Buy a mobility scooter in New Orleans

Buy a mobility scooter in New Orleans

Known the world over for its vibrant and rich cultural mix, New Orleans, is a MUST visit. Attracting people from all corners of the globe for its bars, music scene and incredibly rich and diverse cuisine, the city is also (mostly) mobility scooter friendly.

Some parts of New Orleans are very old, yet the good news is that it is very much geared up to be experienced by means of an electric scooter or motorized wheelchair.

We have anexpansive range of mobility scooters and power wheelchairsperfect for easy, breezy paces along Bourbon Street or the thoroughfare that is known as St. Charles Avenue.

New Orleans is generally considered to be a flat city, with some areas being under sea level. It has been described as a “bowl” but when enjoying the city, it feels mostly flat (apart from Monkey Hill which is highest point in the city).

Nearly all the big redCity Sightseeing New Orleansbuses are wheelchair and scooter accessible. There is always, ALWAYS something happening in New Orleans! So, what are you waiting for? Choose your new mobility scooter today and get touring the famous streets, beautiful, lush green neighbourhoods, Jackson Square, The French Quarter, The Garden District and some of the world’s most interesting and engaging Museums.


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Why should I buy a mobility scooter online from Scooters 'N Chairs® to use in New Orleans?

There are several advantages to buying a power scooter or power wheelchair online. Read the sections below to understand why is better to buy rather than rent a travel scooter to explore the city of New Orleans and what Scooters 'N Chairs® offer you as a valued customer.


We have a huge choice of mobility scooters delivered to you in New Orleans

Choose from our wide range of different types of mobility scooter

Here are just some of the different mobility scooters we offer:


Choose your mobility scooter in your own time without pressure

The difference between buying online and going to a showroom is that we can deliver your mobility scooter straight to you. You do not have to take the time to go and visit a showroom where you might find a limited selection and range of mobility scooters. We all know that you may be pressured in person to purchase a mobility you are not 100% happy with. One advantage of buying online is that you can research the different mobility scooters we offer in your own time and make your own decisions.


Fantastic mobility scooter customer service and advice

Once you have shortlisted some of the products you are interested in you can contact us and we will go through all the dimensions and specifications of the scooter with you. We offer caring and genuine advice over the phone and will always be here for you after you purchase your brand new mobility scooter to give guidance. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and Customer-led approach. If we think there are better mobility options for you in New Orleans then we will discuss with you and our competent and well-informed experts will ensure you buy the right mobility scooter that is meant for you.


The best value mobility scooters on the internet – we will not be beaten on price

Our prices are the cheapest on the internet. No one is cheaper than us! You find other mobility scooter outlets that will match us on price, but we are never beaten for value.

Price you see is the price you pay!

Yes, really! The price you see on our product is the price you pay. No hidden costs or extras and no sales tax added on at the end.*
*note this does not apply in the state of Georgia.

Your mobility is shipped FREE!

All products over $99 are shipped out to you for FREE. So, to reiterate the above point: all the prices you see on the website is the price you would pay. No shipping costs. This makes planning for the purchase easier as we are transparent with how much your new mobility scooter will cost.



Using a mobility scooter in and around New Orleans

As mentioned, New Orleans is mostly flat. Making it the perfect city to be explored and enjoyed using a scooter chair. It should be noted that some of the curbs and establishment entrances are difficult to navigate a scooter around. However, you will not miss much with regards to all the main attractions and places that are just bursting with life in New Orleans. The vast majority of restaurant, bars and museums have space at the entrance to leave your scooter (including Napoleon House) - as always we do not recommend leaving your unit unattended on the sidewalk.

New Orleans can be a very busy place. However, you will find that the friendly and accommodating people will move out of the way to allow you to glide through the crowds and buzzing streets. During the 1980s New Orleans City Planning Commission divided the city into 13 planning districts and 72 distinctneighbourhoods.


The French Quarter (also known as Vieux Carré)

Believed to be the oldest neighbourhood in New Orleans (French: La Nouvelle-Orléans), this district grew around the “Old Square”. The area is F-L-A-T; you will not be going up-hill in this district making it a good place to start experiencing the city on your adult scooter/electric chair.

Generally, this area has excellent curb access and the streets are kept very clean. However, please be aware that some of the sidewalks are old and perhaps not in the best condition.

This area is packed full of different types of niche shops, the famous and raucous Bourbon Street, incredible restaurant and of course different steam boat river rides.


Frenchmen Street

Known to be the most “musical” part of New Orleans boasting small bars and eclectic restaurants. From live traditional jazz to blues to reggae and rock – this is the street to cruise through on your scooter chair and take in that unmistakable vibe of “The Big Easy”.

Again, due to the age of the city some of the sidewalks are a little worn but if you watch out you will not have any problems going from place to place.

You will be pleased to learn that there are manymobile scooter/motorized wheelchair friendly restaurants, not only in Frenchmen Street, but across the city.


Uptown/Garden District

The Garden District is a delightful part of the city to visit. It contains some of the most charming neighbourhoods in the world;

  • Oretha Castle Haley
  • The Garden District
  • Irish Channel
  • Riverside
  • the Black Pearl
  • Carrollton

This district is handicap scooter accessible, and you find yourself easily driving along the sidewalks enjoying the shade of hundreds of oak trees that line the streets.



New Orleans’ Visitor Attractions

Mobility Scooter accessibility in the French Quarter/Jackson Square Jackson Square in New Orleans

The Mississippi River meanders through the heart of New Orleans and Jackson Square and the French Quarter are situated on the North side. The cultural emanation from this area of the city is intoxicating. You may not know where to look; there is so much going on. Music itself, like the The Big Muddy, meanders through the air. Smells of delicious cuisines from local recipes to world fusions make for a most the intriguing and unique aromas. It really is special place to visit.

We think the best thing about getting around this area is that it is easily enjoyed by means of your electric scooter or power(ed) chair. This area is also home to one of the most intense and colourful street party the world has ever know, The Mardi Gras.

Jackson Square is also ideal for motorised wheelchairs and electric scooters. As mentioned before, older parts of the city have cracked sidewalks and some bumps – so just watch out and you’ll be fine. This part of the French Quarter is packed full of historical landmarks, buildings, and monuments. Enjoy the street performances, musicians and artists who all add to the atmosphere of this very special place. You may require some assistance in this are of New Orleans but generally you can get around with ease.

Mobility Scooter accessibly in theAudubon Aqua Americas

This is amongst the top ranked aquariums in America and what is more – completely accessible to Handicap scooters and electric wheelchairs!

Home to more than 3,600 animals from more than 250 species and the Gulf of Mexico exhibition (which measures 17 feet deep and holds 400000 gallons of man-made saltwater) – do not even think about missing this attraction. You will experience a journey through an underwater world that lets you experience the Caribbean, the Amazon Rainforest and of course the lifeblood of New Orleans: the Mississippi River.

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park

This attraction consists of 6 main sites. Whilst every effort is made to make the sites mobile scooter friendly for some of the tours you are best enquiring ahead of your visit with your specific needs. Here will learn about Cajun culture directly from the people that live them.

The six main areas are;

  • Acadian Culture Center
  • Barataria Preserv
  • Chalmette Battlefield and Chalmette National Cemetery
  • French Quarter Visitor Center
  • Prairie Acadian Cultural Center
  • Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center

Watch an alligators play on the banks of Bayou Lafourche and explore the vast 26 acres of wetland. You will learn about the rich history of New Orleans from the Battle of New Orleans 1812 and leave feeling like you know so much more about this part of America.



Delivery of your mobility scooter/electric wheelchair from Scooters 'N Chairs®

If you missed it above, shipping above $99 is free. So, as all of our mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are over this price shipping will be F-R-E-E!

Once a product is shipped out it usually takes between 2 to 5 business days to reach the you depending on where it's shipping from and where it's shipping to.

Don’t worry about not being home for the delivery of your product. The carriers we work with will always call you (our valued customer) BEFORE making an delivery to arrange a good time with you. If we cannot agree upon a delivery time you can always rearrange delivery.

3 types of Delivery available

Drop Off Delivery- 1 Crate 1 Unit

Our delivery carriers will drop off your unit in one crate as close as we can get to your property (please keep in mind some of the delivery trucks are big and may not fit down a small street). You would open your crate and roll off your brand new mobility scooter/motorized wheelchair. You will be responsible for disposing of any packaging.

Drop Off – Several Boxes (simple self-assembly required)

In some circumstances, depending on the model/brand of you scooter/wheelchair, your product will be delivered in different boxes. These might deliver these curbside or directly to your doorstep depending on the brand, manufacture, carrier and other factors. We are always happy to discuss the intricacies of your order with you.

You may be required to do some self-assembly which is never complex or difficult. You’ll just need a screwdriver and to follow some very simple instructions.

White Glove Delivery ($250)

More suited to those who do not wish to do any self-assembly, live in an apartment block and would rather that a local technician brought the unit in to the home and made it ready for use.



After-sales Mobility Scooter Service

Choosing the right brand is important. Not only in terms of the specifications of your electric mobility scooter/wheelchair but also in considering what after-sales service support there will be. Of course, we will be on hand to answer any queries but you may want to think about the what the different brands offer. Local technicians who come to your home to service your product are available from these brands:

ShopriderAfikim/AfiscootersPride MobilityDrive MedicalMerits USA<

Some brands do not offer any after-sales servicing. In this instance what is likely to happen is that a particular part will be shipped out to you in the mail and you would need to fix yourself or source your own local technician to service your mobility scooter.

Well-respected brands and suppliers may offer free in-home service or they will charge for this per annum with a maximum of three years service contract available. More commonly, brands will offer one year free and then charge for the second and third years of service. One brand offers 2 years free and charge for the third year, and some brands charge for 1, 2, and 3 years if you want in-home service as an upgrade. Please be aware that no brand/supplier will offer over 3 year servicing after purchasing your motorized chair/scooter. If something goes wrong out of warranty, we can support you in finding a technician through our network of manufacturers. Please note that we cannot offer support/repairs on any products that we do not sell on our website.

Getting a mobility scooter through Medicare can prove extremely difficult so we would advise sourcing funds for your product a different way.


For New Orleans and travelling in general we recommend anall-terrain mobility scooteror ourtravel power wheelchairs. Obviously you will have your own plan and ideas and we are happy to discuss with you, just give our friendly customer service team an e-mail or call. You peruse ourfantastic vehicle lifts and carrierson our website. These products could give you more freedom with some of the more heavy duty mobile scooter/electric wheelchairs to put on the back of your motor vehicle. This can open up further areas/attractions as you can drive in your mobility/wheelchair and roll off.