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Let’s Talk About Price!

How much do power wheelchairs/mobility scooters cost?

A general rule of thumb concerning mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs is that having better quality, more features and greater capabilities means paying more for the product!

Customations and special options or services can also add to the final cost. Generally, the fewer customizations and options, the cheaper the market cost of the product.

The cost will mostly depend on the model of the unit and the features the model either comes with or are selected (based on user preferences).

Here’s an idea of the price ranges for different mobility vehicles:

Standard mobility scooter: $800- $2500
Heavy duty mobility scooter: $2000-$3500
Deluxe mobility scooters: $3000-$5000

Power chair, compact: $1500-$2000
Power char, standard: $2000-$3000
Power chair, HD or deluxe: $3000-$5000

Power wheelchair: $1500-$2000

Some companies offer you financing, so you can spread the cost of your mobility vehicle over a long period of time, paying as little as $80 per month. Look out for these options if spending a large sum all at once is something that may give you difficulty.

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