Buy a mobility scooter in Seattle

Buy a mobility scooter in Seattle

A most beautiful coastal city, Seattle boasts one of the most iconic skylines in the world. Known as “The Emerald City” for being a coastal hub of local culture but with luscious green forest and mountains surrounding it.

The city is ethnically diverse, bursting with an arts and music scene and respected across the USA for its educational and economic influences this city is one to visit.

From the famous Space Needle to the lively public marketplace, Pike Place Market the city of Seattle is full of mobile scooter/electric wheelchair things to do.

We will assist you in choosing the best scooter chair or motorized chair for you to get around and explore this incredible city.

We have delivered products all over the Western Seaboard including districts such as Lynnwood, Port Ludlow, Whidbey Island and Everett which are further North of Seattle. You can get a ferry to Bainbridge Island and from the explore places such as Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Orchard. You can directly from Seattle to Vashon Island and we many happy customers in around this area including Renton, Kent and Federal way. We even deliver further south of Seattle to places like Tacoma (and all local areas here - Olympia, Tumwater, Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Lakewood).

Seattle is very hilly, but you can still see so much with a power wheelchair. Despite the steep streets the city has made an obvious effort in all areas to make the city accessible. You will, surprisingly, find few other cities that offers this level of access to handicap scooters and wheelchairs.

Access to transportation is brilliant. From the light rail to water ferries, from city buses to taxis with superb wheelchair ramps – you will be able to access them all. The city’s attractions are multifarious; there is something for everyone to enjoy and get involved in. The mix of ideas, architecture and feeling of this beautiful American city is inspiring.

We deliver to all main surrounding cities and neighbourss so whether you need an electric mobility scooter in Northgate or an electric wheelchair in Ballard – we can deliver to you! Other main areas include Ballard, University District, West Seattle, Greater Duwamish and White Center.


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Why should I buy a mobility scooter online from Scooters 'N Chairs® to use in Seattle?

Buying an electric scooter or electric wheelchair online has its advantages over buying in a store or showroom. Go through the points here to help you make an informed decision about buying as supposed to renting an electric travel scooter to explore the city of Seattle and what Scooters 'N Chairs® offer you as a precious customer.

We have a vast range of mobility scooters delivered to you in Seattle

Choose from our wide range of different types of Scooter chairs and motorized wheelchairs

Here are just some of the different mobility scooters we offer:


Your electric scooter. YOUR choice. Find the right one for you without pressure

We deliver your power scooter/ power(ed) chair directly to where you are. You do not have to waste time going to a showroom where you might find nothing at all that you like. It could be a lot of fuss and trouble to get to a showroom only to be hassled and pressured with all the sales tricks in to buying something you do not really want. Another plus of purchasing online is that you can think about the different products that we have on sale from the comfort of your own home. Make notes, compare specifications, and collect all the information you need – and when you are ready you can call us for some expert advice. We have given advice and help to people living in Everett, Monroe, Lynnwod, Bothell and Poulsbo.


Fantastic mobility scooter customer service and advice

Once you have an idea of which scooter/wheelchair is best suited to you for local use or travel please also consider oursuperb selection of carriers and vehicle lifts– these can allow you to get more out of your new unit in terms of travel and further distance mobility.

Our customer care phone and e-mail are always open. We give you heart-felt, genuine advice. Unlike other companies we are not all about sales but getting the sale right for…YOU!

Our expert team will make sure that you get the most-suited mobility scooter to you. Any questions (no matter how small or trivial) are welcomed. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Scooters ‘N Chairs today!


The best value mobility scooters on the internet – we will not be beaten on price

Our products are priced as low as any other company you will find on the internet. We may be price matched but never beaten. We keep our prices low as we know how difficult it can be to get a mobility scooter through Medicare. We do not invoice Medicare/private insurance directly and we would suggest that you make every effort to source funds for your scooter chair by different means. Obtaining one through Medicare is generally an unrealistic expectation to hold.

Price you see is the price you actually pay!

No, we are not joking. Yes, you did read that right! You be happy to know that the price you see if the price you pay. No added sales tax, no hidden costs and no post-sale compulsory costs.

Yes, really! The price you see on our product is the price you pay. No hidden costs or extras and no sales tax added on at the end.* Free shipping (covered in more detail in the next section) and ZERO taxes!

*note this does not apply in the state of Georgia.

Your mobility is shipped FREE!

100% FREE shipping on all products over $99 making all of our vast mobility scooter and electric wheelchair range free to ship.

So, to reiterate the above point: all the prices you see on the website is the price you would pay. No shipping costs. This makes planning for the purchase easier as we are transparent with how much your new mobility scooter will cost.

Because of Covid-19 we would like to inform you that there may be lead-times. It might take two to three weeks depending on the product, but we are starting to see shipping waits decreasing and our suppliers are not able to ship out much faster and we expect to return to our 2-5 business days for delivery sooner rather than later.


Using a scooter/electric chair in and around Seattle

Yes, it is a fantastic city to visit for anyone, but don’t expect to be able to get around all of the streets. Much like San Francisco this place has some quite precipitous streets for an elderly scooter/electric wheelchair.

Some of the steepest streets in Seattle are:

Helen Street – 21-22% slope

Ward Street – 21.5% slope

Queen Anne Avenue slope

The Seattle Department of Transportation reports that the steepest city street in the city is Northwest 60th between 2nd and 3rd Avenues with a gradient slope of at a 28%

We recommend being able to get around any city with your electric chair by travelling with a vehicle carrying your unit. We have a good choice ofwheelchair lifts and carriersfor you to choose from.

Some of the streets can be accessed by taking a few blocks walk around them although the bus accessibility is fantastic for getting to different parts of the city. Most tourist eateries and places to stay are located on the Central Business District which generally has a slope grade of 10% or higher.

Whilst we do not deter you from visiting this city whatsoever, you want to read more about accessibility at where you can read more about the steeper streets in Seattle.

Some options to navigate around the city are:
The Shuttle Express – will take you and your chair anywhere. Handicap accessible.
Taxi – wheelchair accessible.
Metro - buses are handicap friendly.
Light Rail Transit – very easy to roll in to. Take down town for around $4.
It is best to stay North of Union and Pike – its more level. South of Union Street it gets steeper.


Seattle Visitor Attractions

You will enjoy rolling along the Seattle waterfront on the Great Puget Sound region. The Emerald City is situated on the West Coast and offers spectacular views from Alaska Way. The city is surrounded but lush evergreen trees. Hence where it gets it pleasant nickname from. In the Pioneer Square area there many old buildings and it should be noted that some of the restrooms ate not wheelchair accessible. If you stay along First Avenue you will find it very level.

Adult scooter/Electric wheelchair accessibility Alaska Way, Seattle

Elliot’s Oyster House

Situated about half-way between the new Ferris Wheel and the ferry boat terminal. Level waterfront and no incline makes this a fun place to explore. This is an elegant and most beautiful restaurant. No steps, easy to navigate and very spacious. Clean and very easily accessed restrooms. This is a top seafood restaurant for mobile wheelchair users. The staff and food are amazing!

Wheelchair accessible – it has been engineered to be wheelchair accessible and you can roll right on. You will have great time enjoying the views of Seattle on this top attraction.

Seattle Ferry Terminal

If you want to have an adventure, then get on the ferry boats. Very accessible! Roll on right, accessible elevators and restrooms. The cruise boats leave from Pier 66, downtown on the waterfront – and also Pier 91 – 2.5 miles north – so plan some transportation. The boats are so easy to get on. Great restrooms. They have around 20 wheelchair accessible stay rooms – a great trip!

Pacific Science Museum/The Experience Music Project

In the Lower Queen Anne neighbourhood, you will find close by the Space Needle, The Experience Music Project and science centre itself, all key areas – all very scooter chair/ motorized chair accessible.

Parking can be a challenge – one-way streets and odd shapes to the buildings – it is best to valet park at the Space Needle. You can also get there from the Westlake Shopping Mall via the monorail which is also wheelchair accessible.

Pike’s Market Place

Saved by the locals a few years ago this has become such a great part of the city to have fun in. The hustle and bustle of this market is a joy to experience. You’ll find the best of the local produce right here. With over 200 different outlets and dozens of restaurants you will be able to enjoy that vast majority of the market on your electric mobility scooter/chair.

The key to visiting this place is to park at the best spot. Western Avenue has two ideal lots - right next to the elevator, up to the sky bridge and straight in to the centre.

The marker place has 4 huge restrooms and are very accessible but not well-marked. Bear in mind that some of the restaurants are not accessible (much like The Underground – it just is not accessible).


Delivery of your mobility scooter/electric wheelchair from Scooters 'N Chairs®

As mentioned, all shipping above $99 is free. All our motorized wheelchair and powered wheelchairs are over the $99 mark, essentially making shipping free.

From the moment a product is shipped it can take between 2 to 5 business days to be delivered (dependent upon where it is shipping from and where it's shipping to).

You do not need to worry about being home for the delivery of your power wheelchair/mobility scooter. The carriers we operate with will ensure they call you (our respected buyer) PRIOR TO making a distribution so that we can organize a suitable time window with yourself. If this proves difficult, we can always rearrange delivery for another day.

3 types of Delivery available

Drop Off Delivery- 1 Crate 1 Unit

Our delivery carriers will drop off your unit in one crate as close as we can get to your property (please keep in mind some of the delivery trucks are big and may not fit down a small street). You would open your crate and roll off your brand new mobility scooter/motorized wheelchair. You will be responsible for disposing of any packaging.

Drop Off – Several Boxes (simple self-assembly required)

In some circumstances, depending on the model/brand of you scooter/wheelchair, your product will be delivered in different boxes. These might deliver these curb side or directly to your doorstep depending on the brand, manufacture, carrier and other factors. We are always happy to discuss the intricacies of your order with you.

You may be required to do some self-assembly which is never complex or difficult. You’ll just need a screwdriver and to follow some very simple instructions.

White Glove Delivery ($250)

More suited to those who do not wish to do any self-assembly, live in an apartment block and would rather that a local technician brought the unit in to the home and made it ready for use.


Other areas we deliver mobile scooters and electric wheelchairs to in and around Seattle

  • Northgate
  • Ballard
  • University District
  • West Seattle
  • Greater Duwamish
  • Rainier Valley
  • White Center
  • Tukwila
  • Burien
  • Bryn Mawr-Skyway


Areas we deliver to in great Seattle metropolitan area

  • Whidbey Island
  • Everett
  • Port Ludlow
  • Monroe
  • Lynnwod
  • Bothell
  • Poulsbo
  • Silverdale
  • Bainbridge Island
  • Bremerton
  • Port Orchard
  • Vashon Island
  • University Place
  • Lakewood
  • Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • Olympia
  • Tumwater
  • Puyallup
  • Buckley
  • Renton
  • Kent
  • Federal Way
  • Tacoma
  • Issaquan
  • Snoqualmie
  • North Bend
  • Sammamish
  • Redmond


After-sales Mobility Scooter Service

Choosing the correct brand is important with regards to after-sales service. You should carefully consider the specifications of your electric scooter chair and think about what sort of after-sales service will be available. Scooters 'N Chairs® we will be more than happy to answer any queries, but you should consider what the different adult scooter/power wheelchair brands offer after-sales. Local technicians who come to your home to service your product can be arranged if you select your model from the range offered by these brands:

ShopriderAfikim/AfiscootersPride MobilityDrive MedicalMerits USA<

Please consider that some brands do not offer any after-sales servicing. In this instance what is likely to happen is that a particular part will be shipped out to you in the mail and you would need to fix yourself or source your own local technician to service your mobility scooter.

Well-respected brands and suppliers may offer free in-home service, or they will charge for this per annum with a maximum of three years’ service contract available. More often, brands will give you one year free and then charge for the second and third years of service. One brand offers 2 years free and charge for the third year, and some brands charge for 1, 2, and 3 years if you need in-home servicing as an upgrade. Please be aware no brand will offer over 3-year servicing after purchase. If something goes wrong out of warranty, we can support you in finding a technician through our network of manufacturers. Please note that we cannot offer support/repairs on any products that we do not sell on our website.

Getting a electric wheelchair/scooter through Medicare can prove extremely difficult so we would advise sourcing funds for your product before relying on this unfeasible option.


For the city of Seattle and travelling in general we recommend anall-terrain mobility scooteror our travel power wheelchairs. You will have your own ideas and we are more than willing to discuss these with you. Call our friendly customer service team or e-mail us. You can view our fantastic vehicle lifts and carriers on our website. These products could give you more freedom as you can put your mobile scooter/electric wheelchair on to motor vehicle. This can open more areas/attractions as you can drive in your mobility/wheelchair and roll off.