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Buying a Power Scooter or Power Wheelchair to explore Phoenix, Arizona

Buying a Power Scooter or Power Wheelchair to explore Phoenix, Arizona

This city is scorching hot in the summer whereas the winters are rather cool. Clear skies all year round. Local Phoenicians call this city the “Valley of the Sun” – and with good reason!

The Salt River valley, comprises of Phoenix and also nearby cities such as Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Glendale and Chandler.

The general topography is flat – which is great no matter what model of scooter chair or motorized chair you want to explore this city in. This “allows the city's main streets to run on a precise grid with wide, open-spaced roadways.” You could opt for aTravel & Lightweight Mobility Scooteror aMerits Gemini Wheelchair– you will find your choice will suit Phoenix as the city is very accessible. We recommend going for comfort and the right specs that suit you over anything else.

There are mountains surrounding this city making from some spectacular views, despite being sunny 90% of the year the city is full of greenery and natural places of intrigue.


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Order your electric scooter or power(ed) chair from Scooters 'N Chairs® to explore Phoenix

Acquiring a motorized wheelchair or adult scooter online has its advantages over acquiring in a shop or store.

Peruse the tips below to expedite your choice on purchasing an electric travel scooter to discover the city of Phoenix and what Scooters 'N Chairs® can give to you as our respected buyer.


Incredible range of power scooters and power wheelchairs delivered all over Phoenix and Salt River Valley

Choose from different sorts of ranges and specs of different types of power(ed) chairs and handicap scooters

Here are just some of the different scooters and wheelchairs we offer:


Buy your power scooter online and relax – without the added pressure from a salesperson

Scooters 'N Chairs® organize delivery of your Electric scooter/wheelchair chair to wherever you need.

Do not waste time going to a second-rate showroom where you may find nothing at all that you want.

In some cases you do see one you like only to be told it is reserved for another client.

It may be a challenge for you to get to a shop if you do not currently have a mobility scooter/wheelchair – let us eliminate all this hassle. Choose your scooter/wheelchairs online, order it (FREE DELIVERY) and sit back and relax and we arrange shipment to wherever you request.We have all been harassed and intimidated (with all the sales tactics) into buying something you do not really want.

Another benefit from purchasing from the Scooters 'N Chairs® website is that you are able to take your time to consider the various products that we have on offer from wherever you are – no need to travel!

Whether you need a mobility scooter delivered to Central City or further out in locations such as Cave Creek, Sun Lakes or Chandler Heights you can peruse our site whenever you like. Generally, you only visit a showroom once but with browsing through our collection of electric adult scooters and power(ed) chairs you can come back as often as you like to explore what mobility scooter/wheelchair is right for you.

Note things down, evaluate models and gather all the information you need.

When you are prepared you can call us for some knowledgeable guidance. We have given advice and help to people living in Peoria, Glendale, and Biltmore Area. Subsequently we have delivered in these areas have many satisfied customers in Young America Home, Maryvale Village, Windsor Square, North Mountain Village, and Encato Village.


Excellent customer service from Scooters 'N Chairs®

When you have decided on your ideal handicap scooter unit that is most suited to you for district use or further travel please also contemplate ouramazing collection of carriers and vehicle lifts on sale– these can permit you to get extra use out of your new electric chair in terms of journeys and distance.

We provide considerate, truthful and frank advice. Different to other firms we are not all about a quick sale but getting the sale right for…YOU!

The expert team will ensure that you get the most-suited power(ed) chair.
If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to get in touch with Scooters ‘N Chairs today!


The cheapest mobility scooters and handicap scooters on the internet

Our electric scooters and powered wheelchairs are priced as low as any other business you will online.

Our prices are kept low (and constantly evaluated). We are aware of how difficult it can be to get an electric wheelchair through Medicare. We do not charge Medicare/private protection plans direct and we strongly suggest that you make every effort to source funds for your scooter chair by different means. Obtaining one through Medicare is probably just not going to happen..

The price you see IS the price you pay

No jokes! We are serious about this.

The price you see on our product is the price you pay. No hidden costs or extras and no sales tax added on at the end.* Free shipping (covered in more detail in the next section) and ZERO taxes!
*note this does not apply in the state of Georgia.

Your mobility is shipped FREE!

Shipping is 100% FREE on all products over $99 this means all theelectric mobility scooter and electric wheelchairrange free to distribute.

To repeat and make it clear: ALL the prices you see on the website is the price pay. No shipping costs. This makes planning for the purchase easier as we are clear with how much your new mobility scooter will cost.

Covid-19 has caused some delays in shipping all over the world. It might take two to three to deliver your unit.
We are starting to see shipping times improve and we expect to return to our 2-5 business soon.


Wheelchair and mobility scooter accessibility in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix is magnificently wheelchair accessible. Very level and one of the most accessible cities in Northern America.

The transportation system is perfect for scooter chairs electric wheelchairs. The Metro Light Rail, the Metro Buses, Amtrak, Phoenix Airport Sky Train and the Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport make up this fantastic system. The Sky Train even connects to the metro and bus systems!

Camelback Mountain/Tapatio Cliffs

Camelback Mountain Near the Scottsdale area and Tapatio is roughly 20mins north of Phoenix. Be careful you do not book a room too far up in these areas, but they are definitely worth a visit for the spectacular views alone.

Downtown Phoenix

Easy to roll around. You could spend a good week or two here. Very level and all the shops, restaurant, and museums (Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Heard Museum) are all very close to one another.


Fashion Island and Scottsdale Road are some of the nicest areas to visit in Phoenix. The area is mostly accessible. Great atmosphere here and great fun to roll around and take it all in from your mobility scooter/power(ed) wheelchair.

Phoenix Zoo

You will find this privately owned zoo near Papago Park. With around 2.5 miles of fully accessible walking pathways and 4 main areas you will love exploring this attraction on your electric scooter or power wheelchair.


Delivery of your power scooter from Scooters 'N Chairs®

All our Electric scooters and powered wheelchairs are over the $99 mark, essentially making shipment free of charge. Any order over $99 is FREE shipment.

Shipping might take between 2 to 5 business days to be delivered (dependent upon where it is shipping from and where it is shipping to).

The distribution service companies we coordinate with will guarantee they give you a call you (our valued customer) before the delivery so that we can organize an appropriate time slot. If this proves problematic, we can rearrange delivery for a different day.

3 types of Delivery available

Drop Off Delivery- 1 Crate 1 Unit

Our delivery carriers will drop off your unit in one crate as close as we can get to your property (please keep in mind some of the delivery trucks are big and may not fit down a small street). You would open your crate and roll off your brand-new mobility scooter/motorized wheelchair. You will be responsible for disposing of any packaging.

Drop Off – Several Boxes (simple self-assembly required)

In some circumstances, depending on the model/brand of you scooter/wheelchair, your product will be delivered in different boxes. These might deliver these curb side or directly to your doorstep depending on the brand, manufacture, carrier, and other factors. We are always happy to discuss the intricacies of your order with you.

You may be required to do some self-assembly which is never complex or difficult. You will just need a screwdriver and to follow some very simple instructions.

White Glove Delivery ($250)

More suited to those who do not wish to do any self-assembly, live in an apartment block and would rather that a local technician brought the unit in to the home and made it ready for use.


Phoenix City areas we deliver mobility scooters to

  • Central City
  • Encato Village
  • North Mountain Village
  • Windsor Square
  • Maryvale Village
  • Young America Home
  • Biltmore Area


Salt River Valley areas deliver mobility scooters and wheelchairs to

  • Mesa
  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe
  • Chandler
  • Gilbert
  • Glendale
  • Peoria
  • Cave Creek
  • Sun Lakes
  • Chandler Heights


After-sales electric scooter and wheelchair options

When selecting your electric wheelchair or handicap scooter please consider after-sales service. Please carefully think about what you want from your power(ed) chair and think about what sort of after-sales service will be presented.

Scooters 'N Chairs® we will be more than delighted to address any questions on after sales options/plans.

Regional specialists may come to your home to carry out maintenance/service repair on your mobility unit. This can be organized if you select your version/model/brand from the range offered by these companies:

ShopriderAfikim/AfiscootersPride MobilityDrive MedicalMerits USA<

Some brands do not offer any after-sales repairing/services.

In this instance what is likely to happen is that a particular part will be shipped out to you in the mail, and you would need to fix yourself or contact a local engineer to service your mobility scooter.

Well-respected brands and suppliers may offer free in-home service, or they will charge for this per annum with a maximum of three years’ service contract offered.

Brand Name scooters will give you one year free and then charge for the 2nd and 3rd years of service. One brand offers 2 years free and charge for the third year, and some brands charge for 1, 2, and 3 years if you need in-home servicing as an upgrade.

Please note that no brand will offer over 3-year servicing after purchase.
If something goes wrong out of warranty, we can support you in finding a technician through our network of manufacturers. Please note that we cannot offer support/repairs on any products that we do not sell on our website.

Getting a electric wheelchair/scooter through Medicare can prove extremely difficult so we would advise sourcing funds for your product before relying on this unfeasible option.


Wheelchair and Scooter lifts

You canview our terrific vehicle lifts and carrierson our website.

Vehicles and carriers give you more independence as you can put your mobility scooter/power wheelchair onto/into motor vehicle. This can open more areas/attractions to you.

Vehicle lifts and carriers unlock new freedoms and possibilities as you can put your mobile scooter/electric wheelchair on to motor vehicle. This can open more areas/attractions as you can drive and bring your mobility/wheelchair to wherever it is you want to go and roll off.

You will have your own opinions and we are more than happy to discuss these with you. Call our friendly customer service team or e-mail us. You can view our fantastic vehicle lifts and carriers on our website.