PaceSaver Scout 4 Post w/ Sus


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Product Description

Built to navigate everyday obstacles. Patented Midi-Drive design. Compact dimension for easy indoor use. Infinite adjustment or Stanza power anti-tips for easy step on foot-rest access, increased stability, and obstacle clearance. The US-made high torque, 4 pole motors for years of trouble-free performance in all situations. State-of-the-art 75 amp. 2 module control. Easy to drive, more efficient, and powerful.


● Lower Seat Pan Height (16.5” from the floor) - Easy accessibility for the shorter user.
● Smaller Frame & Batteries - Better indoor manoeuvrability, with a good range of distance.
● Better Stability - Unique 3/4 Midi drive has 8o stability
to prevent tipping or rocking like centre drives.
● Shorter Length - Small turning radius (21.5”)
● Comfortable Seating - Com-For-Back adjustable seat
is standard. Reclining Admiral seat with lumbar support is available, plus many other custom sizes and styles.
● Custom Seat Options - Orthopedic contoured ComForBack in special sizes; Maxum or Minimizer features.
● Power Seat Option - Available. Reverts back to Scout with a single-seat post. Able to elevate up to 5”.
● Custom Options Available - Many special features including options for excess posterior tissue (Gluteal Posterior Shelf), Pannus (stomach) support, amputee support, special footplates and rehab styles.

● The powerful US Made Motors- High-capacity 4-Pole high- torque motors for maximum efficiency, power and long life.
● Heavy-duty Steel Frame with Adjustable Footplate- Rugged and reliable base with height & angle adjustable footplate.
● Programmable Controller- Advanced dual variable speed and proportional dual auxiliary motor control from the joystick.
● 4-Point Seat Mount System - Easy battery access with adjustable seat height and angle.
● Fast Charge Anywhere - Small, carry-along worldwide charger with battery-saver technology for longer battery life.

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