway, twice yearly Veterans Giveaway, & twice yearly Scholarship opportunity. Please be in touch directly if you are eligible for any of these programs.

Here are a list of the cities & parts of New Mexico that we currently sell our mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to:

Abbott NM, Abeytas NM, Abiquiu NM, Acomita NM, Agua Fria NM, Alameda NM, Alamillo NM, Alamo NM, Alamogordo NM, Albert NM, Alcalde NM, Algodones NM, Alire NM, Alma NM, Alto NM, Alto Crest NM, Amalia NM, Ambrosia Lake NM, Amistad NM, Anaconda NM, Ancho NM, Angel Fire NM, Angostura NM, Animas NM, Anthony NM, Anton Chico NM, Apache Creek NM, Apodaca NM, Arabela NM, Aragon NM, Arch NM, Arenas Valley NM, Arrey NM, Arroyo Hondo NM, Arroyo Seco NM, Artesia NM, Artesia Camp NM, Atoka NM, Aurora NM, Aztec NM, Bandelier National Monument NM, Bard NM, Barranca NM, Bayard NM, Belen NM, Bell Ranch NM, Bellview NM, Bennett NM, Bent NM, Berino NM, Bernal NM, Bernalillo NM, Bernardo NM, Beulah NM, Biklabito NM, Bingham NM, Bisti NM, Black Rock NM, Blanco NM, Bloomfield NM, Bluewater NM, Bosque NM, Bosque Farms NM, Boys Ranch NM, Brazos NM, Brimhall NM, Broadview NM, Broadview Acres NM, Buckeye NM, Buckhorn NM, Buena Vista NM, Bueyeros NM, Burnham NM, Caballo NM, Cameron NM, Campus NM, Canada de los Alamos NM, Canjilon NM, Cannon Air Force Base NM, Canoncito NM, Canones NM, Canova NM, Canyoncito NM, Capitan NM, Caprock NM, Capulin NM, Capulin Mountain National Mo NM, Carlsbad NM, Carlsbad Caverns National Pa NM, Carrizozo NM, Carson NM, Casa Blanca NM, Causey NM, Cebolla NM, Cedar Crest NM, Cedar Hill NM, Cedarvale NM, Central NM, Cerrillos NM, Cerritos NM, Cerro NM, Chaco Canyon National Monume NM, Chacon NM, Chama NM, Chamberino NM, Chamisal NM, Chamita NM, Chaparral NM, Chapelle NM, Chi Chll Tah NM, Chili NM, Chilili NM, Chimayo NM, Chloride NM, Chupadero NM, Church Rock NM, Cimarron NM, Clapham NM, Claunch NM, Clayton NM, Cleveland NM, Cliff NM, Clines Corners NM, Cloudcroft NM, Cloverdale NM, Clovis NM, Cochiti Lake NM, Cochiti Pueblo NM, Colfax NM, Columbine NM, Columbus NM, Conchas Dam NM, Continental Divide NM, Contreras NM, Coolidge NM, Cordova NM, Corona NM, Corrales NM, Coruco NM, Costilla NM, Cotton City NM, Counselor NM, Cowles NM, Coyote NM, Crossroads NM, Crownpoint NM, Cruzville NM, Crystal NM, Cuba NM, Cubero NM, Cuchillo NM, Cuervo NM, Cundiyo NM, Cuyamungue NM, Dahlia NM, Dalton Pass NM, Datil NM, Defiance NM, Deming NM, Denning NM, Derry NM, Des Moines NM, Dexter NM, Dilia NM, Dixon NM, Domingo NM, Dona Ana NM, Dora NM, Dulce NM, Dunken NM, Duran NM, Dusty NM, Eagle Nest NM, East Pecos NM, East Vaughn NM, Edgewood NM, El Ancon NM, El Cerrito NM, El Duende NM, El Guique NM, El Huerfano NM, El Llanito NM, El Llano NM, El Morro National Monument NM, El Portero NM, El Porvenir NM, El Prado NM, El Pueblo NM, El Rancho NM, El Rancho Loma Linda NM, El Rincon de los Trujillos NM, El Rito NM, El Vado NM, El Valle NM, Elephant Butte NM, Elida NM, Elk NM, Elkins NM, Embudo NM, Encino NM, Engel NM, Ensenada NM, Escobosa NM, Escondida NM, Espanola NM, Estaca NM, Estancia NM, Eunice NM, Fairacres NM, Fairview NM, Farley NM, Farmington NM, Farmington Municipal Airport NM, Faywood NM, Fence Lake NM, Fierro NM, Five Points NM, Flora Vista NM, Florida NM, Floyd NM, Flying H NM, Folsom NM, Fort Bayard NM, Fort Stanton NM, Fort Sumner NM, Fort Wingate NM, Fort Wingate Army Depot NM, Fruitland NM, Galisteo NM, Gallegos NM, Gallina NM, Gallinas NM, Gallup NM, Gamerco NM, Garfield NM, Garita NM, Garrison NM, Gavilan NM, Gila NM, Gila Cliff Dwellings Nationa NM, Gladstone NM, Glencoe NM, Glenrio NM, Glenwood NM, Glorieta NM, Gobernador NM, Golden NM, Golondrinas NM, Grady NM, Grants NM, Grenville NM, Guachupangue NM, Guadalupita NM, Guagolotes NM, Guique NM, Hachita NM, Hagerman NM, Hanover NM, Happy Valley NM, Hatch NM, Hayden NM, Hernandez NM, High Rolls NM, High Rolls Mountain Park NM, Hillsboro NM, Hobbs NM, Holloman Air Force Base NM, Hollywood NM, Holman NM, Hondo NM, Hope NM, Horse Springs NM, House NM, Hurley NM, Hyde Park Estates NM, Ilfeld NM, Isleta NM, Jacona NM, Jal NM, Jamestown NM, Jarales NM, Jemez Pueblo NM, Jemez Springs NM, Jicarilla Apache Indian Rese NM, Junta NM, Kenna NM, Kingston NM, Kirtland NM, Kirtland AFB NM, La Bolsa NM, La Cueva NM, La Jara NM, La Joya NM, La Junta NM, La Loma NM, La Luz NM, La Madera NM, La Mesa NM, La Mesilla NM, La Plata NM, La Puebla NM, La Puente NM, La Union NM, La Villita NM, Laguna NM, Lagunita NM, Lake Arthur NM, Lake Sumner NM, Lake Valley NM, Lakewood NM, Lama NM, Lamy NM, Las Cruces NM, Las Nutrias NM, Las Palomas NM, Las Placitas NM, Las Tablas NM, Las Vegas NM, Ledoux NM, Lemitar NM, Levy NM, Leyba NM, Lincoln NM, Lindrith NM, Lingo NM, Little Walnut Village NM, Little Water NM, Llano NM, Llano Quemado NM, Llaves NM, Loco Hills NM, Logan NM, Lordsburg NM, Los Alamos NM, Los Chavez NM, Los Luceros NM, Los Lunas NM, Los Ojos NM, Los Pachecos NM, Los Padillas NM, Los Ranchos de NM, Los Ranchos del Rio NM, Los Trujillos NM, Loving NM, Lovington NM, Lower Laposada NM, Lower Nutria NM, Lower Ranchito NM, Lower San Francisco Plaza NM, Lucy NM, Luis Lopez NM, Lumberton NM, Luna NM, Lyden NM, Madrid NM, Magdalena NM, Malaga NM, Maljamar NM, Mangas Springs NM, Manuelito NM, Manzano Base NM, Maxwell NM, Mayhill NM, McAlister NM, McCartys NM, McDonald NM, McGaffey NM, Medenales NM, Melrose NM, Mentmore NM, Mesa Poleo NM, Mescalero NM, Mescalero Apache Indian Rese NM, Mesilla NM, Mesilla Park NM, Mesita NM, Mesquite NM, Mexican Springs NM, Miami NM, Midway NM, Milagro NM, Milan NM, Mills NM, Milnesand NM, Mimbres NM, Mogollon NM, Montezuma NM, Monticello NM, Monument NM, Mora NM, Moriarty NM, Moses NM, Mosquero NM, Mount Dora NM, Mountain Park NM, Mountainair NM, Mule Creek NM, Nageezi NM, Nambe NM, Nara Visa NM, Naschitti NM, Navajo NM, Navajo Dam NM, Navajo Wingate Village NM, New Laguna NM, Newcomb NM, Newkirk NM, Nogal NM, North Carmen NM, North Hurley NM, North San Ysidro NM, Nutrias NM, Ocate NM, Oil Center NM, Ojito NM, Ojo Caliente NM, Ojo Feliz NM, Ojo Sarco NM, Old Laguna NM, Old Picacho NM, Omega NM, Organ NM, Orogrande NM, Paguate NM, Pajarito NM, Panorama Heights NM, Paraje NM, Pastura NM, Pecos NM, Pecos National Monument NM, Pena Blanca NM, Penasco NM, Pendaries NM, Pep NM, Peralta NM, Perea NM, Pescado NM, Petaca NM, Philmont NM, Picacho NM, Picuris NM, Pie NM, Pilar NM, Pine NM, Pine View NM, Pinedale NM, Pinehill NM, Pinon NM, Pinos Altos NM, Pintada NM, Placita NM, Placitas NM, Playas NM, Pleasant Hill NM, Pleasanton NM, Pojoaque NM, Pojoaque Valley NM, Polvadera NM, Ponderosa NM, Portales NM, Pot Creek NM, Prewitt NM, Progresso NM, Pueblito NM, Pueblitos NM, Pueblo of Acoma NM, Pueblo Pintado NM, Puerta de Luna NM, Quarteles NM, Quay NM, Quemado NM, Querinda Park NM, Questa NM, Qway NM, Radium Springs NM, Rainsville NM, Ramah NM, Ramah Community NM, Ramon NM, Ranchito NM, Ranchitos NM, Rancho West NM, Ranchos de Taos NM, Raton NM, Red Hill NM, Red River NM, Redrock NM, Regina NM, Rehoboth NM, Rencona NM, Reserve NM, Ribera NM, Rincon NM, Rinconado NM, Rio Chiquito NM, Rio Lucio NM, Rio Rancho NM, Rito de las Sillas NM, Riverside NM, Road Forks NM, Rociada NM, Rock Canyon NM, Rodarte NM, Rodeo NM, Rodey NM, Rogers NM, Romeroville NM, Rosebud NM, Roswell NM, Roswell Industrial Air Cente NM, Rowe NM, Roy NM, Ruidoso NM, Ruidoso Downs NM, Rutheron NM, Sabinal NM, Sacramento NM, Saint Vrain NM, Salem NM, San Acacia NM, San Antonio NM, San Antonito NM, San Cristobal NM, San Felipe Pb NM, San Fidel NM, San Francisco NM, San Francisco Plaza NM, San Ildefonso Pueblo NM, San Jon NM, San Jose NM, San Juan NM, San Juan Pueblo NM, San Lorenzo NM, San Mateo NM, San Miguel NM, San Patricio NM, San Pedro NM, San Rafael NM, San Ysidro NM, Sanctuario NM, Sandia Base NM, Sandia Park NM, Sandia Pueblo NM, Sanostee NM, Santa Ana Pueblo NM, Santa Clara NM, Santa Clara Pueblo NM, Santa Cruz NM, Santa FE NM, Santa Rosa NM, Santa Teresa NM, Santo Domingo Pueblo NM, Santo Nino NM, Santo Tomas NM, Sapello NM, Seboyeta NM, Sedan NM, Sedillo NM, Sena NM, Senator Clarke Field NM, Seneca NM, Separ NM, Serafina NM, Servilleta Plaza NM, Seton Village NM, Seven Rivers NM, Sheep Springs NM, Sherman NM, Shiprock NM, Sierra Blanca NM, Sierra Vista NM, Sile NM, Silver City NM, Smith Lake NM, Socorro NM, Sofia NM, Soham NM, Solano NM, Sombrillo NM, South San Ysidro NM, Springer NM, Springstead NM, Standing Rock NM, Stanley NM, Stead NM, Sunland Park NM, Sunshine NM, Sunspot NM, Taiban NM, Tajique NM, Talpa NM, Taos NM, Taos Pueblo NM, Taos Ski Valley NM, Tatum NM, Tererro NM, Tesuque NM, Tesuque Pueblo NM, Texico NM, Thomas NM, Thoreau NM, Three Rivers NM, Tierra Amarilla NM, Tijeras NM, Timberon NM, Tinaja NM, Tinnie NM, Tocito NM, Tohatchi NM, Tohlakai NM, Tolar NM, Tome NM, Torreon NM, Tortugas NM, Trampas NM, Trechado NM, Trementina NM, Tres Piedras NM, Tres Ritos NM, Truchas NM, Truth or Consequences NM, Tucumcari NM, Tularosa NM, Turley NM, Twin Lakes NM, Two Gray Hills NM, Tyrone NM, University NM, University of New Mexico NM, University Park NM, Upper Anton Chico NM, Ute Park NM, Vadito NM, Vado NM, Valdez NM, Valle Escondido NM, Vallecitos NM, Valmora NM, Vanadium NM, Vanderwagen NM, Vaughn NM, Veguita NM, Velarde NM, Ventero NM, Villanueva NM, Wagon Mound NM, Waterflow NM, Watrous NM, Weed NM, West Las Vegas NM, White Sands NM, White Sands Missile Range NM, White Sands National Monumen NM, Whites City NM, Whitewater NM, Willard NM, Williams Acres NM, Williamsburg NM, Winston NM, Yatahey NM, Yeso NM, Youngsville NM, Zia Pueblo NM, Zuni NM, Zuni Pueblo NM

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