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Would You Like To Regain Your Freedom & Independence?

Your choice of equipment can make a very big difference in the quality of your life whether you are living at home or in an assisted living facility. 

Your choice of equipment can make a very big difference in the quality of your life whether you are living at home or in an assisted living facility.

How to know if you have the right equipment for all of your mobility needs 

Here are some signs that your mobility might not be as safe and effective as it could be in order to provide you with the best mobility in this phase of your life: 

1You may be using a walker, but are still struggle to keep your balance—increasing your risk of falling.

2You have a manual wheelchair, but the dexterity and strength needed to operate it is preventing you from getting around like you want to.

3You are using a 3-wheel mobility scooter which doesn't take into account your stability needs.

4You are using an electric wheelchair in areas with lots of hills & climbs making it difficult to navigate these areas in a safe, efficient way.

Wouldn't it be great if you could...

Go to the local grocery store by yourself and pick up food for the day? 

Go to the local cafe and get a coffee by yourself? 

Take out the trash and get the mail by yourself?

Go on vacation without the stress of worrying about how to get around from place to place?

Take an airplane trip and get through the airport to the plane without worry?

Speak to one of our mobility experts:

We have found that most people with mobility issues face the following challenges:

› Unclear about which equipment is the right match for their needs

› Overwhelmed by amount of options

› Need financing with low monthly payments

› Not experienced in evaluating the different kinds of technology

› Concerned with finding reputable merchants who they can trust

› Need guidance and assistance in this new phase of life 

Here's how we can help you 

We provide FREE, LIVE consultation via phone, chat & email to fit your specific needs: 

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About Scooters 'N Chairs

Scooters 'N Chairs was founded to bring a new level of compassion and customer service to people seeking mobility solutions for themselves or their loved ones. Our online store is stocked with the highest-rated mobility scooters, wheelchairs, & specialty aids on the market. We help people get peace of mind and enjoy the best possible lifestyle by taking the time to carefully listen to customers and help them find the ideal answers to their questions. 

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Real Reviews from Real Customers:

Very Useful

"I received my new Pioneer 3 Scooter yesterday it exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to be able to go shopping with my family and be able to keep up with them."

– Gordon G.


"This so far has been one of my best scooters. It feels great. Ride is smooth. It came assembled which was a worry of mine and it was easy to unpackage. And ready to go."

– Tiffany L.

Mom loves it

"We needed to invest in a liftchair and this one was perfect. Not cheaply made and suited our needs."

– Bob S.


"I am totally pleased with the product and excited about using it... I recommend your company and products to everyone."

– Harry N.

Our customer service team members are eduated and trained on all the details of our scooters and whelchairs and are ready to give you all the necessary information you need to ensure you are making the right purchase.

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