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Q: Do you sell & ship mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Washington?

A: Yes! We ship all of our mobility equipment directly to customers through our network of manufacturers & logistic companies. Most of the time we ship using UPS & FedEx. but some suppliers prefer to ship using local Washington freight companies.

Q: Are there any brands that you don’t sell & ship to Washington?

As of 2019: Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, E-Wheels, EV Rider, & Afikim all ship to Washington.

Q: Who will repairs my mobility scooter or electric wheelchair?

If there are any issues with your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair, manufacturers will repair them according to their warranty plan. Additional convenient options are available such as in-home service contracts from your retailer. We also work directly with WRS Solutions who have local repairmen in Washington who can come directly to your residence.

Q: Do you currently rent or lease any of your mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs?

A: We don’t currently rent or lease any of our mobility equipment. Please reach out directly if you are interested in doing so & we will happily refer you to one of our local partners in Washington.

Q: Do you sell & ship all different variations of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Washington?

A: Yes! We offer all different types of mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to Washington. We stock all the best heavy-duty, travel/portable, indoor, & outdoor mobility equipment on the market

Q: Do you have special deals or offers to residents of Washington?

A: We don’t currently offer any state-specific deals to residents of Washington. We do offer 3 nationwide giveaway programs that you could be eligible for. We have a Monthly Seniors Giveaway, twice yearly Veterans Giveaway, & twice yearly Scholarship opportunity. Please be in touch directly if you are eligible for any of these programs.

Here are a list of the cities & parts of Washington that we currently sell our mobility scooters & electric wheelchairs to:

Aberdeen WA, Aberdeen Gardens WA, Acme WA, Adco WA, Addy WA, Adelaide WA, Adelma Beach WA, Adna WA, Adrian WA, Aeneas WA, Agate Beach WA, Agnew WA, Ahtanum WA, Airway Heights WA, Ajlune WA, Albion WA, Alder WA, Alder Grove WA, Alderton WA, Alderwood Manor WA, Alger WA, Algona WA, Allen WA, Allentown WA, Allyn WA, Almira WA, Aloha WA, Alpental WA, Alpha WA, Amanda Park WA, Amber WA, Amboy WA, American Lake WA, Ames Lake WA, Anacortes WA, Anatone WA, Anderson Island WA, Annapolis WA, Appleton WA, Appleyard WA, Ardenvoir WA, Argyle WA, Ariel WA, Arletta WA, Arlington WA, Artondale WA, Ashford WA, Asotin WA, Auburn WA, Ault Field WA, Avondale WA, Azwell WA, Bainbridge Island WA, Bakerview WA, Ballard WA, Bangor WA, Bangor Submarine Base WA, Baring WA, Basin City WA, Battle Ground WA, Battleground WA, Bay Center WA, Bay City WA, Beacon Hill WA, Beaux Arts WA, Beaver WA, Beaver Valley WA, Beckett Point WA, Belfair WA, Bellingham WA, Belmont WA, Bench Drive WA, Benge WA, Benton City WA, Bethel WA, Beverly WA, Bickleton WA, Bingen WA, Birch Bay WA, Bitter Lake WA, Black Diamond WA, Blaine WA, Blaine Air Force Station WA, Blakely Island WA, Blewett WA, Blyn WA, Bodie WA, Bogachiel WA, Boistfort WA, Bonney Lake WA, Boston Harbor WA, Bothell WA, Bow WA, Boyds WA, Brady WA, Breidablick WA, Brem WA, Bremerton WA, Brewster WA, Bridgeport WA, Brier WA, Brinnon WA, Broadway WA, Browns Point WA, Brownstown WA, Brownsville WA, Brush Prairie WA, Bryant WA, Bryn Mawr WA, Buckley WA, Bucoda WA, Buena WA, Bunker WA, Burbank WA, Burien WA, Burley WA, Burlington WA, Burnett WA, Burton WA, Camano City WA, Camano Island WA, Camas WA, Camp Murray WA, Camp Union WA, Cape Flattery WA, Capitol Hill WA, Carbonado WA, Carlisle WA, Carlsborg WA, Carlson WA, Carlton WA, Carnation WA, Carriage Hill WA, Carrolls WA, Carson WA, Cascade WA, Cashmere WA, Castle Rock WA, Cathlamet WA, Cedar Falls WA, Cedarview WA, Cedarville WA, Cedonia WA, Center WA, Centerville WA, Central Park WA, Central Valley WA, Centralia WA, Ceres WA, Chattaroy WA, Chehalis WA, Chelan WA, Chelan Falls WA, Chelatchie WA, Cheney WA, Chenois Creek WA, Chesaw WA, Chewelah WA, Chico WA, Chimacum WA, Chinook WA, Chuckanut WA, Chumstick WA, Cinebar WA, Clallam Bay WA, Claquato WA, Clarkston WA, Clayton WA, Cle Elum WA, Clearbrook WA, Clearlake WA, Clearview WA, Clearwater WA, Cliffdell WA, Clinton WA, Clyde Hill WA, Coal Creek WA, Cohasset Beach WA, Colbert WA, Colby WA, Colchester WA, Colfax WA, College Place WA, Colton WA, Columbia WA, Colville WA, Conconully WA, Concrete WA, Connell WA, Conway WA, Copalis Beach WA, Copalis Crossing WA, Cosmopolis WA, Cottage Lake WA, Cougar WA, Coulee City WA, Coulee Dam WA, Coupeville WA, Covington WA, Cowiche WA, Crane WA, Crescent Beach WA, Crescent Valley WA, Creston WA, Crewport WA, Crocker WA, Cromwell WA, Crosby WA, Crown Hill WA, Crystal Mountain WA, Cumberland WA, Cunningham WA, Curlew WA, Curtis WA, Cushman Dam WA, Cusick WA, Custer WA, Dabob WA, Dallesport WA, Danville WA, Darrington WA, Davenport WA, Dayton WA, Deckerville WA, Deer Harbor WA, Deer Lake WA, Deer Park WA, Deming WA, Denny Creek WA, Des Moines WA, Desert Aire WA, Diablo WA, Diamond WA, Diamond Point WA, Dieringer WA, Disautel WA, Discovery Bay WA, Dixie WA, Dockton WA, Doebay WA, Donald WA, Doris WA, Doty WA, Douglas WA, Dryad WA, Dryden WA, Dungeness WA, Dupont WA, Duvall WA, Duwamish WA, Earlmount WA, East Bremerton WA, East Farms WA, East Olympia WA, East Port Orchard WA, East Quilcene WA, East Selah WA, East Union WA, East Wenatchee WA, Eastgate WA, Eastmont WA, Easton WA, Eastsound WA, Eatonville WA, Edgewood WA, Edison WA, Edmonds WA, Edwall WA, Eglon WA, Elbe WA, Eldon WA, Electric City WA, Electron WA, Elger Bay WA, Elgin WA, Elk WA, Elk Plain WA, Ellensburg WA, Ellisford WA, Elma WA, Elmer City WA, Eltopia WA, Endicott WA, Enetai WA, Entiat WA, Enumclaw WA, Ephrata WA, Erlands Point WA, Espanola WA, Ethel WA, Evaline WA, Evans WA, Everett WA, Everson WA, Ewan WA, Fairchild Air Force Base WA, Fairfield WA, Fairhaven WA, Fairholm WA, Fairview WA, Fairwood WA, Fall City WA, Farmer WA, Farmington WA, Federal Way WA, Ferndale WA, Fernwood WA, Fife WA, Finley WA, Fircrest WA, Firdale WA, Firwood WA, Five Corners WA, Fobes Hill WA, Ford WA, Fords Prairie WA, Forest WA, Forest City WA, Forest Park WA, Forks WA, Fort Flagler WA, Fort Lawton WA, Fort Lewis WA, Fort Steilacoom WA, Fort Worden WA, Four Corners WA, Four Lakes WA, Fox Island WA, Fragaria WA, Frances WA, Freeland WA, Freeman WA, Friday Harbor WA, Fruitland WA, Fruitvale WA, Gales Addition WA, Galvin WA, Garden City WA, Gardiner WA, Garfield WA, Gate WA, George WA, Gibson Creek WA, Gifford WA, Gig Harbor WA, Gilberton WA, Glacier WA, Gleed WA, Glen Cove WA, Glencove WA, Glenoma WA, Glenwood WA, Gold Bar WA, Goldendale WA, Goose Prairie WA, Gorst WA, Graham WA, Grand Coulee WA, Grand Mound WA, Grandview WA, Granger WA, Granite Falls WA, Grant Road Addition WA, Grapeview WA, Gray Gables WA, Grayland WA, Grays Harbor City WA, Grays River WA, Green Bluff WA, Greenacres WA, Greenbank WA, Greenwater WA, Greenwood WA, Grisdale WA, Grotto WA, Guemes WA, Guerrier WA, Hadlock WA, Hamilton WA, Hanford Works WA, Hansville WA, Harbor Heights WA, Harmony WA, Harper WA, Harrah WA, Harrington WA, Harstine WA, Hartford WA, Hartline WA, Harwood WA, Hatton WA, Havillah WA, Hay WA, Hazel Dell WA, Hazelwood WA, Heather WA, Heisson WA, Herron Island WA, Highlands WA, Hillgrove WA, Hobart WA, Hoko WA, Holcomb WA, Holden Village WA, Holly WA, Home WA, Hoodsport WA, Hooper WA, Hoquiam WA, Horseshoe Lake WA, Houghton WA, Humptulips WA, Hunters WA, Hunts Point WA, Husum WA, Hyak WA, Ilwaco WA, Inchelium WA, Index WA, Indian Island WA, Indianola WA, Inglewood WA, Interbay WA, International WA, Ione WA, Irondale WA, Island Lake WA, Issaquah WA, Jovita WA, Joyce WA, Juanita WA, Junction City WA, Kahlotus WA, Kalalock WA, Kalama WA, Kalber WA, Kamilche WA, Kanaskat WA, Kapowsin WA, Keller WA, Kellys Korner WA, Kelso WA, Kendall WA, Kenmore WA, Kenn WA, Kennard Corner WA, Kennewick WA, Kennydale WA, Kenroy WA, Kent WA, Ketron Island WA, Kettle Falls WA, Kewa WA, Key Center WA, Keyport WA, Kingsgate WA, Kingston WA, Kiona WA, Kirkland WA, Kitsap Lake WA, Kittitas WA, Klaber WA, Klickitat WA, Knab WA, Kosmos WA, Krain WA, La Center WA, La Conner WA, La Crosse WA, La Grande WA, La Push WA, Lacamas WA, Lacey WA, Lake Alice WA, Lake City WA, Lake Crescent WA, Lake Hills WA, Lake Holiday WA, Lake Joy WA, Lake Ozette WA, Lake Sawyer WA, Lake Stevens WA, Lake Tapps WA, Lakebay WA, Lakeside WA, Lakeview Park WA, Lakewood WA, Lamona WA, Lamont WA, Langley WA, Larimers Corner WA, Latah WA, Laurier WA, Leavenworth WA, Lebam WA, Leland WA, Lemolo WA, Liberty WA, Liberty Lake WA, Liberty Park WA, Lilliwaup WA, Lincoln WA, Lind WA, Lindberg WA, Littell WA, Little Boston WA, Littlerock WA, Lofall WA, Long Beach WA, Long Lake WA, Longbranch WA, Longmire WA, Longview WA, Loomis WA, Loon Lake WA, Lopez Island WA, Loveland WA, Lowden WA, Lowell WA, Lucerne WA, Lummi Island WA, Lyle WA, Lyman WA, Lynden WA, Lynnwood WA, Mabton WA, Machias WA, Madigan Hospital WA, Madison Park WA, Mae WA, Magnolia WA, Makah AFB WA, Malaga WA, Malden WA, Malo WA, Malone WA, Malott WA, Maltby WA, Manchester WA, Manito WA, Manitou Beach WA, Mansfield WA, Manson WA, Maple Beach WA, Maple Falls WA, Maple Grove WA, Maple Valley WA, Maplewood WA, Marblemount WA, Marcus WA, Marietta WA, Marine Drive WA, Markham WA, Marlin WA, Marrowstone Island WA, Marshall WA, Maryhill WA, Marys Corner WA, Marysville WA, Mason City WA, Matlock WA, Mats Mats WA, Mattawa WA, Maxwelton WA, Maytown WA, Mazama WA, McChord AFB WA, McCleary WA, McKenna WA, McMicken Heights WA, McNeil Island WA, Mead WA, Meadowdale WA, Medical Lake WA, Medina WA, Meeker WA, Melbourne WA, Menlo WA, Mercer Island WA, Merritt WA, Mesa WA, Metaline WA, Metaline Falls WA, Methow WA, Miami Beach WA, Mica WA, Midway WA, Milan WA, Mill Creek WA, Millwood WA, Milton WA, Mineral WA, Mission Square WA, Moclips WA, Mohler WA, Molson WA, Monitor WA, Monroe WA, Monse WA, Montesano WA, Morganville WA, Morton WA, Moses Lake WA, Mossyrock WA, Mount Pleasant WA, Mount Vernon WA, Mountlake Terrace WA, Moxee WA, Moxee City WA, Mukilteo WA, Naches WA, Nahcotta WA, Napavine WA, Naselle WA, National WA, Navy Yard City WA, Neah Bay WA, Neilton WA, Nemah WA, Nespelem WA, New London WA, Newaukum WA, Newcastle WA, Newhalem WA, Newman Lake WA, Newport WA, Newport Hills WA, Newton WA, Nighthawk WA, Nile WA, Nine Mile Falls WA, Nisqually WA, Nisson WA, Nooksack WA, Nooksack Indian Reservation WA, Nordland WA, Normandy Park WA, North Bend WA, North Bonneville WA, North City WA, North Cove WA, North Lakewood WA, North Prosser WA, Northgate WA, Northport WA, Novelty WA, Oak Bay WA, Oak Harbor WA, Oakbrook WA, Oakesdale WA, Oakville WA, Ocean City WA, Ocean Park WA, Ocean Shores WA, Oceanside WA, Ocosta WA, Odessa WA, Offutt Lake WA, Ohop WA, Okanogan WA, Olalla WA, Olalla Valley WA, Old Willapa WA, Olga WA, Oly WA, Olympia WA, Olympic View WA, Omak WA, Onalaska WA, Orcas WA, Orchard Heights WA, Orchards WA, Orient WA, Orondo WA, Oroville WA, Orting WA, Osceola WA, Oso WA, Othello WA, Otis Orchards WA, Outlook WA, Overlook WA, Oyhat WA, Oysterville WA, Ozette WA, Pacific WA, Pacific Beach WA, Packwood WA, Palisades WA, Palmer WA, Palouse WA, Paradise Inn WA, Parker WA, Parkland WA, Parkwood WA, Pasco WA, Pateros WA, Paterson WA, Pe Ell WA, Pearcot WA, Pearson WA, Peell WA, Peshastin WA, Physt WA, Picnic Point WA, Pine Lake WA, Pinehurst WA, Plain WA, Plaza WA, Pleasant Valley WA, Plymouth WA, Poineer Square WA, Point Fosdick WA, Point Roberts WA, Pomeroy WA, Pomona WA, Ponderosa Estates WA, Port Angeles WA, Port Gamble WA, Port Hadlock WA, Port Ludlow WA, Port Orchard WA, Port Stanley WA, Port Townsend WA, Possession WA, Poulsbo WA, Prairie Ridge WA, Preachers Slough WA, Prescott WA, Preston WA, Prosser WA, Protection Island WA, Puget Island WA, Pullman WA, Purdy WA, Puy WA, Puyallup WA, Queen Anne WA, Queensborough WA, Queensgate WA, Queets WA, Quilcene WA, Quinault WA, Quincy WA, Raft Island WA, Rainier WA, Randle WA, Raugust WA, Ravensdale WA, Raymond WA, Reardan WA, Redmond WA, Redondo WA, Redondo Beach WA, Renton WA, Republic WA, Retsil WA, Rhododendron Park WA, Rice WA, Richland WA, Richmond Beach WA, Richmond Highlands WA, Ridgefield WA, Rimrock WA, Ritzville WA, Riverside WA, Riverton WA, Roche Harbor WA, Rochester WA, Rock Island WA, Rockford WA, Rocklyn WA, Rockport WA, Rocky Butte WA, Rocky Point WA, Rollingbay WA, Ronald WA, Roosevelt WA, Rosalia WA, Rosburg WA, Rosedale WA, Roslyn WA, Roy WA, Royal City WA, Royal Slope WA, Ruff WA, Ruston WA, Ryderwood WA, Saginaw WA, Saint John WA, Saint Urbans WA, Salkum WA, Samish Island WA, Sammamish WA, San Juan Island WA, Sandy Hook Park WA, Sappho WA, Satsop WA, Sawyer WA, Saxon WA, Scandia WA, Scenic WA, Schneiders Prairie WA, Seabeck WA, Seahurst WA, Seatac WA, Seatac Airport WA, Seaview WA, Sedro Woolley WA, Sekiu WA, Selah WA, Sequim WA, Shadle Garland WA, Shaw Island WA, Shelton WA, Sheridan Park WA, Shine WA, Shore Acres WA, Shoreline WA, Shorewood WA, Shorewood Beach WA, Silvana WA, Silver Beach WA, Silver Creek WA, Silver Lake WA, Silverdale WA, Silverlake WA, Similk Beach WA, Skamania WA, Skamokawa WA, Skykomish WA, Skyway WA, Smokey Point WA, Snohomish WA, Snoqualmie WA, Snoqualmie Pass WA, Snug Harbor WA, Soap Lake WA, Sol Duc Hot Springs WA, South Aberdeen WA, South Bay WA, South Bend WA, South Broadway WA, South Cle Elum WA, South Colby WA, South Elma WA, South Montesano WA, South Park Village WA, South Prairie WA, South Sound WA, Southworth WA, Spanaway WA, Spangle WA, Sprague WA, Spring Glen WA, Springdale WA, Sta #7 WA, Stanwood WA, Starbuck WA, Startup WA, Stehekin WA, Steilacoom WA, Steptoe WA, Stevenson WA, Stiebels Corner WA, Strandell WA, Stratford WA, Sultan WA, Sumach WA, Sumas WA, Summit WA, Sumner WA, Sunny Bay WA, Sunnyside WA, Sunnyslope WA, Sunrise Beach WA, Sunset Hill WA, Suquamish WA, Sylvan WA, Synarep WA, Taholah WA, Tahuya WA, Tampico WA, Tatoosh Island WA, Teanaway WA, Tekoa WA, Telma WA, Tenino WA, The Highlands WA, Thompson Place WA, Thornton WA, Thorp WA, Thrali WA, Thrashers Corner WA, Thrift WA, Tieton WA, Tillicum WA, Times Square WA, Tokeland WA, Toledo WA, Tonasket WA, Toppenish WA, Totem Lake WA, Touchet WA, Toutle WA, Townsend WA, Tracyton WA, Trinidad WA, Trout Lake WA, Troutlake WA, Tukwila WA, Tulalip WA, Tum Tum WA, Tumtum WA, Tumwater WA, Twisp WA, Tyler WA, Underwood WA, Union WA, Union Gap WA, Union Mills WA, Uniontown WA, University WA, University Place WA, Upper Hoh WA, Upper Skagit Indian Reservat WA, Usk WA, Vader WA, Vail WA, Valley WA, Valleyford WA, Van Buren WA, Vantage WA, Vashon WA, Vashon Island WA, Vaughn WA, Veradale WA, Victor WA, View Park WA, Villa Beach WA, Virginia WA, Wabash WA, Wahkiacus WA, Waitsburg WA, Waldron WA, Walla Walla WA, Wallingford WA, Wallula WA, Wapato WA, Warden WA, Warren WA, Washougal WA, Washtucna WA, Waterman WA, Waterville WA, Wauconda WA, Wauna WA, Wauna Shores WA, Waunch Prairie WA, Wautauga Beach WA, Waverly WA, Wedgwood WA, Weikel WA, Welcome WA, Wellpinit WA, Wenatchee WA, Wenatchee Heights WA, West Hills WA, West Park WA, West Richland WA, West Side WA, West Wenatchee WA, Westfair WA, Westport WA, Westwood WA, Westwood Village WA, Wheeler WA, Whidbey Island Naval Air WA, White Center WA, White Pass WA, White Salmon WA, White Swan WA, Whites WA, Wide Hollow WA, Wilbur WA, Wildcat Lake WA, Wilderness Village WA, Wildwood WA, Wilkeson WA, Willapa WA, Wilson Creek WA, Winchester WA, Winlock WA, Winthrop WA, Winton WA, Wishkah WA, Wishram WA, Withrow WA, Wollochet WA, Woodinville WA, Woodland WA, Woodlawn WA, Woodmont Beach WA, Woodway WA, Wye Lake WA, Yacolt WA, Yakima WA, Yakima Firing Center WA, Yale WA, Yarrow Point WA, Yelm WA, Yoman Ferry WA, Zillah WA

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