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Travel Power Chairs

Travel Power Chairs are the smallest and lightest of the power chair group. Featuring excellent turning radius, they can be used well in tight spaces. These chairs are designed to be transport friendly and they can be disassembled into  a few lightweight pieces.

Travel power chairs work best in the following places: indoors, on fairly smooth surfaces like sidewalks, or inside stores. Due to their reduced weight and compact size, they are best suited for people under 250 pounds and less than 6 feet tall. These chairs are also the least expensive of electric wheelchairs in the power chair market.

Full Sized Power Chairs

Full-Sized Power Chairs are much larger and more complex than travel power chairs and rank in the upper tier of comfort when compared with all other electric mobility vehicles. They are available in a wide variety of prices and options to fit your needs and budget and often feature extremely customizable options in areas such as seat height or size.

Full sized power chairs run on powerful batteries that will take you where you want to go all day without any problem. Upgraded seats are available if you want that extra luxury, and some even come with options like all-terrain tires if you think you’ll need to take your chair on unpaved areas.

These chairs have at least a weight capacity starting at 300 pounds (135 kg) and often go up past 400 pounds (180 kg). Perfect for everyday, all day usage, and with a fantastic range of options and prices, many people opt for a full sized power chair.

Heavy-Duty Power Chairs

Heavy-Duty Power Chairs incorporate the best features of full-sized chairs but have further upgraded and reinforced frames, motors and batteries to give optimal performance with the higher weight customer in mind. You can also find models designed to be more suited to unpaved or icy terrain.

The heavy-duty power chair’s added width and weight provides an extra safe and stable base, while seats are available in widths up to 32 inches, handling weights up to 600 pounds.

Let’s face it - heavy-duty power chairs do tend to cost more. What you’re paying for is higher durability, quality, weight capacity, stability and performance in more challenging areas.

Types of Power Assists

These are basically add-on devices that allow you to convert a standard wheelchair into a power wheelchair. Thereby maintaining all the advantages of manual wheelchairs, like super compact folding but allowing the user to be more independent and not get tired from propelling the chair manually. 

You wont get as much selection with power wheelchairs as you would with scooters or powerchairs.

Of all power wheelchairs, there is one model that offers particularly high portability and that’s the Pride Jazzy Passport - well worth a look. Its sleek, modern and super, super handy.

This article is about wheelchairs/power chairs. Our article on electric scooters is HERE

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