Purchase a Power Scooter or Power Wheelchair in Tampa, Florida

Purchase a Power Scooter or Power Wheelchair in Tampa, Florida

The Floridian City of Tampa is located on an inlet on the far west coast of Florida. Other major areas/cities we service and deliver to in this area are St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbour and Lakeland.

The boundaries of the Tampa Bay Area vary depending on the local authority or local people you speak to, but generally speaking you can consider Hillsborough County and Pinellas County (including the aforementioned cities of Tampa itself, St Petersburg and Clearwater)to constitute the “most limited definition” of the Tampa Bay area.

A typical Tampa day is sunny, clear with a light breeze – making it such a great place to roll around in. It mixes a cosmopolitan feel with party beach holiday seamlessly. Industry and job markets are on the rise in this city, and it is attracting people from all over the world.

You will be pleased to learn that Tampa has made a concerted effort over recent years to “inspire all travellers to love Tampa Bay, and this includes travellers with special needs” says Santiago C. Corrada, president and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay [source: https://www.visittampabay.com/media/news/post/visit-tampa-bay-markets-destinations-accessibility-and-inclusivity-for-travelers-with-disabilities/]

With broad sidewalks and paths many attractions have created special access for individuals choosing to explore the city on a mobility scooter, electric wheelchair (Tampa Riverwalk and Lettuce Lake Park are just some of the great areas to explore.)

You will find that some of the attractions have ZERO steps making it such an enjoyable city to experience on a motorized wheelchair or handicap scooter.


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Reasons why you should buy a power scooter online from Scooters 'N Chairs® to use in Tampa

We are of the opinion that showrooms tend to have bossy salespeople trying to make a quick buck and pressure you in to choosing from their limited range. Think about it – you have to go to the showroom, only to find a limited selection of stock and the inevitable approach from the salesperson homing in on you to make a sale. We advise that you do the research FIRST. We have a plethora of products to browse through. From3-Wheel Mobility ScooterstoHeavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairsyou can find the product that is right for YOU in YOUR own time.

Examine the specifications, dimensions, compare prices on other websites if you want to (although you will find we are offer the most competitive price online – we will not be beaten on price that is for sure!).

Think about the pointers below – we want to support you in making the correct choice when acquiring your motorized chair. Buying is always better than renting an electric mobility scooter to explore the gorgeous Floridian city of Tampa. At Scooters 'N Chairs® we believe you should make your motorized chair your own. You will much prefer to use your own unit than borrow – it may not feel right, it may not have the right features – you will always feel more comfortable in YOUR OWN chair.

From elderly scooters, handicap scooters to electric wheelchairs we deliver them all to you in Tampa and surrounding cities and neighbourhoods

Choose from a plethora of different types of scooter chairs and power wheelchairs

Here are just some of the different scooters and wheelchairs we offer:


Your mobility scooter. Your electric wheelchair. YOUR choice. Take time to choose the right product

We will deliver your power scooter/power(ed) chair directly to where you are. We have delivered and helped secure serving all over Tampa City, including Ybor City, South Tampa, University Square and many more.

You do not have to waste time going to a showroom where you might find nothing at all that suits you or your needs. When mobility is important it can be a lot of trouble to get to a showroom. You may live in areas that do not have any good showrooms close by and there might not be a travel network to support your journey. Especially if you reside in further out areas from Tampa like Spring Hill, Land O'Lakes and St Leo.

You can think about the different scooters or chairs that will suit you and when YOU feel comfortable with a few options give us a call us for some gracious and specialist advice. We have given advice and help to people all over the Tampa area; from Westshore and Northwest Tampa to Citrus Park Community and New Tampa – we are for you!


Find a wheelchair carrier or electric scooter vehicle lift

We have agood selection of carriers and vehicle lifts– these can allow you to get from further away areas such as Pinecrest West Park, Drew Park, Beach Park, Tampa Heights or Davis Islandas by use of a car or truck and bring your mobility scooter with you. Once in Tampa you can park up your vehicle and roll off ready to explore!

We have a chat portal on the website, open phone lines and we are very responsive to e-mails. Do not be shy…we offer compassionate and honest advice. Unlike other companies we are not all about sales but getting the sale right for…YOU!

The professional group of experts we have ready to help you want to make sure that you get the best-suited electric scooter to you. Ask any question you like – we are here for you.


The cheapest Elderly/Adult scooters and wheelchairs on the net – no one will beat us on price

Our scooters and chairs are set at a price that guarantees value for money - as low down as any other electric wheelchair business you will see across the internet. We may be price matched but never beaten. Our prices are kept low - we know how tough it can be to get a power(ed) chair/power scooter through Medicare.

We do not invoice Medicare/private insurance directly and we would suggest that you make every single attempt to source funds for your scooter chair by different means.

Obtaining a scooter chair through Medicare is generally very unlikely.

Price you see is the price you actually pay!

No, we are not joking. Yes, you did read that right! You will be delighted to realize that the cost you see is the amount you pay. No additional sales tax, no concealed costs, and no post-sale obligatory costs.

Yes, it is TRUE! The price you see on your mobility scooter, power chair, vehicle lift/carrier is the price you pay. No secret costs or additions and no sales tax added on at the end. * Free shipment (covered in more detail in the next section) and ZERO taxes!

*note this does not apply in the state of Georgia.

Your mobility is shipped FREE!

100% FREE shipping on all products over $99 making all our vast mobility scooter and electric wheelchair range free to ship.

All the shipping rates you see on the website is the set price you would pay. No shipping costs at all. This makes planning for the purchase easier as we are clear about with how much your new electric chair scooter will cost.

Because of Covid-19 we would like to notify you that there may be waiting times. It might take two to three weeks dependent on the product, but we are starting to see distribution waits get faster. Our providers are not able to ship out much faster and we expect to return to our 2-5 business days for delivery of your mobile electric scooter sooner rather than later.


Tampa Visitor Attractions

As we have already mentioned – Tampa is incredibly accessible and wheelchair friendly. There is just SO MUCH you can enjoy in Tampa on your electric wheelchair.

The city boasts vast green spaces within the busyness of the city, enjoying nature in this city make it very special. Plenty of theme parks, restaurants, bars and museums – history and modern culture blended perfectly.

Henry B. Plant Museum

The Bay Area boasts the incredible minarets of this spectacular museum. Gracing the Tampa skyline this building/museum is wheelchair accessible. There are ramps located at crucial points to enter the building.

Busch Gardens & Adventure Island

This theme park opened on March 31st, 1959 and now consists of 4 main parks. It has an African theme and is easily one of the largest zoological institutes with some 300+ acres and well over 2,700 animals.

Ride Accessibility Program

Busch Gardens have a Ride Accessibility Program (RAP) – it allows, through ride design and planning for as many people as possible to enjoy the rides. This also includes reducing queue times (and sometimes allowing you to not have to wait at all).
Read more aboutride accessibility guidelines and information.

The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City

This has been a family restaurant for 115 years. This is more than just a meal – it is a whole experience of “cuisine time-travel”.

The main entrance has a step but the staff will soon show you to another entrance which is very accessible. There is a dedicated solo bathroom which has wheelchair access.

iFLY Tampa

You’re probably thinking we are going to advise against trying to visit this attraction – but, no. Guess what!? iFLY offer anAll Abilities programmeaning you can experience indoor skydiving if you have physical or cognitive challenges. You will get specialist advice and assistance with your flight suit and helmet. Highly trained, “world-class” iFLY instructors will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. Always call ahead to discuss your type of electric scooter or electric chair and suitability. Some chairs may be better suited to such activities – you can always call us!


Delivery of your electric wheelchair/electric Scooter chair from Scooters 'N Chairs® in Tampa

As stated, the entire range above $99 is subject to FREE delivery. From elderly scooters to Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs – they are all over $99, so: shipping is free.

From the moment a product is shipped it can take between 2 to 5 business days to be delivered (dependent upon where it is shipping from and where it's shipping to).

You do not need to worry waiting in at home for the delivery of your personal mobility scooter. The delivery service we work with will ensure they phone you (our valued customer) BEFORE making a delivery. They can organize a preferable time window for yourself. If this proves tricky, we can always reschedule distribution for another day.

3 types of Shipment available

Drop Off Delivery- 1 Crate 1 Unit

The distribution shippers we work with will drop off your unit in one box/crate as near as we can get to your property (please keep in mind some of the delivery trucks are large and may not be able to navigate down very small streets).

Upon successful delivery you would then unpack your crate and roll off your brand-new power scooter/power wheelchair. You will be responsible for disposing of any packaging.

Drop Off Delivery – Some Boxes/packages for easy self-assembly required

Sometimes, dependent on the model/brand of you scooter/wheelchair, your product will be delivered in several boxes. These could be delivered curb side or right to your front door dependent upon on the brand name/product, manufacturer, carrier, and other considerations. We are always happy to discuss the intricacies of your order with you.

You may be required to do some self-assembly that is not difficult or challenging. You will just need a screwdriver and to go along with some very simple guidelines.

White Glove Delivery of your electric scooter in Tampa ($250)

More suitable to individuals who do not desire to do any self-assembly of if you live in an apartment building and would prefer that a local specialist transported the unit into your home and made it ready to go.


Other areas of Tampa City area we offer unrivalled value and FREE delivery on Scooter chair/power wheelchairs

  • Ybor City
  • South Tampa
  • Sun Bay South
  • Westshore
  • Northwest Tampa
  • Citrus Park Community
  • New Tampa
  • Tampa Palms
  • Uptown Tampa
  • University Square
  • Lowry Park North
  • Pinecrest West Park
  • Drew Park
  • Beach Park
  • Tampa Heights
  • Davis Islandas

Areas we deliver to in the wider Tampa Bay area

  • Palm Harbor
  • Clearwater
  • St. Petersburg
  • Brandon
  • Apollo Beach
  • Lutz
  • Land O' Lakes
  • Lakeland
  • Spring Hill


After-sales Handicap scooter/wheelchair Service

Selecting the correct product is essential with regards to after-sales assistance and maintenance. You should cautiously contemplate the descriptions of your power wheelchair and think about what sort of after-sales service will be available.

Scooters 'N Chairs® we will be more than pleased to satisfy any queries, but you should consider what the different adult scooter/power wheelchair brands offer after-sales.

Local expert professionals who come to your home to repair/maintain your scooter/power(ed) chair can be organized if you select your unit from the range offered by these brands:

Mobile Scooter/Electric Wheelchair brands that offer After-sales options

ShopriderAfikim/AfiscootersPride MobilityDrive MedicalMerits USA<

Please consider that some brands do not offer any after-sales servicing. In this instance what is likely to happen is that a particular part will be shipped out to you in the mail and you would need to fix yourself or source your own local technician to service your mobility scooter.

Well-respected brands and suppliers may offer free in-home service, or they will charge for this per annum with a maximum of three years’ service contract available. More often, brands will give you one year free and then charge for the second and third years of service.

One brand offers 2 years free and charge for the third year, and some brands charge for 1, 2, and 3 years if you need in-home servicing as an upgrade. Please be aware no brand will offer over 3-year servicing after purchase. If something goes wrong out of warranty, we can support you in finding a technician through our network of manufacturers.

Please note that we cannot offer support/repairs on any products that we do not sell on our website.
Getting an electrically powered wheelchair/scooter by means of Medicare can prove exceptionally challenging so we would recommend finding funds for your product before assuming this unfeasible option.

Transportation - vehicle lifts and carriers

To explore the surrounding cities and neighbourhoods of Tampa you may consider afolding scooter or lightweight optionwithout sacrificing power and comfort.

Whether you want to explore Tampa Heights, Brandon or Spring Hill travelling around is made much easier by considering avehicle liftorcarrier.

These products could give you more freedom as you can put your mobile scooter/electric wheelchair on to motor vehicle. This can open more areas/attractions as you can drive in your mobility/wheelchair and roll off.

You may have a few questions at this point, and we are more than happy to chat through with you. Call our welcoming consumer assistance team or e-mail us. You can view our terrific vehicle lifts and carriers on our website.