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Vintage Vehicles: Gatsby Mobility Scooter - Black Color
Vintage Vehicles: Gatsby Mobility Scooter - Black Color
Vintage Vehicles: Gatsby Mobility Scooter - Red Color
Vintage Vehicles: Gatsby Mobility Scooter - Horn View
Vintage Vehicles: Gatsby Mobility Scooter - Meter View
Vintage Vehicles: Gatsby Mobility Scooter - Front View
Vintage Vehicles: Gatsby Mobility Scooter - Headlight View

Vintage Vehicles Gatsby Mobility Scooter

Range: 28 Miles

Max Speed: 10 Mph


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Fine-tuned with precision Swiss engineering and the very best manufacturing technology for remarkable handling and control. The custom-made soft ride wheels and spring coil suspension ensure top of its class smoothness, even at its impressive 10 miles an hour top speed. The gold standard 120 amp S-Drive controller performs flawlessly alongside the four poles 950-watt motor running on heavy-duty batteries. Powerful and responsive, the Gatsby is muscle through and through.


  • Regenerative Braking Ensures Power is Harnessed Efficiently.
  • 4 Way Independent Spring Coil Suspension for a smooth ride at any Speed.
  • Top Speed of 10 mph and a 28 Mile Range
  • Flip between High and Low Gears on the Fly
  • Custom Made 13 Inch Wheels
  • Air Filled Tires with 4 inches Wide Smooth Grip Traction
  • Ride Safe with a Full Light Kit
  • Bright LED Turn Indicators and Brake/Hazard Lights


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Features, Benefits & Specifications

Overall Length 61”
Overall Width 26”
Overall Height  31”
Weight Capacity  350 lbs
Total Scooter Weight  275 lbs
Range of Batteries  28 miles
Top Speed 10 mph
Turning Radius 75.5"
Ground Clearance 4"
Max Incline  15°
Controller  120 Amp S-Drive
Charger  8 Amp Off Board
Motor  24V 950 Watt DC Motor


Measurements may vary +/- 1”. Specifications subject to change without prior notice. The information contained herein is correct at the time of publication; we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

Product Literature

Product Literature



POWER CHAIRS/SCOOTERS/LIFT WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead components, which are [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

similar to driving a car

The high and low gears make it very similar to driving a car. It did not take long at all for me to get accustomed to the controls.
Cynthia E.
Verified Buyer

Suits my taste in terms

Suits my taste in terms of design and functionality.
Evelyn P.
Verified Buyer

my best friend suggested this

No wonder why my best friend suggested this to me when I told him I needed to get a scooter. I am fond of this from the moment I laid eyes on it. When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was how it was unscathed, not even a hairline scratch. Then when I drove it, the suspensions are on the rescue, especially on bumpy parts of the way.
Arnold P.
Verified Buyer

Great Gatsby

Oh boy! Here is the one and only Great Gatsby!
Thomas N.
Verified Buyer

This is worth all the

This is worth all the wait!
Per W.
Verified Buyer

A classic design will always

A classic design will always be a classic!
Nicky J.
Verified Buyer

intricately designed

Intricately designed with safety still considered. That’s a plus plus!
Jaime O.
Verified Buyer

Impressive! Very impressive...

Impressive! Very impressive…it is an epitome of elegance and fine quality. The hardware and software really show what this is capable of.
Phoenix R.
Verified Buyer


The excitement this has brought into my home the moment we placed our order up until it arrived is priceless!
Parker G.
Verified Buyer

Grandma used to have a

Grandma used to have a scooter before but she usually just uses it indoors. With this, she comes home quite late in the evening. I wonder where grandma goes? But I guess she now feels more secure using this kind of scooter because it comes with all the necessary lights, especially for the dark.
Laura S.
Verified Buyer