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Pre-buying Checklist

General List

1) What will the power chair be used for - everyday use, indoors, outdoors, paved or unpaved?
2) Which power chair offers the best value for money?
3) Is battery life sufficient for your range needs?
4) Is the weight capacity sufficient for yourself and any extra items you would typically carry?
5) Does the turning radius suit your home or wherever you’ll need to turn sharp corners?
6) Is the seat wide and deep enough?

Specific List

Power chairs/wheelchairs:
✓ Is the seat adjustable?
✓ Are different seat sizes available?
✓ Does the wheelchair fold?

Power Chair Mobility:
✓ What is the range of the scooter/wheelchair?
✓ How much ground clearance does the scooter/chair have?
✓ What kind of tires does this scooter/chair come with?

This checklist is for wheelchairs/power chairs. To see our mobility scooters checklist, click HERE 

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