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Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter - Mobility Scooters Store
AfiScooter S4 Recreational Mobility Scooter - Scooters 'N Chairs®
AfiScooter S4 Recreational Mobility Scooter - Scooters 'N Chairs®
AfiScooter S4 Recreational Mobility Scooter - Scooters 'N Chairs®
AfiScooter S4 Recreational Mobility Scooter - Scooters 'N Chairs®
AfiScooter S4 Recreational Mobility Scooter - Scooters 'N Chairs®
AfiScooter S4 Recreational Mobility Scooter - Scooters 'N Chairs®

Afiscooter S4 Recreational Mobility Scooter

Ground-Clearance: 5 Inches

Weight Capacity: 600 Lb

Turning Radius: 90 Inches

Range: 31 Miles

Max Speed: 11.5 Mph



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Afikim Afiscooter Mobility Scooters are the Best on the Market.

It’s really as simple as that.


AfiScooter looks after you post sale like no other brand does with 2 years free labor and parts. If your scooter breaks within 2 years, someone will come to your home to repair it, no matter where you live in the contiguous USA.


Afiscooters are built to an extremely high standard, with durability and ruggedness in mind, not cheap materials for a quick buck. We have customers requesting a spare part for 15 year old AfiScooters.


Afikim scooters will tackle hills and unpaved terrain where other high-end mobility scooters fail. Motor power goes up to 1400W which is frankly an insane amount of power for a mobility scooter.


The smooth feeling and comfort of Afikim scooters surpasses anything we’ve ever seen. From the deluxe suspension system to the plush, ergonomic seats, ride them and you’ll be awed.

Company Ethos

Afikim, otherwise known as Afiscooters, is the kind of brand that never rests on their laurels, no matter how much they’re ahead of the competition. The company is always refining and improving the product - be it materials, technology integrations, safety or customer satisfaction. Welcoming challenges is rooted deep in Afikim culture and the results speak for themselves!

The spacious & luxurious Afiscooter S with its Red Dot Award-winning design made to maximize the protection and safety of the driver, its brilliant ergonomics and excellent comfort of driving is one of the leading Mobility Scooters in its category.
If you are looking for a scooter that can handle traversable terrain with exceptional stability and uncompromising comfort, the Afiscooter S is your choice of preference. If an extremely small turning radius with maximum maneuverability is what you need, you should Consider the three-wheel Version. Either model you choose will deliver an outstanding user experience.

Mobility Scooters

In the United States, around 20 percent of the total population has some kind of disability and out of these, 3 million people use an electric scooter and power wheelchairs. In Singapore, the number of electric chair users has reached 100,000. So, the questions arise what is so special in these power vehicles and how can you find the best for yourself?
According to the UK Department of Health, the popularity of power mobility scooters has increased many folds in the United Kingdom in the last few years. Today there are between 250,000 and 300,000 people on the roads that use mobility scooters which is four times more than that was five years ago.

Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter - Mobility Scooters Store red

Brief Description

The increasing trend of power scooters can be defined by the fact they are environment friendly, affordable, and very facilitating in terms of who is using them.
Secondly, your most suitable scooter should contain the level of comfort you need, the ease of driving and control options and most importantly it should fall in your budget bracket.
This article aims to provide information about a Mobility Scooter which is highly efficient in its price range and recipient of Red Dot International Design Award 2011. We are talking about the Afiscooter S4 Mobility Scooter.

This sturdy, reliable designed scooter has a 4-wheel drive for extra support, adjustable steering system for easier navigation, complete LCD control screen for amazing controllability, orthopedic swivel seat for a comfortable position and Extra wide tires with the full suspension to provide greater stability on rough terrains.

Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter - Mobility Scooters Store Back side

How to assemble the Afiscooter S4 Mobility Scooter?

The Afiscooter S4 is designed keeping in mind all the details about comfort, adjustability, and transportation. That’s why this scooter like others of this brand can easily be assembled for use at home. Once the package arrives at your place, the assembly process begins with:

Step 1:  Attaching the side mirrors on top of the control panel by putting them in place and rotating them till they get secured. Their angle and face can be adjusted as per desire.

Step 2: Place the batteries in the battery box, pull the tie-down strap to secure them, make sure you remember how to connect terminals. Connect red to red and black to black.

Step 3: Now connect the battery with harnesses from the controller. Also, plug the connector in the main electricity source to get Battery charged.

Step 4: Place the seat on the seat post and swivel it until it engages the seat rotation lock. The seats are highly contoured making them comfortable to use.

Step 5: The headrest is angle adjustable. The seat can swivel up to 180° to assist you’re getting on and off the scooter.

Step 6: Adjust the controller tiller angle and position on your hand's comfort. Check controls and brake systems.

Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter - Mobility Scooters Store side view

How to operate the Afiscooter S4 Mobility Scooter?

The rough and tough power scooter is equipped with all the driving features that make it easy to operate and safe in controls. It has robust and strong chassis with rubber shock-absorbing front bumper and protective plastic shrouds to ensure smooth and non-stop runs.
Afiscooter S4 Mobility Scooter is also equipped with a panic sensor that will shut itself off when the accelerator is over-squeezed, to avoid any speed accident. You can restart the scooter and the sensor will reset it.
Other modern features include indicator turn lights, backup buzzer, brake lights, fully programmable electronic LED control display, rear suspension and energy-absorbing bumper to give you a mini-car experience.

Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter - Mobility Scooters Store Front view

How to disassemble the Afiscooter S4 Mobility Scooter?

The disassembly process is quick and easy. To begin this process, first press the power switch off to ensure no electrical damage to the machine. Now you can go slowly and carefully to removing its accessories.

Step 1: Detach the canopy and windshield if any by unscrewing it from the front of the tiller and back of seat storage box.

Step 2: Remove the batteries one by one by pulling the tie-down strap away and removing the connections harnesses to the battery.

Step 3: The tiller can be bent down to the level of the seat by pressing the tiller adjustment lever.

Step 4: Hold the seat from sides and swivel it off to the top perpendicular to the ground, until it disengages the seat rotation lock, you will hear a tick when it’s done.

Step 5: Your seat is removed. Now all parts of the scooter are ready to be packaged and transported with you.


This heavy-duty, solid designed power scooter is engineered to provide comfortable rides on and off the roads. Its extra storage capacity; behind the seat, in front of the tiller, and two cup holders make it every shoppers favorite. It’s 24V DV motor and 12V 73amp batteries perform together to produce its top speed of 9.3mph and driving range of 28miles.

AfiScooter S4 Recreational Mobility Scooter



Please make sure you open and read all tabs (Specifications, Product Literature and Shipping & Returns) to ensure you are fully informed on all aspects of this product and after sales policies.

Features, Benefits & Specifications

Afiscooter S4 Single Seat Dual Seat
Overall Length 65” 65”
Overall Width

Standard Wheels

All-Terrain / Golf Tires





Overall Height

(-) Canopy

(+) Canopy





Ground Clearance 5” 5”

(+) Batteries

(-) batteries

(+) Canopy

(+) Wide Wheels

155kg (342lb)

108kg (238lb)

+15Kg (33lb)

+12kg (+26lb)

165kg (364lb)

118kg (260lb)

+15Kg (33lb)

+12kg (+26lb)

Weight Capacity
200kg (450lb) 200kg (450lb)
Travel Range (+) Batteries 45-50km (28-31m) 45-50km (28-31m)
Maximum speed 10-15Kph (6.2-9.3mph)* 10-15Kph (6.2-9.3mph)*
Max Climbing Angle 8° (15%) 15Kph, 11° (20%) 12Kph 8° (15%) 15Kph, 11° (20%) 12Kph
Turning Radius 228cm (90”) 228cm (90”)
Seating Width 20”, 22", 24" 33”
Tire type Pneumatic (1.7bar) Pneumatic (1.7bar)
Tire size

Front Tyres

Rear Tyres

12" Diameter

16.8" Diameter

12" Diameter

16.8" Diameter

Battery type Two 12V 75 Ah (105Ah, with Upgrade) 12V 75 Ah (105Ah, with Upgrade)
Power unit Rear-wheel drive 24V DC motor | 1,400W 24V DC motor | 1,400W
Controller type SD 140A SD 140A
Charger type 8Amp 8Amp

Left speed lever. | Wide seats 22" & 24”

Pedal operation | Canopy

Winter light sides close (Rain Cover)

Golf Bag holder | Crutch Holder | Golf Tires


Measurements may vary +/- 1”. Specifications subject to change without prior notice. The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

Product Literature

Product Literature


User Manual


All Afiscooters are covered by extensive warranty, as well as free in-home service for a period of 2 years. 


POWER CHAIRS/SCOOTERS/LIFT WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead components, which are [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Using this scooter has made

Using this scooter has made me feel like a "normal" person, with my disability not limiting my movements.
Pio M.
Verified Buyer


Scooters are a miracle for old people like me who can't walk for long periods.
Francis K.
Verified Buyer

So fun

I can go around this scooter the entire day!
Ziggy H.
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Easy breezy scooter

I love the ease of driving on this thing
Delilah S.
Verified Buyer

Award winning scooter..

Award winning scooter..
Lilly D.
Verified Buyer

Sturdy design

The scooter feels really sturdy and durable.
Yasmine F.
Verified Buyer

Steers easily

Easy steering capability
Logan T.
Verified Buyer

Amazing scooter!

It was not that hard to assemble. My entire family was so excited when this arrived for my Dad.
Alfred S.
Verified Buyer

Hands down, Afi has the

Hands down, Afi has the best scooters!
Mary G.
Verified Buyer

Comfortable, safe, looks well-built and

Comfortable, safe, looks well-built and durable
Josephine S.
Verified Buyer